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  1. Hamer95USA

    Which Reverend Should I Buy?

    Both are great choices for guitars. Have you looked at the other Reverend guitars in their product line? I own an Eastsider T that's currently in my gig rotation and it's a great playing Tele style guitar...
  2. Hamer95USA

    Switching amp outs

    Very nice detailed set up! OP wants the Orange Micro Dark preamp to feed into the Laney IRT amp power section though and switch between the preamp sections of both amps.
  3. Hamer95USA

    Switching amp outs

    I would use an audio loop switcher and put the Orange Micro Dark & Laney IRT Studio amp sends into the audio switcher, switch between the 2 amps, feeding into the Laney's return effects loop. Something like this Lehle Parallel L would allow both preamp...
  4. Hamer95USA

    Switching amp outs

    Looking at your diagram, I'm guessing that you want to switch between the preamps of Orange Micro Dark & Laney IRT Studio amps, switch between them, and use the power amp section of your Laney IRT Studio amp? One of the Radial Engineering boxes might work for your needs...
  5. Hamer95USA

    Tips jars live

    We have a tip jar out in the center of the stage. People who like us enough for the music that we play will tip us and feel no shame for walking up to our stage to put it there. We also say "Thank you" to those who are kind enough to tip us. My bandmates use the tip money to cover our band...
  6. Hamer95USA

    MusicomLabs EFX LE

    I like the design & layout of the Musicom EFX LE compared to the Disaster Area DPC5. It has a better user interface and it's basically a MIDI controller/audio switcher/amp channel switcher (via MIDI or relays) for your pedalboard & amp.
  7. Hamer95USA

    Want a most excellent 80’s hair band guitar for <$1K

    Adjust the neck & bridge and get rid of the stock pickups. Guitar George
  8. Hamer95USA

    Living on a Prayer without a talk box? How?

    Buy a used Rocktron Banshee or Dunlop talk box from Craig's List for around $100, get a clean new hose for it, and a patch chord to your pedalboard. Run the hose of the talk box up the mic stand to your vocal mic, turn on talk box, put tube in your mouth, play the notes on the guitar for "Living...
  9. Hamer95USA

    Do you guys like Whitesnake?

    Unfortunately, there will always be 2 camps of Whitesnake fans: early Whitesnake with Moody & Marsden rock/blues era or post '87 with John Sykes/Adrian Vandenberg/Steve Vai. I'm in the latter camp, but have listened to & appreciated the early era of Whitesnake with Moody & Marsden...
  10. Hamer95USA

    EVH Guitar Rig on display at The Met

    I'm happy that the original EVH guitar rig is on display! My question is though: Where's the MXR 10 band EQ & Echoplex delay for the EVH guitar rig? Those 2 devices are also part of his guitar rig as well...
  11. Hamer95USA

    Does your lead singer use a lyric book onstage?

    I think you have some very good points in your post. That's good that you understood & worked with their digital set up. I'm all for embracing the technology available to working musicians today. I purchased my own IEMs, can go ampless (requires using an digital amp modeler/analog preamp or...
  12. Hamer95USA

    Does your lead singer use a lyric book onstage?

    An international rock act using an iPad onstage:
  13. Hamer95USA

    Does your lead singer use a lyric book onstage?

    Having played many cover band shows with vocalists who use their smartphone/tablet/iPad mounted on a mic stand onstage, here are my opinions & observations about tablets/iPads onstage at a show: Lyrics: They should be committed to the singer's memory, not looking from the tablet/iPad. Here's a...
  14. Hamer95USA

    Help going Ampless

    Good subject of discussion. Move to Digital & Modeling forum please. I would recommend any of the Tech 21 Character pedals as an amp platform and you can still use your pedals...
  15. Hamer95USA

    Working With Single Coils/Strats

    Good points! I would only use the compressor for clean playing only. I prefer real amp gain, but have used overdrive/distortion/booster pedals with single coil pickup guitars for overdrive or high gain tones...
  16. Hamer95USA

    Stately Senior Nails Randy Rhoad's Riffs

    Talented guitarist/singer named TruthSurge on YouTube. I would like to hear him play without any backing tracks, straight into his effects/amp rig. He looks like he's an older kind of guy that showcases his playing/singing (no band) on his YouTube channel along with his Christian discussions &...
  17. Hamer95USA

    I want EVH to...

    Give Michael Anthony credit for songwriting & his fair share of the royalties earned from the songs he co-wrote with Van Halen. A public apology should be given to him by David Lee Roth & the van Halen brothers to how he was treated during his tenure in the band.
  18. Hamer95USA

    Low budget excellent all-tube preamps, an oxymoron?

    That Brunetti Mille! 3 channel MIDI preamp got my attention. Does it sound close to the CAE 3+SE preamp in stock form or does it need to be modded? I know Bruno Nouille when he serviced the CAE gear in Europe from the HRI website days...
  19. Hamer95USA

    best combo, using only power-amp section?

    Check out the Tech 21 Power Engine 60. Affordable used, lightweight, can be played at low volume, has an active 3 band EQ to compensate for the room, if you need it...
  20. Hamer95USA

    Low budget excellent all-tube preamps, an oxymoron?

    The ADA MP-1 preamp pedal is nothing like the original ADA MP-1 rackmount preamp or the 3TM Ultra mod MP-1 preamp. It doesn't have solid state clean channel, compressor, stereo chorus, no MIDI for channel switching, no high gain tone like the 3TM modded version. It does have the 2 12AX7 preamp...
  21. Hamer95USA

    Single coils sound good for high gain tones, how do you go about it?

    You have a some good points about the batteries. I have 3 EMG equipped guitars in my collection which are being rotated for gig use. I make sure to plug them in to make sure the guitar sounds & works right. I'd rather change the battery at home than onstage on my break, though I've changed...
  22. Hamer95USA

    Single coils sound good for high gain tones, how do you go about it?

    I use EMG SA pickups/SPC module ('87 Fender Japan Strat) and the T pickups/SPC module (2014 Reverend Eastsider T ) on my single coil type guitars I can use high gain with these guitars without the noise, thin tone, squealing, need to shield, no turning down the tone knob, having any silent...
  23. Hamer95USA

    John 5 appreciation

    I had no idea that John 5 (aka John Lowery) played guitar on this CD until later. I went out and bought this CD when my friend played it to me one day. I loved the song "Slam Dunk", "Blacklight", and some of the other songs on that CD. It's one of the better David Lee Roth CDs post Skyscraper...
  24. Hamer95USA

    I am finally accepting that quiet is the new normal....What do you use to tilt your amp back?

    The Amp Wedge works great as I like to have the amp cab or combo amp next to the floor. If you use an amp head/cab, be careful not to tilt it too far back or else the head will want to slide off or vibrate off the top of the cab due to the angle the cab sits at with the Amp Wedge underneath. The...