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  1. Dave Orban

    Are valve amps with simple circuits / few components more likely to sound good?

    One of the best amps I’ve ever played is an Alessandro Beagle. 2xEL84s, and not a whole lot going on inside. But it sounds spectacular... even when I play it.
  2. Dave Orban

    You have to start over with only $1000. What do you buy?

    Used Princeton Reverb RI Used Parts Tele Tuner Cable
  3. Dave Orban

    Poll: What's your favorite PRS Core guitar?

    I had two of them; one in Sea Foam but with a white pickguard, and the other with a three-piece flame maple top over what I think was probably alder. Great guitars, and I wish I still had them!
  4. Dave Orban

    Poll: What's your favorite PRS Core guitar?

    The old EG bolt-ons with the Fralin Domino pickups. They were stellar guitars!
  5. Dave Orban

    What Song Scared You As a Kid?

    In the late 50s, I was 4 or 5, and I would cry anytime I heard “Down in the Valley.” I have no idea why.
  6. Dave Orban

    Jazzy Telecaster pickups, a la Julian Lage

    A low-wind P90 in the Tele neck position is a thing of beauty.
  7. Dave Orban

    Custom Tele--MJT, Partscaster, or Something Else...

    I’ve built 5 Tele-style guitars using MJT bodies, necks from Musikraft or Warmoth, and a variety of pickups and components. The electronics are not particularly difficult to master, and there are ample YouTube videos that can take you through it step by step. Same for setups. I find the whole...
  8. Dave Orban

    What's Your Favorite Small Amp?

    The Alessandro Beagle. It’s one of the finest amps I’ve ever owned or played, and I’ve owned and played quite a few. Sounds especially wonderful through an open-back cab with an alnico 15...
  9. Dave Orban

    When Did Guitar Cases Get So Expensive?

    Generally, I’ll take a Mono gig bag over a hard shell case any day... and that includes for my acoustics and my vintage Gibson hollow bodies...
  10. Dave Orban

    What is the Attraction to the Nitro Finish?

    I dunno... I have always found poly to feel more “sticky.”
  11. Dave Orban

    San Francisco Blues Jams/Clubs - April 8-11?

    Thanks, All... appreciate the info!
  12. Dave Orban

    San Francisco Blues Jams/Clubs - April 8-11?

    I’m heading out to SF for Google Next from April 8-11, and looking to hear some blues or jazz while I’m there... recommendations appreciated!
  13. Dave Orban

    Partscaster builders-who is your neck builder of choice?

    I’ve built about a dozen so far, most with Musikraft necks. I’ve been very pleased with them, right out of the box.
  14. Dave Orban

    I went to a "Blues Society" jam last night...

    Too many “Blues Societies” are mired in a vision of “the blues” that never really existed, in my not-so-humble opinion. Especially the ones who think that “southern rock” and its not-too-distant cousin, “blues rock,” are a fair representation of the blues. It drives me to drink... But these...
  15. Dave Orban

    Tuckerton, NJ - Nov 3, 2018 - Dave Orban and the Mojo Gypsies return to the Lizzie Rose!

    SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2018 - Dave Orban and his Mojo Gypsies return to NJ's coolest BYOB listening room, The Lizzie Rose Music Room, in Tuckerton, NJ! Join Dave Orban, Mike Scott, Dave Young, and Art Thompson as we play tracks off our latest CD, "I Heard You Twice the First Time," along with...
  16. Dave Orban

    Sold Maple/Rosewood Tele Neck With Nut - $205 shipped. Paypal OK.

    Maple/Rosewood Tele Neck With Nut - $205 shipped within the Continental U.S. Paypal OK. SOLD! This is an older 21-fret Musikraft neck, maple with a rosewood board. Truss rod adjustment is at the headstock. It’s 1-3/4” wide at the nut, and it’s a full C shape, measuring around .900” deep all...
  17. Dave Orban

    Which band have you seen live the most times?

    Probably a toss-up between Rick Estrin & the Nightcats and Springsteen. I lost count for both.
  18. Dave Orban

    Shure Update Utility - Problems Updating Firmware for GLX-D Wireless

    Make sure you’re using the correct cable to connect to your computer.... That eventually turned out to be my problem.
  19. Dave Orban

    MJT colors way off

    I’ve had several bodies done for me by Matt Jenny, and have been very pleased with them all. The most recent was a top-bound mahogany Tele body with a Doghair finish... it came out great!
  20. Dave Orban

    TGPers on Instagram?

    mojogypsy Guitars and food porn.
  21. Dave Orban

    Your 3 Favorite Joni Mitchell songs

    River Both Sides Now (especially the re-recorded version she did back in 2009) A Case of You
  22. Dave Orban

    Problem with new USACG neck?

    Does it play well? If it does, forget about it.
  23. Dave Orban

    Rutters Guitars - turnaround time for custom stuff?

    Same here. I ordered a half-bridge with saddles on Apr 26, and the only confirmation I received was from PayPal... two weeks later and repeated emails to Rutters have gone unanswered. Not a great way to run a business, IMO...