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  1. RickC

    Interesting POV on the current state of the vintage guitar market

    There's something very special about old Guild wood :dude
  2. RickC

    Gruhn's has a real beauty!

    I'd definitely ask about it but it could just be lighting/reflection
  3. RickC

    S.R.V. reissue strats

    Just goes to show how impressions on things like neck profile differ. "Gentle V" is the last thing I'd use to describe the SRV profile; to me it feels more like a very full C. I know people who replace the "SRV" pickguard on theirs too. A good, solid Strat
  4. RickC

    Post Pandemic Band Names

    Wu-Han Clan
  5. RickC

    What Are Your Three Favorite AC/DC Albums?

    What's Next to the Moon from Powerage - an underappreciated classic
  6. RickC

    What Are Your Three Favorite AC/DC Albums?

    Powerage and Back in Black for sure. For the third I went with High Voltage, probably mostly because of It's a Long Way To The Top
  7. RickC

    Bass Players: What's your favorite less expensive strap and pick?

    Just good old Fender Heavy for me. Over 5 decades and countless others, I always come back to these. Just have the right feel and sound
  8. RickC

    Yaron LP

    I think that guitar has been in and out of ME several times. I played one just like it there about 3 or 4 years ago; probably the same one.
  9. RickC

    What Was Your First Small Builder Guitar?

    that was THE color. Do you still have it?
  10. RickC

    What Was Your First Small Builder Guitar?

    in any event, it was prime :)
  11. RickC

    Who can rewind dead '57 Strat Pickup to authentic spec?

    No use??? I found it informative. It was assumed a rewind was required and that turned out not to be the case. Good for the OP's friend. :beer
  12. RickC

    Wetlands Preserved - Documentary

    those were the daze...
  13. RickC

    P90 Les Paul vs. Les Paul Special

    I've also owned both - a '53 Goldtop and a '57 Special. For me it was no contest - the Goldtop just had more of everything. I ended up trading the Special straight up for a '54 Custom. Then I had two beautiful guitars that complemented each other nicely.
  14. RickC

    POLL: Are You Experienced or Led Zeppelin I?

    LZ1 was the third LP I ever bought. Made a huge impression. I appreciate AYE but I *love* LZ1 :love:
  15. RickC

    PAFs or P90s?

    Am I the only one? PAF ES in a heartbeat. And I've owned a 50's P90 LP for decades. I just like ES's better than LPs and PAFs better than P90s
  16. RickC

    Nathan East at NAMM

    Good eye! Josh is all like "hey what's the commotion over there"
  17. RickC

    Nathan East at NAMM

    I know this isn't a bass players forum, but this clip from 2020 NAMM is too delightful not to post. Nathan just grooving on Sir Duke, and at one point Stevie Wonder himself drops in and seems to appreciate it. Note the cool modulations in the bridge; neat idea. Nathan seems to apologize to...
  18. RickC

    How the Mellotron works

    That must be where I got the flanging idea from. Thanks
  19. RickC

    How the Mellotron works

    samples of various sounds, some with historical notes
  20. RickC

    How the Mellotron works

    I believe they did. You could only have three sounds on a given machine, but there was a wide selection of sounds to choose those three from. Here's a list of currently available samples. Not sure how many were available in the 60's but I think it was more than just the three used in the...
  21. RickC

    How the Mellotron works

    perhaps a bit of studio flanging
  22. RickC

    How the Mellotron works

    Larks Tongue / Starless era King Crimson toured with two of them! :eek: I was front row at the Providence show, and there were times when Fripp and David Cross were both playing Mellotrons at the same time, to great effect. Saw that lineup twice - perhaps the best live shows I ever saw.
  23. RickC

    What Was Your First Small Builder Guitar?

    David King 6-string bass. The body wings are topped with quilted Peruvian walnut; other woods include mahogany (neck thru), ash (body), ebony (fretboard), wenge and bloodwood (stringers). Handmade hardware, Alembic electronics, loaded with unqiue ideas and features. An exquisite looking and...
  24. RickC


    Yeah, three dog-ear P-90's in a row would be interesting. Just add one of these