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  1. MKB

    NGD: Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Custom Black Beauty Outfit

    Being a Billy Jones of the Outlaws fan, digging his unique lead tone, and wanting a similar LPC for decades, it seemed impossible to find a mahogany top and neck LPC with 3 pups and an ebony board ( without finding an original or a hyper expensive Custom Shop build). So this one is made right...
  2. MKB

    Real amp loaded down into modeler?

    The use of a IR capable modeler with the amp sim disabled (only for effects and IR) is a terrific idea. One great modeler for that use would be the Atomic AmpliFirebox; put your amp into a dummy load, run its line out into the AAB, disable the amp sim and even add a few effects, and then the...
  3. MKB

    modeller to wireless headphones?

    I'm using one of these live these days, it's a good system at a great price for wireless IEMs. Gets loud with good sound quality, good battery life with fast charge, and is a high quality build. The only issue is it has very poor range as compared to the pro wireless IEM units, maybe around...
  4. MKB

    Are you a very good singer? If not, do you still sing at gigs?

    I don't think I'm a good singer, but end up singing a lot, even getting persuaded to sing a lead vocal in the studio once. Can't find that recording though.... The problem I have now is using the instrument I have; I don't understand how to work the thing properly. Am looking for teachers for...
  5. MKB

    I'll admit it, I'm a Bose fan.

    In my audiophile circle, Bose is to home audio as Ovation is to acoustics and Peavey was to amps. Those "in the know" knew they were not nearly as good as the hype suggested, and there was a bit of shame around corksniffers with just the name. I have to say though that I have a new set of Bose...
  6. MKB

    Kemper OS 8.0 Beta - Kemper Drive and OCD

    This points out one of Kemper's design philosophies that is either really good or bad, depending on your view on such things. Kemper tends to design fewer effects that are unique to Kemper, but have extreme versatility and tweakability. Modeler companies tend to provide models of specific...
  7. MKB

    The future of synthesis and guitar synths

    I wonder how much of the realism of a instrument tone is in its actual timbre, or more in the phrasing and selection of notes. That phrasing realism has a HUGE impact on guitar synthesis. Looking forward to trying the Google Research thing though. Interesting.
  8. MKB

    Are paid presets a fad?

    Maybe the majority of the time the stock presets on modelers and multi effect units are only there to demo unit capabilities, and are relatively useless to offensive for actual music making and gigging. But the learning curve of those same devices can be very steep, and you want to use the new...
  9. MKB


    I wish all y'all whippersnappers had to deal with the cheap guitars back in the 70s. They were crap. One of the most astounding things about geetar these days is the amazing quality of entry level guitars and amps. Y'all are SO spoiled. Back then we had to pay big bucks to get decent crap...
  10. MKB

    Using IR's Live

    It's hard to tell how a tone responds in FOH without actually hearing it live. Often a PA will have radically different EQ than home studio monitors, IME mainly much higher bass and treble. And getting the room full of people will change the mains tone even further, usually cutting highs...
  11. MKB

    Is this the breakthrough that gives digital its legitimacy?

    There are currently multiple ways to perform digital replication of amps that sound great as long as you are either going through studio monitors or in ears. But the elusive thing now IMHO is that dynamic interaction between a great tube amp and guitar at loud volumes, when the guitar and amp...
  12. MKB

    has anyone rehoused their FRFR monitor into a more traditional looking guitar amplifier?

    That's the thought behind it, drop it into a standard guitar speaker cab and get a semi-FRFR response. Recently I measured the TS parameters on a F12-X200, and the parameters seem to suggest a fully closed or open back cab, with a low end design that is similar to a standard guitar speaker...
  13. MKB

    EVH: "Anyone who thinks SS frets changes the tone is crazy"

    I haven't read the entire thread, so these thoughts have probably been mentioned already.... But Ed said "anyone that thinks they take away from the tone", which has a slightly different meaning than "changes the tone". Maybe Ed thought that SS helps the tone if anything. I've noticed a tonal...
  14. MKB

    NGD Charvel Govan

    I've had a Charvel GG in ash for about a year, and it is still my #1 (after almost 40 years of Gibson obsession). It's the first guitar I think I could be happy with as my only electric. It's also the first Fender type I've really bonded with. It simply does it all. Several tips though...
  15. MKB

    Top-wrapping Difference Revealed?

    Same here. LPs don't feel right to me unless they're top wrapped. Also top wrapping allows the tailpiece to be tightened all the way to the body, but the strings won't contact the back edge of the bridge. It is basically what you like the best, and all opinions are valid if they help you love...
  16. MKB

    Kemper Top Jimi profiles

    I like all 3 quite a bit, but end up using Britt and Tone Junkie the most. Top Jimi's are good as he provides Merged profiles, and his Van Halen profiles are great. Tone Junkie has Direct profiles, which are good as well. MBritt has some awesome Dumble profiles.
  17. MKB

    Best USB audio interface? Focusrite? Presonus? Something else?

    I was quite happy with my M-Audio Firewire 410 until my computers outgrew Firewire. I used a Behringer UMC but was a bit unhappy with it due to noise issues with guitar (it was a UMC202 IIRC). It killed for the price at the time (around $40) but the prices for the UMCs have skyrocketed lately...
  18. MKB

    Something harsh in the high end

    One way I critique modelers is how harsh they sound in garden variety PAs. If you always are unhappy with the harshness of a modeler when you first plug it into a PA, and need to tweak EQ, it's something to consider. One reason I like the Kemper so much is it sounds pleasant to me even in a...
  19. MKB

    Factory stock guitars you won't mod

    I used to feel I had to mod every new guitar I bought, almost exclusively for pickups. But the new guitars I've bought in the last 10 years seem to have much better pickups in them, and most go unmodded. My 2010 LP Trad Plus finally got a mod recently, swapped out the 300k\100k pots for 500k...
  20. MKB

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    So, where were you when you first heard Eruption? I was a die hard Southern Rock fan in high school in the seventies when this came across the radio and knocked me into another world. It sounded like it was from another planet. I've never experienced anything else like that before or since...
  21. MKB

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    Ouch. I'm crushed. He was way too young to go. One of the few players that truly changed the instrument.
  22. MKB

    Who here has mixed pickup brands with great results?

    I mix 'em all the time. The only thing to look out for is wiring and polarity issues (coils and magnets). Sometimes different manufacturer's polarities do not agree at all, such as mixing a Seymour Duncan SSL-5 with a set of Fender Highway 1 pickups. Or mixing some Strat pups with Teles...
  23. MKB

    Which DAW(s) are you using?

    I started with Cakewalk, abandoned DAWs for decades, and am now using Mixcraft Pro. I was recommended Mixcraft a few years ago by a friend, and bought it as it was very inexpensive at the time. But I now wish I had gone with Ableton or Pro Tools. Mixcraft is a good DAW and meets my meager...
  24. MKB

    If you could spend 5 minutes playing a famous player's guitar which one would it be?

    Billy Jones of The Outlaws Les Paul Custom he used for the first 4 Outlaws albums.
  25. MKB

    The Fractal "Sound"

    IME, every single modeler I've used since starting to use them in the 90s has a unique tonal signature it adds to each model. The only questions are how long will it take for you to hear the coloration, and if you can "unhear" it after you do recognize it. This has soured my opinion of every...