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  1. mark norwine

    Wiring unfinished basement for clean sound

    With all due respect, the questions you are asking reveal that you are not qualified to do the work you're suggesting. Please hire a licensed electrical contractor.
  2. mark norwine

    Laurel Canyon Documentary

    Just saw it today...thought it was wonderful. Truly a time/place where magic happened.
  3. mark norwine

    If you could spend 5 minutes playing a famous player's guitar which one would it be?

    I had an opportunity a few years back to play Jerry Garcia's Alvarez-Yari. It was a pretty special moment, but the guitar itself was badly in need of a setup (the strings were like barbed wire). Still, it was "just one of those moments in time", like catching lightning in a jar…quite magical.
  4. mark norwine

    Fleetwood Mac and Marshall Silver Jubilees

    Silver Jubilee was only in '87, IIRC. Then it came back ('95?) as a Slash amp. Assuming you have an '87 (again, IIRC), then the FM lineup (per Wikipedia) might have been Rick Vito or Billy Burnett. Amps do get bought & sold...maybe Dave Mason? He wasn't in the band very long ('95, odd...
  5. mark norwine

    Derek & the Dominos - I Just Read An Article That I Thought I Would Share

    Not to shift off point, but his drumming on Low Spark (the album, yes, but especially the song) is nothing short of extraordinary. Such a tragic story, that one...
  6. mark norwine

    Derek & the Dominos - I Just Read An Article That I Thought I Would Share

    Now that you've made me stop & think about it, I think I might have to agree: it's just about the only EC album in regular rotation. I have just about everything he's ever done on my iPod, but Layla is just such an important album. 461 is wonderful and I listen to it occasionally. Beano has...
  7. mark norwine

    Derek & the Dominos - I Just Read An Article That I Thought I Would Share

    Duane...what needs to be said?... Radle brought that wonderful Tulsa sound... Jimmy Gordon may have been one of the very, very best drummers of that era... But, IMO, you cannot possibly overstate the importance of Bobby Whitlock in D&tDs. Huge part of the songwriting, huge part of the...
  8. mark norwine

    Long Black Veil

    Not sure about that...didn't Marijohn Wilkin write LBV?
  9. mark norwine

    Stumbled across this...really liked it: Great Intros

    Enjoyed this....thought you might, too...
  10. mark norwine

    First thing that comes to mind when you listen to this.

    What comes to mind? To my mind, Madman is his finest album of all.
  11. mark norwine

    Saddest songs ever

    "It Makes No Difference" Danko's voice on that one just slays me...
  12. mark norwine

    What are your favorite Rolling Stones and Beatles songs, but only one each band?

    Can't You Hear Me Knockin'? Being for the Benefit of MR. Kite.
  13. mark norwine

    Share The Land

    Awesome video! Thank you.... Share the Land was the very fist LP I ever bought. To my ears, it sounds better today than it did back then. Amazingly-talented band. And for my money, and with apologies to Bachman, their best lineup was Cummings / Winter / Leskiw / Kale / Peterson
  14. mark norwine

    Paul C and Stokes mod

    I have no idea. You don't have a stock Fender amp, you have …."something else entirely" by virtue of different voltage & current. You don't risk the PT meltdown I wrote about (in 2008! Has it really been that long? jeeze..), but whatever else your design may risk is unknown to me. If you...
  15. mark norwine

    One of the greatest pop songs ever. God Only Knows

    Perhaps, possibly indeed, a "perfect song"...and nobody can deny that this song is one of Brian's crowning achievements as a producer. But discussing this song without a comprehensive appreciation of the Wrecking Crew would be, to my mind, a huge oversight. Don Randi, Lyle Ritz, Larry...
  16. mark norwine

    Eva Cassidy

    I'm just sitting here at my desk, alone in the office with my iPod. Just listened to her sing Autumn Leaves from her Blues Alley album. Does music get any better than that? Sure, Mahler's 4th is pretty spectacular, but for a complete, simple-yet-perfect performance, Eva simply nailed it...
  17. mark norwine

    Great Joe Pass interview/concert, Don Mock interviews him

    Thank you for this! What a treat...what a treasure. I'm struck by the sad irony of Mock's introduction "Greatest living guitarist", to which Joe says "What do you mean by 'living'?" with that dry Joe smirk... Just a toss-off joke, except by this time, Joe was really ill and had stopped chemo...
  18. mark norwine

    Mountain, Filmore 1970-1971

    Saw them at Radio City in NYC....simply unbelievable!
  19. mark norwine

    Hello from NJ stop, Crrrrranford.
  20. mark norwine

    Don Felder Interview - Creepy

    Dan Rather asked him about how he got fired & the lawsuits. I thought DF was extremely reserved in his comments, simply saying that the re-forming of the band was no longer a even split amongst all members and that he agreed to his reduced salary, with the (contractually-documented)...
  21. mark norwine

    Don Felder Interview - Creepy

    I saw the interview and my takeaway was different. I though he was very cordial and complementary with his words towards Frey & Henley and didn't seem to be holding any grudge or hatred. He took a high-altitude pass regarding the lawsuits instead of dragging it into the weeds, which he surely...
  22. mark norwine

    Lowell George

    I saw him in NYC just a day or 2 before he died. Sat right up against the stage. Great show, bu he did NOT look good. I love his solo album.
  23. mark norwine

    Cream reunion concerts -

    I was at the last MSG show in NYC, and all I can say is that it was glorious. A dream-come-true for someone born just a little too late to have seen them in the '60s. As karmadave said in post #16, the mid-boost in the strat + the tweed amps did a darn good job of delivering the goods. I sat...
  24. mark norwine

    What's the biggest show you ever had tickets for, and didn't attend?

    Woodstock. Me, too. My friend's older brother had some tickets (no idea where / how he got them) and he invited his brother (my friend) to go...and I was invited as well. I was 11, and my mother was having no part of THAT. (my friend didn't go either). Honestly, in retrospect, "11-year-old...
  25. mark norwine

    Guitarists, when bassists start talking about chords...

    If your bass player is only that, then yeah...ok. gotcha If you bass player is a musician, then his input should be both valid & welcome.