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  1. XKnight

    NGD! Firebird Content.

  2. XKnight

    NGD! Firebird Content.

  3. XKnight

    Show your Telecasters!

    Yes that's the model. Ordered new. Great guitar. Thanks!
  4. XKnight

    Do any guitars remind you of ice cream?

    Of course there is this one from the Ice Cream Man.
  5. XKnight

    Do any guitars remind you of ice cream?

    This one reminds me of a Creamsicle. :p
  6. XKnight

    Straight neck, or bowed? How much relief, if any?

    Might want to see a Chiropractor since this is The Pub.
  7. XKnight

    Duesenberg, a couple of questions.

    I would never buy a guitar from a company that lies about its origin and charges more than they should.
  8. XKnight

    What is THE most resonant and lively guitar you've ever played, and...

    Trussart takes resonance to another level. These guitars feel alive and sound great through any amp.
  9. XKnight

    Top Five Guitar Builders that have No Love on TGP

    -Giffin -Berumen -Paoletti -Fibenare -Gadow
  10. XKnight

    Ron Kirn Barnbuster

    Lovely! Congrats and enjoy.
  11. XKnight

    That beautiful Tele shape

    More Tele Love!:)
  12. XKnight

    That beautiful Tele shape

    Tele Love!
  13. XKnight

    Who's building tomorrow's collectable guitars right now?

    Maybe Trussart or some other unique builder that has a large base of famous artists playing the guitars. Folks like to collect what they see their guitar idols playing. On the poll, Suhr might be a contender too.
  14. XKnight

    If you have a Pelham blue guitar...

    My Gibson Midtown. Great thread Mojo!
  15. XKnight

    Let's talk teles

    I love Teles. Here's my current favorite made by Trussart. It's not double-bound or sunburst though.
  16. XKnight

    Update: Thorn Grantura #24

    Beautiful! Congrats and enjoy.
  17. XKnight

    The Nastiest Guitar at TGP is?

    My 1940a Regal Archtop. It was cheap and pretty beat up when I got it although it still sounds and plays great.
  18. XKnight

    Giffin Hollowbody

    Giffin's are great guitars. I've owned a few and they are top notch. Roger is a true gentleman as well. The PGB Giffin's are also very nice. Good luck!
  19. XKnight

    Any Gibson Midtown Custom owners out there?

    I have a Midtown Standard and the body shape is somewhere between the size of a 335 and a 339. The Midtown is not the same plywood design though as those two guitars so the tone is more in the LP camp than the 335 camp. It's basically a solid wood guitar that's hollowed out. Neck shape on mine...
  20. XKnight

    Fretting out at 12th fret. What truss rod adjustment?

    If there is an inward bow try loosening the truss road a quarter turn to the left.
  21. XKnight

    What guitars does the average guitar player actually need?

    One guitar is all anyone needs. There is a big difference between needs versus wants. In order to play the guitar, regardless of skill level, you only "need" one guitar.
  22. XKnight

    A $15,000 Rosewood Rip-off!!

    Lots of scammers out there and this one has been outed a couple times yet Ebay lets him conduct business a usual. This scammer belongs in prison.
  23. XKnight

    Show your Telecasters!

    My Steelcaster, but still a Tele.