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  1. GuitarsFromMars

    Strymon Iridium!

    I am officially a Strymon nut. Not only the Iridium, but the Volante and the Big Sky(all in 4 weeks). There's a large sonic world in those boxes. Woohoo!
  2. GuitarsFromMars

    2020 Sucks Redux: RIP Jerry Jeff Walker

    Bojangles was part of the soundtrack of my youth..
  3. GuitarsFromMars

    RIP ClassicTone transformers

    I have a set of Classictone transformers/choke in a Plexi 50 watt kit amp. The amp sounds great. Excellent transformers..
  4. GuitarsFromMars

    Home studio/recording guys, is there any point to micing up an amp anymore?

    Been working with the Strymon Iridium in a writing studio. It seems to do a remarkably passable BFDR. Not sayin' I will never use mics on amps again, But the fact is, the modeling is just fine, and it's really quick.
  5. GuitarsFromMars

    NGD - 1953 Telecaster

    Danny and Roy were crazy about their '53 Teles..
  6. GuitarsFromMars

    NOS tubes and Fender Champs

    Anything that works.:aok
  7. GuitarsFromMars

    Someone tell me about Strymon pedals please

    Awesome tools for studio use. Expensive-yes. Worth it-yes.
  8. GuitarsFromMars

    Who has moved from Fender to Two-Rock and regret it?

    I swapped a '68 Fender SFDR with a JBL D120F, and a big handful of cash for the 1st K&M Custom(#22) 50 w/loop. Thought I was an idiot until I got it home and plugged it in(I traded it away when I stroked 14 years ago). The 2nd K&M Custom 50(#27), I paid cash to another TGPer. No regrets, my...
  9. GuitarsFromMars

    Questions about Weber Vintage Speakers for Fender Silverface Champ (or alternatives)

    OP, I bought the cheapest Weber 8" in the online catalog for a 1979 SFC, it sounds like its supposed to.
  10. GuitarsFromMars

    Looking for help getting better recordings

    OP, these guys are ALL guessing. You cannot tell what the problem is without hearing the recordings to provide audio examples.
  11. GuitarsFromMars

    NGD: 1937 Gibson EH-150 lap steel

    I have a 1942-43 Supro Irene. That is so cool.
  12. GuitarsFromMars


    Shows how much you know about the Zep..
  13. GuitarsFromMars

    Strymon Iridium - Yay or Nay?

    Just got here tonight from Sweetwater. I will play it tomorrow afternoon, and give a verdict a little later..
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    She's cute, but she can't deliver the goods like a young Percy..She sounds like she is straining in about 2/3'rds of the song.
  15. GuitarsFromMars

    Stereo Chorus, should I go stereo, or do I just need a blend knob?

    If it was me, I would try an analog chorus with a blend control. I like the CMATSMOD Analog Chorus for a mono signal device. I never run it to full effect. Sounds marvelous.
  16. GuitarsFromMars

    What's your next mic?

    Yep I just bought the MD 421 II(on sale). Can't wait to get it..
  17. GuitarsFromMars

    The best of the best of the best lines in songs, EVER

    "my heart felt like a shattered glass in an acid bath"
  18. GuitarsFromMars

    Current Epiphone 335 Pro experiences

    Made in the Epiphone Custom Shop in China..Not a bad build, either.
  19. GuitarsFromMars

    Current Epiphone 335 Pro experiences

    Pickups are just fine stock. It's another plywood guitar.
  20. GuitarsFromMars

    Humbuckers: when we have tone controls, what benefit is a cover?

    Apparently a cover picks up stray capacitance, according to BOTB.
  21. GuitarsFromMars

    Friend has aquired a fixer-upper

    It is not left on the fret board with the dirt to create a sloppy wet mess. It is wiped off immediately with paper towels and kept relatively dry. Not a lot of dishsoap is to be used, just a little to get that accumulated dirt loose with the toothbrush, so it can be wiped off. Never had a...