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  1. Sean French

    Jinjer!!! WOW!!!

    That does suck! They will be back... :dude I was going to see them for the second time next week in Dallas at the House of Blues. :FM
  2. Sean French

    Jinjer!!! WOW!!!

    Pit of Consciousness live!!! :dude:dude:dude
  3. Sean French

    Jinjer!!! WOW!!!

    Jinjer's first gig of 2020. Show was in Tel Aviv. Even after two months off they are super tight and awesome!!! :dude :band
  4. Sean French

    Jinjer!!! WOW!!!

    Official vid for their tune Retrospection was released today. Dig!!! :dude:dude:dude Vlad , the drummer , wrote this song. Tatiana wrote the lyrics. What a great band! :aok:band
  5. Sean French

    Jinjer!!! WOW!!!

    This great live performance of On the Top was released yesterday. Awesomeness!!! :dude:dude:dude
  6. Sean French

    Do you own the Complete Catalog of any artists?

    Jinjer and Led Zeppelin. I think Lynyrd Skynrd as well. Oh , I guess Robert Johnson too. I bought the complete collection in the 80's and still have it.
  7. Sean French

    Recommend new speakers for my '79 JMP 2203 Half Stack

    WGS ET-65 gets my vote. I've had one paired with a vintage G12-65 in my 212 cab for 10 years. My JMP 2204 sounds glorious. You might wish to try two with the original BB's to start with.
  8. Sean French

    So, if you could only use pure single coils or pure buckers, which would it be?

    I'm really torn. If I could only have one well , it would Humbuckers.
  9. Sean French

    Is a band Aerosmith in the same league with British classic rock greats?

    Yes!!!!!! Aerosmith' first 5 albums cemented them as among the greatest rock bands ever. :dude
  10. Sean French

    Jinjer!!! WOW!!!

    New concert vid. :dude
  11. Sean French

    Jinjer!!! WOW!!!

  12. Sean French

    Jinjer!!! WOW!!!

    They will be back in Texas this coming April. :bananaNo Austin show. :( Just Dallas and San Antonio. Both at the House of Blues. I'm debating which one to attend.
  13. Sean French

    Amps Everyone Loves But You Don't

  14. Sean French

    two rock Studio signature vs Fender BF

    I've not owned or played the TR amp in question. However , I've owned 6 different TR models. My "grail" cleans are from a SF Vibrolux Reverb. It has been slightly tuned and black faced though.
  15. Sean French

    Name your 3 Favorite Songs

    I'll play. :cool:
  16. Sean French

    Would you rather

    You are so wrong having that opinion. IMO. ;) I think you have missed out on bands with prevalent and meodic bass players. Yes , Rush , Jinjer … Just saying! :boxer
  17. Sean French

    Would you rather

    I didn't read any comments. A great band starts with a great drummer. This opinion comes from a non drumming guitar player.....
  18. Sean French

    Jinjer!!! WOW!!!

    Eugene has his first signature bass from Overload Guitars. :aok
  19. Sean French

    Telecaster bridge pickup setup tips?

    Guitar and pickup dependent. I would suggest getting the pickup as close to the strings as possible and then start lowering , play , lower some more , play etc. You will find "your" preferred sweet spot.
  20. Sean French

    Music Man Luke III Neck Size

    I played two Luke IIIs a couple of years back. Both had solid rosewood necks fwiw. Those necks were quite skinny. I'm guessing around .0770" or so deep at the first fret. I bet one who owns one will post measurements for you.
  21. Sean French

    Jinjer!!! WOW!!!

    IMO it's due to her otherworldly singing talent. She is in a world of her own. Yes , Tatiana is strikingly attractive. I met them and was taken aback at her beauty and kindness. That said her looks do not apply to the sonic awesomeness of Jinjer. They are a band with great musicians working in...
  22. Sean French

    Post your favorite song from 2019

    I dug this tune.:aok I had to look away from the video though. Too distracting. I got a Sigur Ros vibe from it. :phones
  23. Sean French

    Post your favorite song from 2019

    Released Jan. 11 , '19 Released Oct. 25 , '19
  24. Sean French

    Who among us loves Gibson USA Les Paul Standards?

    I'll play! My gifted by a lifelong bro of mine. '01 Standard w/ '59 neck carve. Basically an R0 carve. He bought it brand new. I put Seth Lovers in along with Pigtail steel studs , BB caps/50's wired and a DMC switch tip. Oh , I also installed knob pointers. My bro already put an aluminum TP...
  25. Sean French

    Neck relief for Strats & Teles

    I do my own setups so , I like .005" to .010" of relief at the 9th fret . Depends on the guitar. My Tele is at .008" at the 9th fret.