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  1. Igneous

    Can we see some of your partscasters?

    Lat but definitely least: SUPER heavy ash body in mary kay but poly. This thing is so obnoxiously heavy. But still fun. The neck is from a chinese squire. I practiced my fret rolling and leveling on it. Ended up trying out some scalloping on the top three frets and stained it a bit with a...
  2. Igneous

    Can we see some of your partscasters?

    Next: #2 alder body in Sonic Blue nitro. I faded it in uv to a weird tobacco green but left the back sonic blue. I call it an algae burst. Same stratosphere rosewood neck, however, I sanded the bottom side into a soft V. (I do not recommend ever trying to sand rosewood lol) Bootstrap pups and...
  3. Igneous

    Can we see some of your partscasters?

    Coming right up. My #1. Ash body, nitro,(music mill?), stratosphere rosewood neck. toxic surf green. Mariposa pickups(INASNITY- the have this crazy ability to remain stratty clean but go up against any humbucker when distorted.
  4. Igneous

    Why didn’t EVH make more music?

    And at some point the party is over. It's righteous party music! I would have certainly loved more. That's what 2012 was about. He did revisit the old riffs he recorded. Cheers!
  5. Igneous

    Why didn’t EVH make more music?

    Ahh ya beat me to Catharine!
  6. Igneous

    Why didn’t EVH make more music?

  7. Igneous

    Eddie Van Beck

    NICE!!! Damn that stretch to the 19th fret. I will never do that! lol
  8. Igneous

    John Petrucci on "Distance Over Time", "SFAM", LTE, Neil Peart and his gear !

    Love him so much!!!!!!! Dude still slays!
  9. Igneous

    Why did you take up guitar? Wanna be a rock star or maybe just make music?

    The Movie Crossroads. And Parachute pants and a tank top so I could be EVH in the mirror. I figured heck if you go to Juliard, you can beat the devil! lol age 12
  10. Igneous

    What is the most inspiring High Gain amp you ever played?

    The one thing that taught me a lesson that I should sometimes NEVER get rid of some gear.
  11. Igneous

    What is the most inspiring High Gain amp you ever played?

    90's Rivera Knucklehead 55. It has ninja mode.
  12. Igneous

    I literally LOL'ed. Can't believe this is serious.

    OMG this destroyed me.
  13. Igneous

    MXR Variphase pedal LED mod

    Hey all- A good friend of mine asked if I could install an led on her new pedal. Of course I said yes and have all the parts. However, it's not a wah. I was wondering how easy/difficult it might be to tap into the resistors and such. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your...
  14. Igneous

    Sold Loaded Fender Classic Player 50’s Strat Body

    One piece? That's mint. GLWTS
  15. Igneous

    Sold Modulus styled graphite strat neck with tuners

    Nice Alan Watts quote BTW
  16. Igneous

    Is Nitro Worth The Extra Cost vs a Poly Finish on a Guitar Body ?

    I have one of each. The nitro really is something special, it's hard to say why though. Because it breathes more? IDK. def. worth it. But, I also love my indestructible poly...
  17. Igneous

    SUPER RARE Heritage Mark Slaughter find!!!

    Kinda like Don Dokken
  18. Igneous

    What pickups have knocked your socks off?

    WCR. Couldn't stop riffin
  19. Igneous

    Did a Strat re-invigorate your playing?

    Same! Been Gibson for a couple decades(they seem so tiny to me now) and just got the itch to make myself some partscasters and I cannot put either of them down. They just follow me around the house. My wife calls them my girlfriends. That and watching Greg Koch play....great combo!
  20. Igneous

    Tell me about the Dimarzio Super Distortion

    When I might my wife, her SG that she had(81) had an older SD in the bridge. She played it through a 5150 version 1 and it was absolutely mindblowingly heavy. Tried a few others and even swapping it in a les paul but the didn't sound as good as that particular combo. This was for Doom. I guess...
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