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  1. Mike Duncan

    Here we praise Throwing Muses...

    Without question, my favorite one of their songs.
  2. Mike Duncan

    Telecaster Fest~

    Now, are those Telecaster Customs or Custom Telecasters? ;)
  3. Mike Duncan

    Paul Reed Smith ....give me a break

    Is anyone being forced to buy this guitar? Blink once if this guitar is holding you hostage.
  4. Mike Duncan

    Remember when the MIM strat was $350ish new?

    I bought my American Standard Strat in '89 for $429.00 with the case.
  5. Mike Duncan

    Since The Other Is Cool Rock N Roll Pics!

    Sorry for the dumb that Ginger Baker front and center, watching Jimi?
  6. Mike Duncan

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    Just horrible news.
  7. Mike Duncan

    Recommend me a strap for an Ibanez JSCR1 Chrome Boy
  8. Mike Duncan

    Show your teles!

    '05 '62 RI Tele
  9. Mike Duncan


    What a great choice you’ve made! My DGT has been my number one for the past 12 years!
  10. Mike Duncan

    My Next Overdrive pedal

    I love overdrive pedals and have tons. The two I can't seem to live without are my Boss OD-3 and the Fulltone OCD. I HAD to drop to just one, it'd be the OD-3. I'm not paid to say that and haven't been put under any pressure - just to my ears, it sounds just like what I've been chasing for...
  11. Mike Duncan

    If you could only have one...

    I could be happy with just this one.
  12. Mike Duncan

    One guitar? Two guitars? 27 Guitars?

    These two get played the most. The rest are just icing on the cake. I could live with the goldtop as my only guitar and never look back.
  13. Mike Duncan

    electric 12 string fan club

    I have a Rick 360/12 in JetGlo. I bought it new 29 and half years ago. I have struggled to play that beast for all those years. Doesn't set up well, won't stay in tune if the strings aren't freshly installed, and the thin neck have just never worked. But, I love it.
  14. Mike Duncan

    Is Rush more appealing and accessible than other classic prog rock bands?

    If the chord structure leaves I, IV, V, I'm lost. "I'm not a nerd, Bart. Nerds are smart." - Milhouse Van Houten
  15. Mike Duncan

    What are you listening to right now?

    Bad Religion and Rancid. Just keep going back to the basics.
  16. Mike Duncan

    Why did you take up guitar? Wanna be a rock star or maybe just make music?

    Fell in love with 50s music and the actual guitar. I saw "La Bamba" when I was 14 and that was it. I think I love the guitar more than the music I can make with it...that sounds wrong.
  17. Mike Duncan

    Bands you're "supposed" to like but don't.

    My wife can't stand the Beatles. So, I really don't get to enjoy them.
  18. Mike Duncan

    WORST experience selling a guitar?

    I’ve sold probably 20-30 guitars since the 1990s. I’ve had a couple lousy experiences where I’ve sent a perfect instrument only to have the recipient tell me something was drastically wrong. I hate selling guitars.
  19. Mike Duncan

    Les Paul GoldTop, do you prefer P90s or humbuckers?

    I’m happy either way - I would grab a humbucker equipped version first if given a choice.
  20. Mike Duncan

    Is natural "relic" really possible?

    Poly will certainly rub.
  21. Mike Duncan

    Is natural "relic" really possible?

    Little hard to see, but the arm wear on my '94 SRV Strat from 26 years of playing shows. The other nicks and dings don't show up well in this photo.