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  1. Sweetfinger

    Gibson Mini-Humbuckers - Neck vs Bridge

    1. RW/RP is not a "thing" with mini-humbuckers. 2. Many modern minis are physically larger. Seymour Duncan minis are vintage Gibson sized. I don't think Lollars are. Dimarzios are larger, and the current Gibsons are larger.
  2. Sweetfinger

    What differentiates expensive pickups from cheap ones?

    It's all several billion years old.
  3. Sweetfinger

    What differentiates expensive pickups from cheap ones?

    For old, established designs: The big difference is labor cost, as in a USA made pickup vs. Mexico, Chinese or Korean. You can make the same pickup with the same materials to the same specs. The one made in China will cost less than the one made in the USA, even if the process is almost entirely...
  4. Sweetfinger

    Pickup up change for my Gretsch hollow body. HELP!

    I make it to be ten years and 9 months, give or take. Not a necro record, but impressive, nonetheless.
  5. Sweetfinger

    Isn't it about time we had a serious talk about Krokus?

    @HoboMan , One Vice At A Time is essentially, the long lost AC/DC record. You can hear the band going in that direction on the previous record, "Hardware" but it isn't nearly the front to back winner "Vice" is. My fave from Hardware: For the OP: One thing- Krokus is Swiss, so weren't able...
  6. Sweetfinger

    Shouting into a pickup

    Both. The primary avenue by which a pickup senses a string vibration is from the string moving through the magnetic field and disturbing it. The field moving over the coils induces voltage swings which are the signal. The coils don't "move" but can be rattled by physical vibration. That's the...
  7. Sweetfinger

    Shouting into a pickup

    And yet, when you play a record through speakers, it sounds like instruments and voices, not excited paper. In a microphone, your voice is vibrating a plastic, paper, or metal diaphragm, which can be connected to a coil (just like a small speaker in reverse), or in a condenser mic, the metal is...
  8. Sweetfinger

    Harmonic feedback - so what's a fella gotta do?

    You can try swapping the + and - leads on the speaker. so the amp's output is reverse phase from whatever it was, or add any kind of signal inverting pedal. Look 'em up, some do, some don't. All I know is that I have no problem with a Harmony rocket into a silverface combination bias Bassman on...
  9. Sweetfinger

    What do you think of this playing?

    IIRC this is from Europe, from one of those "Folk Blues" package tours where they had a group of disparate players thrown together to back each other up, so you hear artists without their regular sidemen. Hubert's a little out of his element I think. He re-uses some basic runs and maybe is just...
  10. Sweetfinger

    Gibson SG Tenor

    About the Vega that came through? It's funky and weird. It sent me down the Eddie Peabody rabbit-hole. The folks that brought it in had inherited it and didn't know what it was or what it was worth. I dusted off my mitts and hit the Google -it seems it was either a prototype that Eddie sold or...
  11. Sweetfinger

    Gibson SG Tenor

    Though Peabody seems to have not preferred them to his various Vegas. I had one of them come through the shop a while back.
  12. Sweetfinger

    '67 Fender Bassman. Just wondering if this is mostly stock

    Mostly original. I don't think I've seen a Fender from that era that had a mis-matched looking set of filter caps. Doesn't matter, they're all coming out. That's probably a great sounding amp.
  13. Sweetfinger

    FS Danelectro 12 string, purple sparkle, 90s reissue

    To be pedantic, those weren't a "reissue" of any vintage model, but they are some of the nicest 12 string electrics I've played. I own one of those, same color, and it has super low action, a lot of fun to play.
  14. Sweetfinger

    Radius mismatch between fingerboard and bridge

    On instruments with adjustable individual saddles, I often set them with a slightly larger radius than the fingerboard. It facilitates clean bends on the top and perhaps less rattle on the lower strings. The center stays a bit lower for comfort. This isn't necessarily a "plan" on my part. I...
  15. Sweetfinger

    Compromise solution for playing slide on a ‘normal’ guitar?

    He's the best non-roots based player I've ever seen, sort of David Lindley meets Eric Johnson. That isn't a particularly standout bit of playing from him and I've heard them do better with that song many times. That Moog steel is interesting. The filters they demo don't do a whole lot for me...
  16. Sweetfinger

    Compromise solution for playing slide on a ‘normal’ guitar?

    It's totally fun! Speaking of lap steel, here's a live track from my fave local band that got uploaded relatively recently. It's particularly good listening for the fans of lap steel in a rock context
  17. Sweetfinger

    Gibson SG Tenor

    They're coming back! ... maybe. Behold the Squier Alternate Reality Tenor Tele: I think the closest Fender got to a Tenor in the old days might be the custom Banjoline built for Eddie Peabody:
  18. Sweetfinger

    PRS "Experiece 2018" strange repair experience

    A finisher might be able to see something in-hand. A blob of color? Drip? Pinhole? Area that needs more buffing? Maybe was pointing at an area that DID get addressed and is fine, but they didn't zip off the china marker before return?
  19. Sweetfinger

    Looks Good Fender. Want it?

    Not every design is a winner. If they'd just stuck the Tele bridge assembly and neck pickup on a Mustang, I think it would be more aesthetically pleasing. Get yourself an American Performer Jazzmaster and I'll cut you a pickguard for Strat pickups.
  20. Sweetfinger

    PRS "Experiece 2018" strange repair experience

    Wow. That arrow, is shorthand for someone in the finishing department to go back over it and address an issue. This looks like a guitar that was grabbed off the rack in the middle of process. The swirl on the back should have been buffed out. The ding in the pic, that's yours, but the slowly...
  21. Sweetfinger

    Guitar won’t intonate - head scratcher

    It's ALL the major thirds. You don't even have to fret them. Tune your D string up to E, then the G string to G sharp, perfectly according to your tuner, play the E and G#. It's sour, isn't it? You have to detune the G# a bit to make it sound perfect. Try it with any two strings, root and a third.
  22. Sweetfinger

    Guitar won’t intonate - head scratcher

    Sounds sharp in that chord. The fretted note is perfectly in tune according to the tuner, as are the other notes being played. I don't either. That's why it doesn't sound as consonant as it could. And my point is that the Earvana, Music Man, Buzz Feiten, and Taylor nut...
  23. Sweetfinger

    Guitar won’t intonate - head scratcher

    So, I have one of your zero fret guitars, no need for any "compensation". When I play a first position "E" chord, the third is slightly sharp. How can I get it more consonant?
  24. Sweetfinger

    One Hit Wonders

    Katrina & The Waves had two other top 40 hits in the US and a big hit in Europe that won the Eurovision contest. It didn't chart in the US. It's actually kinda hard to find a one hit wonder. A lot of bands that seem like OHWs have other hits. Dwight Twilley - Girls Trio - Da Da Da Chilliwack...
  25. Sweetfinger

    FS 1958 Gibson ES-225 TD - all original, stunning tobacco sunburst ***Price Drop***

    Were I made of money, I'd have less of it and that guitar. It's quite lovely.