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    Pedal's Power Jack Not Working

    I just got a new Jetter Gold Standard. What a great pedal! Unfortunately, it works only on battery power. If I plug in a power supply, it stops working. Any easy fixes (other than exchanging it)?
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    Favorite New, Analog Chorus Pedal?

    Yeah, I know. Another chorus thread! I'm thinking of picking up a new, analog chorus pedal. What's your favorite and why? Please note: I am not interested in buying used or digital, and I would want something with more than a rate knob (e.g., mix, depth, tone, etc.), so no Micro Chorus...
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    Big Strings and Wound G Strings

    I suppose these could be two different topics, but I keep thinking about the two of them together... Anybody else digging heavier strings and/or a wound G string on their electrics? Nearly five decades ago, I began playing guitar on a steel-string acoustic. During my early years, all I...
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    Empress Multidrive

    In the Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things section of TGP, there are only two threads in 2012 that have "Multidrive" in the title, and only one of them (the oldest thread) is about the Multidrive only. So, I am starting a third thread before the year ends! Here's my beach cabin rig: I just...
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    G String: Wound or Plain?

    Wound vs. Plain Wound G strings seem to have better tone, better tuning stability, and better intonation. On the other hand, plain (unwound) G strings bend easier. Which do you prefer, and why? Personally, I prefer wound G strings--except when I need to bend! To get around the...
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    Class 5 Mods?

    Have any of you Class 5 owners modified your amp in any way? If so, what have you done, and how do you like the changes? I have done the following to my Class 5 combo (one of the newer, white ones): Replaced both 12AX7 pre-amp tubes with 12AT7 tubes for a softer, less gainy sound...
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    Fulltone CFV2 News

    From Fulltone's website:
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    DD-20: Dirty/Lo-Fi?

    How dirty/lo-fi can the Boss DD-20 get? And what mode do you use for that sound? I have a current TGP-favorite delay, but it seems to be bit of overkill if all I want out of it is dirty/lo-fi...
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    El Capistan: Lo-Fi?

    Can the El Cap do lo-fi the way the TimeLine does? TimeLine bank 01 preset B is an outstanding lo-fi setting and my favorite TimeLine preset. Just wondering if El Cap can do it, too (and thinking that it can't).
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    TimeLine Lo-Fi Delay: What Else Is Like It?

    My favorite TimeLine "machine" by far is the Lo-Fi delay. I especially love the preset found early on in, I think, bank 1B. What other delays can produce this type of haunting, dirty, lo-fi echo? Perhaps the new Malekko Lo-Fi?
  11. J

    Strymon TimeLine for Chorus?

    What settings would you use on a TimeLine for a chorus sound? (I have a TL, but I haven't been able to figure this out). With a bit of tweaking, the Boss DD-20 can cop a pretty decent chorus sound. Wondering if the TL can do this, too...
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    Pedal Return Policies?

    Many companies say they will allow you to return a pedal if you are not completely satisfied, but some of them make it rather difficult to do so (by either not responding to inquiries or trying to talk you out of it). Like many of you here on TGP, I have bought my fair share of pedals over the...
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    Overdrives That Do Not Cut Bass?

    I have (and have tried) many fine overdrives, but just about every one of them cuts bass. This may be fine in a band situation, but it drives me nuts at home at low volumes playing solo. What overdrives do not cut bass? I can think of only two, and I have them: Kingsley Jester (in mode...
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    Boiling Point: What's Better?

    I went through dozens of overdrives before I found the Boiling Point. The BP has stayed with me nearly a year, and I am very happy with it. I continue to do my part to help the economy by buying and at least trying other overdrives, but nothing has made me want to part with my BP. I know many...
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    Fetto Nord vs. Boiling Point

    For those of you fortunate enough to have tried both, which do you prefer, and why, for both lower-gain hair and higher-gain EVH-like lead tones? I have the BP and love it, but like many TGP-ers, I am always on the lookout! ;)
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    "Gateway" Pedals to GAS

    What was your "gateway" pedal, the pedal that got you hooked on TGP, chasing tone, playing the same phrase over and over while twiddling knobs, buying and selling pedals and buying some more? For me it was the OCD. Before that pedal, I was pretty content and actually played music! ;)
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    Random Pedal Comparison: Lovepedal LL, Diamond Fireburst, MP MRD

    Tonight, I had some time to kill before a business meeting in downtown Portland. So I stopped by Pro Guitar Shop's outstanding Pearl District store. What a great place! I grabbed a Lovepedal Les Lius, a Diamond Fireburst Fuzz/Distortion, and a Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion and gave them...
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    Whistling Boiling Point

    With my amp on, the BP on, and my guitar volume off, the BP howls like a stuck pig! The howling or whistling noise is worse the higher the gain on the BP. It did not always do this. Also, it does not matter how it is powered, what amp or guitar I use, or even if the BP is the only pedal in...
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    Evertune Bridge

    Just saw this in the Guitar Player that arrived in today's mail (February 2011, p. 118): It looks like quite an engineering feat, and the article raves about it, but I'm skeptical. Changing to "bending mode" from the "Sweet Spot," where everything is always in tune and presumably...
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    Canadian Pedals

    I don't have many, but I am very impressed with the three that I own: Maybe Empress will make a dirt pedal one day. I'm also dreaming about Diamond pedals. :love: Anyone else dig Canadian pedals? (I know someone here has a board filled with Diamond pedals!) Cheers! :drink
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    Fulltone FD2 vs. Rockbox BP

    I have been rehearsing with a band for a New Year's Eve gig: drums, vocals, bass, and two electric guitars. We will be playing some blues, swing, shuffles, Zydeco, and country-rock, and I will be playing lead guitar for the most part (Telecaster -> Fender SRRI). For the most part, my Tele...
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    New Year's Eve Gig: Thinking of Going Without Pedals

    I have a New Year's Eve gig coming up. Two electric guitars, bass, and drums, with a Bose PA. We will be playing country-rock, folk-rock, blues, and moderate rock (no heavier than, say, the Eagles at their heaviest). I'm planning on using my new Fender Custom Shop Telecaster with my Fender Super...
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    Do You Back Off Reverb/Delay With OD/Distortion?

    I love reverb and delay, but really only when my tone is clean. When I start adding overdrive or distortion, I find I really need to reduce the amount of reverb or delay I am using. Otherwise, it just sounds like, well, you know... Apart from turning down the depth or mix of reverb or delay...
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    Empress VMSD & Strymon El Capistan: Together

    For those of you wondering, it is OK to own both! Really, it is! I do, and I am quite happy. :love: I started with an Empress VMSD. Although I loved it, TGP was too much for me, and I replaced it with an El Capistan. (Do you hear that echo? "Strymon, Strymon, Strymon...") I love that, too...
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    Tremolo Speed Controlled by Expression Pedal?

    Apart from the Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper tremolo, what other tremolo pedals allow you to control their speed with an expression pedal? (I know the speed of the Cusack Tap-a-Whirl can be ramped up or down by pressing and holding the switch, but that is not quite the same, and I believe it is...