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    Saw The Cult tonight...

    Now that is rich;)
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    Any Howard Roberts fans?

    In a class by himself!
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    Radio coming through amp

    If only someone could incorporate this into a pedal;)
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    Jack White: Without the Stripes, There'd Be No Black Keys

    No wonder Dex is so screwed up on meds. Throw the guy a bone, will you?
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    Jack White: Without the Stripes, There'd Be No Black Keys

    "Wasn't Jack inspired by The Flat Duo Jets?" Where would Jack be without Dexter and Crow? Sure he's interesting and brings something new to the table but let's not forget where you came from.
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    I can't STOP playing guitar

    GOD BLESS YOU for protecting our great country. It's one of those regrets I have.
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    GE Smith signed my GE Smith signature Tele

    Wow what a great story! Seen him twice with Dylan and Waters but always wanted to see him in an intimate setting like this. I knew a guy from school who was visiting a relative and discovered G. E. Smith mowing his mother's lawn next door! Actually walked over after a bit to speak with him...
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    John Adomono gypsy guitar

    Does anyone know if any of Adomono's wonderful vinyl selections were ever released on cd? There's very little on this cool guitarist.
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    Elvis' tour schedule in 1955. Unfreaking real!

    Knowing Scotty Moore toured through my home town TWICE just blows my mind!
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    Coldplay. Love them.. hate them.. or even if you don't care...

    Oh I totally agree- Muse completely ripped them off vocally. When I first heard "Yellow" I thought it was cool and original but everything else tends to remind me of Yorke, just not as cool.
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    Coldplay. Love them.. hate them.. or even if you don't care...

    I wonder if Coldplay pay royalties on Thom Yorkes' signature vocals;)
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    Words of wisdom from Dan Auerbach

    I guess it really must be true that most music critics are just frustrated musicians who never made it?
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    Words of wisdom from Dan Auerbach

    SRV is compared to Vanilla Ice? But then again, what credibility does rolling stone have with cover story's featuring LIL John and Katy Perry? Pure tripe!
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    Gretsch Show

    That would be soooooo cool.
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    Tomo Fujita!

    Hey Tomo. I find myself stopping by your lessons at least once a day! You are quite a virtuoso and yet you seem so down to earth. So refreshing! We certainly appreciate your minute lessons and keep up the great work!
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    "Reeling in the Years": Great Playing, Bad Tone?

    If that's bad tone, give it to me!
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    Finger picking, jazzy rhythm guitar work out

    Geez, this is brilliant, Tomo. I think it's time to crank out some tab lessons books;). These are great.
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    10 Most Underrated Guitarists in the History of Jazz

    Howard Roberts Junior Barnard Eldon shamblin
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    Paul Pigat

    I loved his "hillbilly/ Travis" style picking dvd so much I also purchased his Jazz as well as his rockabilly instructionals too. Just down-to-earth and a phenominal picker,
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    Which online sites were most helpful when you were a beginner?

    Tomo is the man! GOD BLESS HIM!
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    What guitars did you have when you were 22?

    '67 Gretsch Country Gentleman and a '73 pre-serial custom agent Ibanez.
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    Any Bill Withers fans?

    In a class all by himself, love the guy!
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    Most transparent OD pedal?

    Love my Tim, thanks again Paul!
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    One Minute C Slow Blues Rhythm Guitar Workout!

    Some of the best I've seen!
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    Man, these cats can swing

    They most certainly do. It's hard enough keeping it together with three or four individuals, can you imagine this outfit on the road?