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    Ralph Towner Quartet, rehearsal/performance

    Interesting, great sound. The best part is their talking about working out the parts (only 1 has English as his native language, btw)... These guys are so advanced, it just blows my mind....
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    Tom Kimmell - Tryin' to Dance

    Heard this way back in the 80s on radio, always liked the vibe and especially how the guitar solo and arrangement, lyrics, delivery all fit together. Only recently rediscovered it. This guy was/is really good, apparently still active -
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    Bozone Layer

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    Drummer for Zep Reunion

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    For the Miles Davis fanatics...... The last story, about how he handled Gary Bartz & Keith Jarrett , is a hoot. Guy was a genius, but also a mess!
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    Do you play scalloped fret guitar?

    I heard a master sitar player earlier this week, renewed my curiosity in the deep fret concept, but no places or players nearby to check it out. Watching the You tube videos, it seems to facilitate the exaggerated vibrato you sometimes hear people use on these guitars- which I'm frankly not...
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    We're the Grateful Deed biz-heads?

    It seems the survivors are quite wealthy, but I never got the sense that they were as into the Wealth Project like Jagger, Sting, Springsteen, Jimmy Buffett (yes), Paul Simon, others. Especially in terms of aiming for hit records back in that time. Concert tickets - then- also weren't...
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    Steve Khan's cool take on Stevie Wonder's 'Go Home'

    Great song I hadn't heard in awhile, by some gret musicians-
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    Is this a Pearl Jam tune?!

    Heard this on college radio, where they don't announce the tunes and don't answer the phone, lol. If it's not Eddie Vedder, it sure sounds like him. Song sounds like key of D, with the songs chorus using power chords of: D......C......Bb C....G, C.....D and lyrics are "______ already gone (vs...
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    My finest audio playback system is.....

    I still have an 80s area 'living room' stereo, play CDs (ie, WAV files) on it. If I didn't have that, my finest stereo system would my car, lol! Just seeing how the community here listens.
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    If you liked Machine Gun, and weren't familiar w J Abercrombie ...

    ...This track was posted early in the thread for the late John Abercrombie, who had a long and varied career. He usually didn't play this style...but when he did.... If you're impatient with the beginning, skip to 4 minutes ...
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    Setlist question for wine bar type gigs

    Breweries and wine bars rising, some hiring duos, trios etc for background music entertainment. The clientele is 40-50ish, with a fair number of 60+, and a moderate number of 30ish sedate people. The jazz combo I'm in wants to possibly play these, but most of the tunes we do are jazz...
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    repairs in Texas (or actually anywhere)? - I recommend James Hewett

    Hello, I am a long term member, recently I searched for a luthier who could repair a carved archtop I had, where the original builder disappeared. The body was good, but the neck became warped and it became clear over time that the builder had picked the right woods and made a decent body, but...
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    technique improvement: scales or riffs?

    I've been playing and listening to jazz for decades, so I have the ideas on what I want to play. But my ability to execute them falls short. Will practicing scales gain me proficiency, or is that a blind alley? Is it all a matter of riffs ? Thanks for your input on this.
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    Mesa Triple Rectifier users?

    Anyone here use or gig with one? I'm just curious about what kind of situation someone would be in where they would use a hi-gain amp with Six output tubes! Especially with most venues now cutting way back on volume.
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    Fusion (70s) gem - Good God

    Only one album, it's great, still sounds as fresh as ever. Guitarist was Larry Carderelli, billed on the album as 'Zeno Sparkles', lol. Philly base. The pianist Cotton Kent is still active in Florida, don't know what the others did, whether they stayed in music. Here's the full album...
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    Question for mods about posting

    Hello, I know in the past some mods alluded to some very well known people who post here, anonymously. I'm aware that John Mayer does, although I suspect it's intermittent and about gear stuff, or as a joke now and then when his name comes up. Here's the question: outside of posts about gear...
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    I.D. song, melodic ?'please don't breathe'

    Hello, heard this twice on college radio, they never say the names. Quite melodic, but with recurring slow 6/8 time descending chords A minor > G > F. Lyrics sound like "Please don't sleep (..or ?breathe), please don't dream", towards the end they hang onto the F chord for like 2 minutes...
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    Help I.D. a cool ?Squier song that sounded like zep

    ...Not sure if it was Billy Squier but I think so- but it wasn't any of his usual hits. Mostly remember a pretty cool solo lead over a mid-tempo , D minor alternating with G, then chorus kicked back in with A major..G major..Dmajor, and guitarist played ensemble part in octaves Db..D..Gb...
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    Eric Johnson's genius as an arranger (Xmas covers)

    His arrangements on these two classics show (at least to me) how most of what we hear from his regular tunes is just scratching the surface of how he can put a tune together- First Noel Ave Maria
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    Tom Jones does John Lee Hooker Burning Hell wow
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    don't forget Mary Chapin Carpenter

    She's had a top career, but in view of the recent threads about pop-country live performances, songwriting, autotune, industry spin, etc etc- this is what it is- and it's her story too, (broken home)- only a dream more songwriting skill - I...
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    Very loud band- more eyes than ears?

    Amateur, but 3 decades worth. Currently playing in a jazz sextet where drummer uses brushes or rods; no earplugs, and loudest instrument is the acoustic grand piano (which is pretty loud!). So we hear everything. Back in the rock band, especially in clubs, had to use earplugs. Recalling, it...