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    Luthier in Riverside or San Diego Counties

    Looking for a good guitar tech/luthier in Riverside or San Diego counties. I have some stuff that needs to be done on a couple of vintage guitars and need someone competent and reliable. I used to use Chris Camp in Escondido but he's not answering emails or his phone these days. Anyone know...
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    WTB 1957 Stratocaster

    Well, I've looked at pretty much what the usual dealers have in stock and found a few nice ones but I thought I might as well check on here in case someone has one they want to sell. Must be 100% or close. Not interested in a refin, changed pickups, etc. I don't have a problem with a refret...
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    Sold Dunlop Univibe

    The big ol' stainless steel one. Works as it should with power adapter. $125 shipped via US Priority Mail (CONUS only) and Paypal'd. Cheers, -- Don
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    Sold Fryette Power Station 2 -- As New

    Pretty much pulled it out of the packaging and used it for one session. Maybe an hour or two on it at most. Ships in original box. Never got a manual but it would have been obsolete anyway since they've updated it. You can download it from Fryette. $600 shipped/Paypal'd in the...
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    "Time Is Tight" (Booker T. and the MGs cover)

    My band, The Big Richards: Cheers, -- Don
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    Ebony R6--Know where I can get one?

    Subject line says it all. Anyone stumble on one for sale in your travels? Cheers, -- Don