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  1. Melange

    Fishman Fluence Telecaster (Greg Koch) issues

    Hi I'm having problems after installing a pair of fishman fluence tele pickups. When the selector switch is up (towards the neck) , the neck and bridge pickups are engaged When the selector is in the middle position, the neck is engaged and the bridge pickup is dead When the selector is in...
  2. Melange

    The Tale of Two Strats...actually Four

    I cannot but admire Leo Fender's innovative and forward thinking. To me , Leo Fender was to the world of Electric Guitars what Steve Jobs was to computers. The Stratocaster is , IMO, one of the most iconic and imitated electric guitar. There are several manufactures , Leo itself with Fender and...
  3. Melange

    Fishman Fluence Telecaster : To shield or not to shield

    Hello Guys, In the past, I've used passive single coils on my teles. Before installing them, I shield all cavities with cooper foil . I finished my building my latest telecaster. I'm planning on installing a set of Greg Koch Fishman Fluence pickups. This is the first time I'm installing...
  4. Melange

    Repair Ivory Nut and Saddle on Classical Guitar

    I recently acquired an old classical guitar with nut and saddle made of ivory. At one point , a previous owner tried get the strings closer together by filing slots on the nut and lower the action by filling slots on the saddle. It's a real mess. Since it's ivory , I rather try fixing it that...
  5. Melange

    Vox Tone Garage Straight 6 Overdrive

    Had anybody tried this pedal ? I wonder how much the ECC83 / 12AX7 tubes shape the tone compared to a solid state . Given the pre-amp and power amp tubes plus the stand by switch, this little guy looks to me like a Tube amp sans the transformer
  6. Melange

    The Gear behind Rolling Stone 100 greatest guitarists...

    Just out of curiosity, I wanted to find out what electric guitars the top guitar players play or played. I looked at the infamous list of 100 Greatest Guitarist published by the Rolling Stone Magazine in December 2015. IMO, this list is highly biased and but it was handy I acknowledge the data...
  7. Melange

    Help me decide on my next stratocaster

    After many years playing tele's I'm looking into getting back to a Stratocaster , possibly with HSS pickup configuration. While looking at Fender , I decided to check out other brands and it seems that Fender does have some serious competition out there which makes it harder to make a...
  8. Melange

    Re-staining a quilted maple veneer top

    I'm looking at changing the finish the top of a custom made les paul shaped guitar. It has a light blue quilted maple veneer which I want to change to a translucent cherry. The clear coat is poly and I'm only planning to change the top, back and neck are natural mahogany which will look good...
  9. Melange

    THR100 setup for blues tone ?

    I've been trying to setup my THR100HD for playing blues. I'm playing with a LP traditional .I tried several tone/gain/boost/amps combinations but I'm not nailing a good sound. Recommendations will be greatly appreciate it !
  10. Melange

    Are you really planning to replace your AX8 for the FM3 ?

    There is a lot of excitement about the new fractal FM3 --I have to admit I'm exicited too-- I've been readying some posts (in this and other forums) of AX8 owners planning on selling their AX8 to get the FM3. My question is, it is really worth the trade ? Are there so many new features in the...
  11. Melange

    Monoprice 5 or 15 watts ?

    I'm considering getting a monoprice tube amp. I want it for low volume practice .I've been debating between the 5 watts and the 15 watts. I understand the 15 watts can lower its power to 1 watt but I read this is not a true attenuator . The 15 watts does have far more features (reverb, 3 band eq...
  12. Melange

    What effect pedal brand will you pick if you pedalboard can only have one brand of pedals

    Let's hear your preferences. If you can only select one brand of pedals for your pedal board which one will you select ? i.e your drive, booster, delay, flanger, phaser, etc. can only be of that brand. If the brand doesn't carry the effect you want then you can't have the effect in the board ...
  13. Melange

    Wurlitzer Gemini Specs & Blueprints

    I'm thinking in building a replica Wurlitzer Gemini with a pair of T-Armond's and either a Bibsby or a Mosrite style tremolo. I wonder if anybody has blue prints or the guitar specs . Thanks !
  14. Melange

    Fishman fluence two voices ? Can't hear the difference :-O

    I just installed a pair of fishman fluence classic humbucker in my LP. The pickups sound outstandingly great . No regrets whatsoever. The issue I'm having is with the two voices option: I can't tell the difference. I triple checked the wiring. Everything is connected per instructions. I wonder...
  15. Melange

    De Lisle Pentatone Switch Installation

    Hi All I bought a De Lisle pentatone switch months ago. I'm finally wrapping my telecaster build project and it is time to connect the electronics. I just found out I've lost the pentatone switch instructions :-( Bummer ... Can anybody tell me how the wiring goes with this switch ? Thanks in...
  16. Melange

    Pot recommendation for TV Jones T-Armond

    I'm building a solid body guitar and plan to fit to with two tv jones T-armond pickups. I would like to get expert opinion as to what kind of pots and caps should I use 250K vs 500K , .22 microF ? Thanks in advance!
  17. Melange

    Logic Pro X for live Amp modelling + effects

    How does the sound quality using logic pro x amps + effects compare to digital modelling hardware such as Helix of Fractal AX8 ? I'm trying to decided whether to beef up a logic pro base rig or to invest in a Helix or on a Fractal AX8 ? Any inputs are greatly appreciated
  18. Melange

    Need help selecting a battery operated amp

    I'm taking a blues/rock guitar class and I'm required to bring a small battery power amp. Since I'm going to make a $150~$300 I want to buy a good quality/good sounding amp. I'm trying to decide between the Yamaha THR10C and the Roland Micro Cube RX Any thoughts or preference between this two...
  19. Melange

    Joe Satriani Lastest Pedal Board

    In case anybody wonders ... This is what Joe is using on the current Shockwave tour . In a rack he has a Fractal Axe-Fx II XL+ Satchurator, no Time Machine, no Ice 9...he does use the Big Bad Wah (on the right)
  20. Melange

    Help me choose a chorus pedal

    I want to buy a good chorus pedal and be done. Budget +/- 250 . I narrowed my list to the following Strymon Ola Keeley Seafoam Moog MF Chorus Red Witch Empress Chorus Any advice will be greatly appreciated
  21. Melange

    AX8 or Helix ?

    In debating between this two . What's your preference ? Also, which amp should work well with the AX8 or the Helix ?
  22. Melange

    Al DiMeola Pedal Board

    Yesterday I had the honor of meeting Al in San Francisco prior to his show. He kindly agreed in letting me check his pedal board. Here the pic for you guys
  23. Melange

    Recommendations of amps for classical guitar

    I'm thinking on buying an amp for my classical guitar (Takamine TH90) . What are the good options out there ? My budget is in the $500 range. Thanks in advance
  24. Melange

    Golden Age Treble Bleed Circuit ?

    Have anybody tried these ? How about on a Strat or LP ?
  25. Melange

    BBE Bench Press Vintage Compressor, opinions ?

    Had anybody tried this pedal ? I wonder if you can tell me how does it stack compared to a Xotic, Carl Martin or a Keeley ?