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    PRS Special 22 - How many built?

    Seem's to be top secret info with PRS. Anyone out there that can help me out? Just picked up one in fireburst red and a wide fat neck. Love this thing. I would really to find out all I can about it. Looks like it was only offered in 2010 but thats about all I have found on them. Thanks to...
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    Please help me with my Champ

    Just picked up a 72 Champ seems to be in great condition sounds great untill I try to run it through any speaker other than the Jensen mod 8" thats in it. This results in nothing but a loud squeal. Even with a 4 ohm speaker. Am I missing something here? Really was looking forward to running it...
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    Whetstone phaser - Help

    Love the sounds and the flexibility. But.. First time it's engaged gives me a VERY loud brutal pop in my amp. Is this wrong or is this a pedal that needs to be "discharged" before use each time? Thanks,
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    New gear pic - thank you mr. Scumbag

    Thanks to mr. Scumbag for the great turtorial a while back on refinishing cabinets I was able to do this, and I'm quite pleased with the results. I was looking to turn my Shiva combo into a head and cabinet so when I was able to score this old Mesa 2-12 cab with the closed bottom/open top...
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    speaker gurus' help me out

    Guys, I'm entering territory I know little about. I just picked up a Mesa DC-2 (25watt EL-84's) It's on it's way. Then, as luck would have it, I just scored a Mesa 2-12 vertical Top/open - bottom/closed cabinet unloaded dirt cheap. My intensions are to use this set-up primarly at home in my...
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    Hows about some fresh Thorn porn?

    Haven't had any on this side for a while. Allow me:D Kevin
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    pics of my little studio

    Posted this on the Thorn board, but since I'm so proud of it, I'll share it with you guys too. After much tweaking my little studio is ready to be shown. So here it is, built in the back 1/2 of our downstairs family room. No windows available with this plan, so I put in a double pane glass...