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  1. kmanick

    wow what a deal anyone in Houston Looking for a mark III Green stripe?

    if this was in Boston it would already be mine
  2. kmanick

    Mojotone British Slant 2X12 is incoming

    Just ordered one of these as we are looking into moving away from the Shiva and JVM's that we currently use and going lower wattage (Bogner 3534, Slo 30 , Suhr PT-15) Short term I'm going to just pull 2 tubes out of my JVM and try a whole slew of speaker combos. I have a pair of UK green backs...
  3. kmanick

    Floyd Rose FRT-O2000 brass block upgrade question

    I just took delivery of a Charvel WildCard #4 and I want to upgrade the floyd on it. it holds tune fine so I'm not going to drop the $200 and swap the entire trem (yet anyway) Has anyone done this on one of these Charvels? StewMac says the 37MM block is the one to use for recessed trems I don't...
  4. kmanick

    Sold Charvel 375 Deluxe

    1989-1991 charvel 375 Deluxe in Trans Red. overall the guitar is in great shape, the frets are good and the truss rod works fine. The floyd is stable and holds tune well. I've grown fond of this one but I've got a Jackson SL-1 incoming so that will take care of my H/S/S needs. It's got a couple...
  5. kmanick

    Sold 2012 Fender American special Stratocaster

    2012 Fender American Special Strat, in basically unplayed condition. the guitar is as close to unplayed condition as you'll ever find on an 8 year old guitar. The guitar is stock except that I replaced the tuners with Schaller locking tuners, a big improvement with tuning stability. Overall it...
  6. kmanick

    Anyone ever mix EL-34L's with EL34's?

    I need to retube my JVM 210H pretty soon and I've got a bunch of EL34's but I also have a fresh matched pair if EL34L's. I'm wondering if I can mix them in and if I can how? the EL34l's on side or one on each side? anyone? or is this a bad idea?
  7. kmanick

    Sold Mint 2019 Landry LS30

    I hate to do this as I've only had this amp a couple of months but my daughters college tuition bills are scaring the bejesus out of me, so I have to move the Last in first out stuff. (so says the wife :( ) if you're looking at this you know what this amp is all about. this particular head is a...
  8. kmanick

    FS: Ibanez Rg560

    Very close to mint, when I bought this I had one H/S/S now I have 4. I swapped out the pickups to a Timmons AT-1 in the bridge, a Duncan Vintage Stack in the middle and a Duncan Cool rail in the neck. I have the original pickups and will include them.. I'll post up pics later today Really easy...
  9. kmanick

    For Sale Charvel San Dimas 2h Mint MIJ

    So I don't really need this one any more now that I've got my black one set up as an H/S/S. This I believe is 2010, I dropped in a Dimarzio Timmons AT-1 in the bridge (think warmer JB) and added a push pull pot that taps both pickups (neck is still the duncan 59). Had Steve Morill in Boston do a...
  10. kmanick

    What do you guys think is the best shred pickup out there in basswood

    I have an RG560 coming in and it's still got the stock pickups in it. I've got rails for the singles, trying to decide what would be the best bridge pickup to throw in a basswood/rosewood board floyded guitar for almost pure shredding from rowdy blues to Yngwie to Satch etc. This guitar will...
  11. kmanick

    2 Early Ibanez Rgs(550 and a 560)

    I need to pick up a 3 single strat type of guitar for this upcoming Roadhouse blues gig I've been offered so I am going to need to move these two Rg's. No cracks by the lock nuts on either of these #1 RG560 Very clean one tiny ding on the upper horn 2 minor "lines" n the neck pocket. I do not...
  12. kmanick

    review Seismic SAX-12M-PW 12" powered coaxial monitor vs RCF VS CLR

    so how did this thing stack up against the "big boys"?...................Pretty freaking good. Points of notice during the comparison. the power amps that come with the RCF and the CLR seem to have about 25% more power to them than the one that comes with the Seismic, the CLR will rip your...
  13. kmanick

    does anyone make a Recto 2X12 clone?

    I love the size of the recto 2X12 and would love another one to load with different speakers. anyone out there making cabs using these specs? I see sourmash does the Marshall 1936, and I thought lopoline was making one but they were bought up by Mojotone, and I don't see that cab on their...
  14. kmanick

    My first clip here JSX(KT-77's) V30s(recto2X12)

    I've been fooling around with different tubes in this thing and I've decided I like these the best in here. Just some improvising over a fusiony BT that I found online somewhere but I like the tone I got with this take. Very crunchy. Opinions on the tone and recording Please...