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  1. vintage66

    Rockboard LED light-anyone tried it?

    The L shaped light bar that has different colors. Looks cool, but I’m not sure how it would mount on my NYC board.
  2. vintage66

    Whammy V accidentally bumping knob

    Anyone else have this problem? The selector knob is close to the treadle so my foot hits or runs against it changing the setting. Not good. Anyone have a solution? Some kind of knob guard? How does this knob come off? There’s no screw. I might experiment with other knobs if it comes off...
  3. vintage66

    D*mn Centura

    I think I’m really liking this thing but to quote The First Nudie Musical, “it was just so biiiig!”. I’d have to knock off the two (and only) od’s on my board, or one od and one of two delays. It sounds better than either od at least to my ears today (waza Bd-2 and Eternity burst). More amp...
  4. vintage66

    Velcro letting me down

    Velcro brand hook and loop-it’s not the hook and loop itself, it’s the adhesive on the back. I’m fairly short order it gives up and falls off the pedals, sometimes when using a scraper to remove the pedal, sometimes the pedal just falls off because the adhesive got in-sticky. What’s better or...
  5. vintage66

    Rockboard-experiences with the toppers and dimmers?

    Looking at the led dimmers and the footswitch toppers which are about a third the price of Bearfoot, but I love their tall boy ones. Do the dimmers stick well?
  6. vintage66

    Is dust a problem?

    For knobs on pedals and amps, do you worry with keeping them covered? Does it get into the pots or am I worrying for nothing?
  7. vintage66

    Whammy V- foot accidentally changing setting

    The knob is fairly close to the the pedal and my foot bumps it and, whammy!, instead of octave up I’m in the next setting, which makes for an embarrassing out of tune solo. Anyone have this problem and find a fix? Some kind of guard? Shorter knob? Superglue in place?
  8. vintage66

    Keeley BD-2 questions

    I tried and liked a modded one and was wondering if any of the Used ones out there might have the smaller smd board. In other words did they mod any of the new ones? I’m thinking I might want an older one if they did. The phat switch was almost unnoticeable when switched back and forth...
  9. vintage66

    Inexpensive expression pedal

    What works for the Supro Tremolo and DMM 550tt? I’m not sure how to tell from descriptions. Looking at Nektar for $20 on Amazon or Moog for $50. Anyone know if these work or other good choices? Dual ones work for both? Might pony up more for dual output that could control both.
  10. vintage66

    Maestro type wahs

    Love the couple BMF demos and there’s the Wilson Rippah which also sounds good. How do these work as far as versatility and high gain like Alice In Chains? Any particular problems with hiss? Love the throaty character, why aren’t they more popular?
  11. vintage66

    CAE wah owners...

    A few questions, how are you attaching it to your board? The white rubber around the baseplate, I read that it was a problem. Does a standard metal bottom fit? Will a Stagetrix mount work on the existing plate? Other solutions? I don’t have one, I have an Rmc picture wah and was thinking of...
  12. vintage66

    Whammy V vs Ricochet vs Pitchfork

    Pitchfork has expression pedal jack, without it does it work like the Ricochet? With the expression pedal and adapter it would likely be the most expensive option. The Whammy V seems like it does everything the others do but is big and would probably sit in front of my board. What do I give...
  13. vintage66

    Marshall DSL50 ground mod

    Anyone have a picture of how to do this-it’s just a wire from the 16 ohm to 8 ohm jack but the pics are no longer showing on the old threads here or at the Marshall forum. Just got an 8 ohm cab and the amp works fine through it now but a little nervous about future problems.
  14. vintage66

    Rolling amp cases?

    Gator has a couple models, the plastic “roto” and a nylon and wood model, SKB has one but it’s pricey. Don’t want a flight case because that and my amp would weigh 80 pounds. The plastic Gator is the cheapest but only fits two of my three combos according to the specs. The Budda is 1” too...
  15. vintage66

    Avatar 2x12 Compact vs Traditional vs Vintage 1x12?

    Weight is a factor so that’s why I didn’t include the vintage 2x12 even though it looks really cool. Needs to handle up to 50w. I have a 4x12 with greenbacks which I’ll probably keep but need something portable. Thinking creamback(s) 65or 75?,G12h30/greenback, maybe Vintage 30 closed back. DSL...
  16. vintage66

    Skreddy Rover vs Scarab Deluxe

    I have the Scarab Deluxe and I’m wondering how much overlap. I did a search and was surprised I couldn’t find a direct comparison.
  17. vintage66

    Do you have more overdrives or fuzzes?

    It’s surprisingly hard to tell for me because some straddle the line like the Screwdriver, Lovepedal Super Sic Tone, Double Muff, and Rat, but if I take those out I Think I’m tied at 19 each. Also didn’t count Java Boost. What do you guys consider the tweener pedals I mentioned? I’ll add a...
  18. vintage66

    Why no drum forum?

    Did there used to be one here? I know there are some online but I do most of my gear forum time wasting here and I just got back into drums after a 30 year hiatus. Just wondering, there's bass, keyboard, seems odd that it's missing.
  19. vintage66

    Bad Cat Black Cat issue

    First off, I don't own this amp but am considering buying it. Channel one, the three knob channel has very little volume and is crackly. Channel two sounds fantastic. The shop says it's a $75 fix but didn't actually know what's wrong, great right? Any idea what it sounds like? Is that the EL84...
  20. vintage66


    ['][/MEDIA] Anyone digging this?
  21. vintage66

    Chris Whitley-What happened to the alternate recording of Din of Ecstasy?

    I remember a few years ago there was a thread that had a link to the original recordings of Din of Ecstasy before the record company tamed it down and it was so much better than the cd release. Does anyone know where that is on the net? I was hoping they'd release it as a cd but I haven't...
  22. vintage66

    Vox wah treadle won't get tight enough

    I've tightened the nuts under the treadle as far as I can and tightened the plastic sawtooth inside near the pot. I got it used from a music store for super cheap, I'm sure they knew this was the problem with it. Otherwise it sounds fine, it just won't hold in one position, the pedal sinks...
  23. vintage66

    Amp covers-how does yours fit? (anyone but especially Budda owners)

    I'd like to be able to at least leave the power cord plugged in the back and it sticks out on my Budda SD30 combo. My Mesa 5:50 I can just through the cover over it with everything plugged in and its even on a stand-it's a Mesa branded cover that came with it. I need a custom cover for the...
  24. vintage66

    Sovtek EL84 soft, medium hard gradings, Budda content

    I'm trying to decide between the soft and medium graded Sovtek EL84's. I'm thinking soft would be best for earlier breakup since this amp, Superdrive 30, is loud. Does anyone have any experience with different tube grades with this amp or any other that they can share? I need to order pretty...
  25. vintage66

    Boss Footswitch woes

    My BF-2 had a dodgy footswitch so I replaced it with one from a well known online store, but I don't think it's an official Boss one. A couple years later it's dodgy too, have to click it several times for the light to stay on or go off. Contact cleaner, as with the old switch, helps for a...