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  1. Datsyuk

    Memorizing Standards / Harmonic Analysis

    This is a very interesting question for me to ask. I'm looking to brush up my repertoire of standards and so typically I will make my own chord roadmaps / harmonic analysis as part of the learning and memorizing process. When dealing with modulations I've always felt that my roman numeral...
  2. Datsyuk

    Sonic question for PTD Rotobone users.

    I just asked Paul to put me on the list yesterday for a Burning Sensation doing more research and listening I'm going to have to be change to a Rotobone with GE! At least I have a year or so to communicate the change. :-) Thanks so much to everyone that have provided...
  3. Datsyuk

    Voodoo Lab Giggity VS EQ Pedal?

    I'm trying to exercise a little honesty here. I need NO MORE PEDALS!! Want...different story.... I really like the demos I've heard of the Giggity. I especially like some of the clips where it dials in a little top end chime for cleaner sounds. I'm curious to learn from anyone that has...
  4. Datsyuk

    Progressive Pop Rock record..Steve Morse...

    I just did a search and didn't see any references to this record. The group is called Flying Colors featuring Steve Morse, Mike Portnoy, Dave LaRue. Neil Morse...... Progressive, Pop / Rock fusion,'s interesting. I like it, I'm just not sure how much I like it yet. It's definitely...
  5. Datsyuk

    Glaswerks FX loop question

    Hello fine Amp experts! I just picked up a Glasswerks SOD II. The FX loop, I believe, is Line Level. Should I be able to use my Damage Control Timeline and Neunaber Wet Reverb in the SOD's FX loop without issue? At the moment I am getting massive screeching with the pedals in the loop.(even...
  6. Datsyuk

    Pinnacle Deluxe vs smaller box

    Hi everyone, I did do a search and there probably is a discussion somewhere about this but I didn't find it. It's very clearly spelled out on the website what the differences are, feature wise, between the Pinnacle Deluxe (bigger box) vs the smaller version minus boost footswitch. It also...
  7. Datsyuk

    Brett Garsed - Dark Matter

    Have any of you had the opportunity to check out Brett's new record? I'm diggin' it!! :drink
  8. Datsyuk

    Georgle L degradation

    I accept all the blame...user error....they work great for everyone else...never any problems for others! I really regret spending a fortune on the George L's not because of their tone but because I seem to be inept in putting them together reliably. So, I've had these cables for...
  9. Datsyuk

    Impulse buy..Hermida Nu-Valve

    Nothing like a completely irresponsible late night, having heard a couple of clips, way too many overdrives already, under the influence, impulse credit card purchase. I can't look at this forum any more.... but...while I am here.....this is interesting.... I have been checking out all of...
  10. Datsyuk

    Simon Jarrett - Kingsley Amplifiers

    I have the luxury of being an hour drive away from Simon's house / workshop and just got back from dropping off my Jester for the full Ver. 2 mod update. Anyone that is familiar with Kingsley products or have interacted with Simon know that we are talking about world class hand built and...
  11. Datsyuk

    New Peterson Classic Stomp Tuner

    Just came across this today. I don't know if it's even available yet, but I'm curious if anyone is interested?
  12. Datsyuk

    Anyone not like the Mirage Compressor?

    I've pretty much heard nothing but positive feedback on the FX Engineering Mirage Compressor. I'm curious if anyone has used one and not liked it or found it to be less than ideal. Mirage vs Diamond vs Strymon? Thanks y'all.
  13. Datsyuk

    How much is TGP costing you?

    What products have you purchased that can be attributed soley to TGP threads / posts? I came across a post yesterday on Couch straps. Two minutes later I'm on their website and 10 minutes after that out came the credit card. A couple of weeks before that I read a thread and someone posts a J...
  14. Datsyuk

    CE FET Dream users

    I've been so good avoiding impulsive purchases spurned on by the great vortex of TGP hype, lol. All in good fun. This said I was weak recently after coming across a recent Best Dumble Pedal type thread where one of our fine TGP'ers posted Zucker's video for the CE FET Dream which I had never...
  15. Datsyuk

    Parametric Eq Users question

    I recently picked up the Empress Para Eq and I'm really diggin' it! I've tried it before and after my beloved overdrive pedal (Kingsley Jester) and so far I'm preferring it "after" the Jester Overdrive. Do you prefer to use your parametric eq before or after your overdrive pedals? (I...
  16. Datsyuk

    Sans Amp Classic

    I was just offered a Fuchs Valve Job and Tech 21 Sans Amp Classic for my Limited Edition Copper Xotic AC Booster. Seems like a good deal. I'm curious about the Sans Amp Classic. Has anyone tried or perhaps own this pedal? What's your take? Fuchs Valve Job? Opinions. Thanks y'all :dude
  17. Datsyuk

    Damage Control Timelime and other products now available!

    Available direct from Damage Control if you desire.
  18. Datsyuk

    New EVH Frankenstein pickup

    I know there has been a lot of skepticism and at times around animosity regarding Ed's growing list of products. With that said I'm wondering if anyone has any interest, insights or information about the yet to be released Frankenstein pickup. Can we please refrain from the above mentioned Ed...
  19. Datsyuk

    DC Timeline coming to a store near you?

    Hmmm, Musician's Friend is suggesting on their site that the Timeline should arrive this Wednesday. Why then am I feeling so skeptical? Are any of you still interested in this product? Do you think it will make it's way to retaillers in January as suggested?
  20. Datsyuk

    Tone Press users

    I'm wondering how many of you Barber Tone Press users have experimented with changing the internal "colour" trim pot in your compressor. While I was satisfied with the Tone Press using it with it's factory settings I recently did a little expermentation and found that I much preferred the tone...
  21. Datsyuk

    Clinch EP-PRE

    For all of you that have had this pedal for a while, I'm wondering now that the honeymoon phase is over whether you are as sold on the EP-PRE as you were originally? Do you have any additional thoughts or opinions about it to share? I recently sent an email to Clinch Fx to see what the waiting...
  22. Datsyuk

    What's the hands down EVH in a box winner?

    Yes I have done many searches and yes I am familiar with some of the typical contenders; Crunchbox, Wampler Pinnacle, Catsmods Brownie. I'm talking early VH tones (of course) and please spare me the "Eddie didn't use pedals for those tones and it's in his fingers" comments, not to be rude but...
  23. Datsyuk

    chord melody recordings please

    Hey all, I was wondering if you folks could recommend some great guitar chord melody recordings. I already have the quintessential Joe Pass Virtuoso cd's, tons of Lenny Breau and a Jimmy Bruno recording. I figure there must be some other jems out there that I'm not familiar with. Thanks...
  24. Datsyuk

    Eventide Timefactor VS DC Timeline

    Special thanks to Passenger 84 for the great demo of the Timeline. To anyone that may have tried both the Eventide Timefactor as well as the DC Timeline, I'm wondering if the Timefactor can get most of the sounds (or reasonalby similar) that...
  25. Datsyuk

    Damage Control Timeline anyone?

    You don't hear too much about this unit. The things I have heard were fairly positive. I'm also finding that just about everyone is out of stock which may or may not be a bad sign. I've been seriously starting to research the Eventide Timefactor and I would be really interested if anyone has...