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    Opeth: Pattern's In the Ivy 1 + 2 (not metal!)

    There is simply no fail in this tune(s)...not bad for a 'death metal' band. Part 1 is on Blackwater Park and Part 2 is a bonus track to the same album and his clip just combines the two. Might be an eye opener for people who hear the name Opeth and think 'screaming vocals'...... pjLCBrSH4gE
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    Don't Laugh: My Sharona.....

    You know for years the only version I've heard of this song was the radio version which hacks out most of the amazing guitar solo. I'm not sure who the guitarist was on this track but man that guy could rip. THAT is a great guitar solo...flat out. Who played the lead for the Knack back then...
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    My First Clip: "Who's Cryin' Now" solo

    I'm still learning to use this new video recorder I got but here's my first clip. Yeah my playing sucks but I'm working on it now that I've started playing a bit more after years of barely playing at all. The lighting in my 'man cave' is bad and the guitar level is a bit lower than it should be...
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    Relicing Run Amok

    $5250 for a guitar that looks like it sat in the Loch Ness Monsters bowels for 20 years, was recently shat out and found its way to shore.... :huh
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    Megadeth: Tornado of Souls live (1992)

    This sure brought back some memories. Friedman just kills the solo too. Easily one of the best guitar solo's (and hair!) of that era. AfJIK-vpR9k&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PLA6EE54DFD15EF899
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    Messing With Sasquatch...Shredding

    Love it! SI5h0PBU8F8
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    Jeff Beck: Telecaster Lovin'

    "Cause We've Ended As Lovers" with a Tele. No whammy tricks just his hands and some great tone. Damn this guy is good: BsfL6ATX1i4
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    NGD! Tom Anderson Drop Top

    I picked up my Anderson Drop Top today and it's amazing. They got it built for me about 2 months ahead of schedule and were just phenomenal to deal with throughout the process. Tom answered every dumb question I had personally. It plays even better than it looks too. Basswood with Quilt Maple...
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    Rage Against the Machine - Chaos on BBC Live

    Rage was asked by the BBC to play "Killing in the Name" live on a radio show. They were asked not to swear but Zach just wouldn't "do what you tell me". Chaos ensues at about the 8:30 mark of this clip. Now THAT's rock n' roll....... SfZGUdcBBLc
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    My First Custom Guitar

    I just placed an order for a Tom Anderson Drop Top and it'll be here in July :) VERY excited because after 20+ years of playing I'm finally getting something built exactly how I want it. Drop Top Classic, basswood w/ quilt maple in Transparent Blue, maple neck(standard profile), H2+/SF/H1...
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    Mogwai: Any Fans?

    I've heard Mogwai mentioned now and again but I never checked them out until recently. Any fans out there that can lead me to some of their stronger tunes? I like the stuff I've heard off their first album, especially the "Mogwai Fear Satan" tune. Good stuff. :bow
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    Beatles Remasters: Stereo vs. Mono

    Does anyone know if the upcoming Beatles remasters will be in stereo or the original mono? I've read some stuff with people saying the mono recordings are far superior to the stereo versions most of us are familiar with. Can anyone shed light on this topic?
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    A Study In Contrast: Opeth

    I love how this band shifts from "ARRRGGGHH" to gorgeous acoustic melodies. That and I love 12 minute songs!! From their Morningrise album in 1996 "The Night and Silent Water".
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    Hilarious Lyrics's In Song

    I was just listening to my mp3's and an old Smith's song called "Frankly Mr. Shankly" came on and it has a laugh out loud line in it: "I want to live and I want to love, I want to catch something that I might be ashamed of." What are some of your folks favorite funny lines in songs?
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    My First Custom Guitar: Suhr Standard

    I've been playing since 1985 and owned a lot of guitars but never found THE guitar for me. Got a bit of extra $ laying around for a change and I'm finally ordering a Suhr Standard to my specs. I've got a Suhr Pro Series S2 that I like a lot but I've always wanted a couple of tweaks. I consider...
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    Opeth Covers "Would" By Alice In Chains

    Figured I'd dislike this off the bat because it's one of my favorite songs from my favorite band of the 90's. Not so. Love the first few bars of that solo. He doesn't have the power of Layne's voice but still a noble effort. Thoughts?:
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    NAMM 2009 Fail

    Someone actually paid this guy to go on stage and do THAT with their product?? I'm in the wrong line of work. Ladies and gentlemen...I give you a link that will launch a thousand :jo's
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    Opeth: Watershed

    I got this album when it came out a few months ago and it's one of those albums that gets better with every listen. I'm generally have a pathological hatred of Cookie Monster vocals but Opeth is the exception to that rule. The first track "Coil" is just a beautiful acoustic duet with this girl...
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    Seymour Duncan Warren DiMartini RTM?

    Has anyone used the SD RTM humbucker that the Custom Shop makes? I'm thinking of getting one for a guitar build I'm doing but wanted to hear some impressions about it first.
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    Guitar Center In The News

    Not in a good way either. The company is on Standard and Poor's "Weakest Links" list of the 140 companies that are most likely to go bankrupt sometime in 2009 due to a large pool of debt. They're listed about halfway down. Some other's are a surprise too...tough times :/ ...
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    Egnater Rebel Clips!

    From the NY Guitar Show.
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    Rock Pickups For a Les Paul?

    I'm getting a Gibson Faded Les Paul and was thinking about what pickups I want to toss in it? I'm looking for medium output with cut and clarity. My first thought was Suhr SSH(bridge-14k ohms) and SSV(neck- 8kohms). Any other suggestions? I play mostly blues, classic rock and 80's metal fyi.
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    Ooops! I Did It Again.(Carol-Ann content)

    I gave in to GAS and got on the waiting list for a Carol-Ann OD2 50 watt head(Hot version). I blame you all for talking me into this!!!! :dude
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    New Suhr Day :)

    I just got my Mercedes Blue Metallic Suhr S2 today from Bass Exchange(very smooth transaction) and it's simply amazing. The setup was spot on and the only thing I had to change was to get the 1055 to float some(full step on the G string). There is no string buzz, low action, perfect fretwork and...
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    New Guitar Incoming :)

    Finally put the money together to get a Suhr S2. I ordered this one from Bass Exchange(good deal on it too). Should be here by Monday at the latest..can't wait :)