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    Fulltone Clyde Deluxe volume drop

    I have a Clyde Deluxe I bought used about a year ago. It worked great, but recently the volume drops right down after I've been using it a little while (example: works fine for first 1/2 hour or so of playing, then volume will start dropping when it's engaged). When the wah is not engaged the...
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    6V6GTA Tube ID please

    Can anyone please help ID this pair of 6V6GTA I've seen for sale? Any comments about how they might sound? Many thanks :)
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    Who's John Cale's guitarist in this clip?

    Does anybody know who the guitaist is in this clip of John Cale on 'Later... with Jools Holland' on BBC2 last night? What guitar is that? I really like his tone and playing. Zl8FUcaHq34
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    How many hours per week do you play/practice?

    Just out of curiosity :) Feel free to elaborate.
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    Looking for fuzz (using Humbuckers and SC with cleanish amp)

    I currently use a DAM Drag'n'Fly (germ/si hybrid) with my Two-Rock Studio Pro 22. It works quite well for me but am looking for some other Classic Rock fuzz flavors. Not really into spitty, velcro or 'wall of fuzz' sounds though. Must work well with both humbuckers and single coils, not lose...
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    Foxrox CC Hybrid v DAM Drag'n'Fly

    Both Silicon/Germanium hybrid fuzz boxes. Has anybody compared them side by side?
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    Tube measuring plug

    Does anyone know anything about this 'tube measuring plug'? I came across it on a french site, so this is my best attempt at translation: "Suitable for EL34 , 6F6 , 6K6 , 6L6 , 6V6 , KT66 , KT88 , KT99 , KT100 , 5881 , 6550 , etc. Plug the measuring plug into a tube socket, plug your tube into...
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    Please tell me more about Buzzaround

    Buzzaround... which records/songs new or old feature it? Without having to sell a kidney, what's the 'best' clone that's generally available?
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    Saddle options for MIM Strat

    I wanted to order a set of saddles from Raw Vintage, but they don't make them to fit a 2 1/16" MIM Strat bridge. I know Callaham does, but his trem block sounded too bright in my Strat, so I'm a little worried about the saddles being bright also. Any opinions on this subject? Does anyone else...
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    Nickel v Chrome

    1. What are the advantages/disadvantages of one over the other as it relates to bridges, pickup covers and other hardware? 2. Do you ever mix the two on the same guitar, or go all nickel or all chrome?
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    How can you tell chrome from nickel?

    Without having a degree in metallurgy, how do you guys tell the difference between chrome and nickel when guitar hardware is shiny and new?
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    Maxon AD999 problem

    I bought a second hand (i.e. no warranty) AD999 a few months ago. Love how it sounded at first but while it boosted volume ever so slightly, lately there's been a slight drop in volume when engaged and there's noise in the repeats now. Sort of a 'white noise' sound that is most noticeable when...
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    New to Bigsby. Got tips?

    I just got my first Bigsby equipped guitar, a used Hamer Newport, and it simply won't stay in tune, especially the G, B and E strings. Even without touching the arm it seems to go out of tune. I do a lot of blues bends, but never had problems like this with the trem in my Strat. Do you have any...
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    Elemental Journey, the new CD from Sonny Landreth is...

    AWESOME! Check it out if you haven't yet. His best in a long, long time IMO. Great playing, well produced, and guest appearances by Satch and Eric Johnson. MP3 samples on Amazon. KozQkUlEs44
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    Hamer Newport or Duesenberg Starplayer TV?

    I've been looking at semi-hollow guitars with a P90 vibe and tremolo. Am trying to narrow things down... which of these two would you go for and why? Hamer Newport (with Phat Cats) Duesenberg Staplayer TV (P90 neck / HB bridge)
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    Fulltone Clyde Question/Help

    I've been using a Fulltone Clyde Standard on my board for a while and although I like the feel, sweep and tone when playing clean, it's very unpredictable with overdriven tones. It can get bass-heavy or too loud, and often doesn't have the vocal musicality I'm looking for, with the result being...
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    What slide should I get?

    I've played guitar on and off for 47 years, but have never tried slide. What would be a good first slide and in what material? Are there different sizes? I play blues and rock both with single coils and humbucker equipped guitars, and prefer a warm tone.
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    Power tube questions

    Could someone please explain the advantage of having matching power tubes in your amp? Ideally how close should they match? When one power tube goes bad, should you put in a whole new set and, if so, why?
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    SAG control on Voodoo Lab PP2

    Who uses the SAG control feature on outputs 7 & 8 of the PP2? What pedals do you find benefit from it and at what voltage do you set them? Thanks.
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    EA Monorail w/George L plugs. Opinions?

    I'm thinking of rewiring my George L pedalboard with EA Monorail, so I could reuse my GL plugs. 1) Does Monorail, being solid core, offer any noticeable improvement over GL cable? 2) Has anyone used this method of fitting Monorail to a solderless plug? What are your thoughts? 3_6iXthzuxQ
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    Fuzz: The Sound That Changed The World (YouTube link)

    There have been snippets of this 2007 film available here and there, but here's a chance to watch it in its entirety (91 mins) if you haven't seen it yet. Lots of interestiing history and interviews with Billy Gibbons and many boutique pedal builders. Recommended viewing :) FN9ZERWgw0o.
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    D*A*M Drag'n'Fly

    I've checked out some YouTube vids of the Drag'n'Fly, but unfortunately they're quality-wise all over the place so it's difficult to tell what the pedal is really capable of. Can you please tell me what you know? How does it clean up and can it do a great fuzzy overdrive (as opposed to balls...
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    First time Fuzz... but somewhere between fuzz and OD

    Wanting to dip my toes in the fuzz pool for the first time, what would be a versatile fuzz for playing at home that straddles the fence between fuzz and OD? I'm not crazy about the 'wall of doomy fuzz' that I hear on many YouTube vids (bad recording quality could have something to do with...
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    DAM Drag'N'Fly power requirement?

    What power does the current batch of DAM Drag'N'Fly need? 9V positive ground or a standard 9V? If it's 9V positive, can you daisychain it with other positive ground pedals (like the DAM Red Rooster for example) or does it need its own power supply? Thanks :)
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    RIP Coco Robicheaux

    Hoodoo bluesman Coco Robicheaux collapsed Friday evening at the Apple Barrel on Frenchmen Street and was taken away by ambulance. He was reportedly pronounced dead after arriving at Tulane Medical Center. He was 64.