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    The Bam's All Time Favorite Pop Songs Youtube playlist

    Ongoing and perpetually incomplete
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    Wedding Gigs, Dad requesting "I Loved Her First" - Douchey Title of Ownership to Groom ?

    Even the song - Is the singer so insecure about himself that he has to spell it out like that, and go through the trouble of writing a song about it, spending money on top NAshville session cats, and studios, etc . . .? The song choice just doesn't really seem to beam with confidence in the...
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    Band Available To Critique Your Band
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    Gig Video - Guit Solo on Chameleon

    you'll hear a couple hiccups - some overt, some not as much - such is the gamble ! We played the full version of this with all of the other sections, and it's posted on my channel. REally killer playing by the other doodz
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    Live Gig Vid Rp1000 Direct - Solo On Chameleon

    you'll hear a couple hiccups - some overt, some not as much - such is the gamble !
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    Women dragging their man out of Prog. &/or fusion shows

    RANT! First of all the John McLaughlin and Jimmy Herring concert was the best concert I've ever seen in my life. However, I witnessed something that I've seen time and time again at many concerts before but have never gotten to publicly air out. Guys who bring their GF or wife to concerts in...
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    LIVE GIG APPS: Bias Through Tablet & Decent Foot Control ?

    Curious before I go into Helix or ax8 territory. I'm particularly interested in the bias FX package in that it has amps and effects
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    The Loogie Brothers - Listen To The Mucus

    Long Nose Runnin Sneezes Are Just Alright Talkin Bout The Sinus Grove, woh oh oh
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    JTV 69S Mod? Adding pickups and new selector switch ?

    Id like to know how doable or actually how impossible this is Adding a mini HB to the neck and a pearly gates single coil size bucker near between bridge/middle plus adding a switch to where i can get just the single coils only on positions 2 and 4 , but also get the full humbuckers on either...
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    Berklee/mi Students, The Party's Over, Get Day Jobs Now!!!

    Career in music is damaging to mental health, new study finds Music Schools / Depts need to stop the facade & be more honest about the dwindling opportunities and perhaps develop a system to where the music degree is a minor so that the student can pursue a sustainable career. Unless one is a...
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    Gig Vid: Solos on Yellow Moon (Neville Brothers)

    guit solo keys solo 2nd guit solo
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    Attorneys Are Needed In Order To Get Actual Musicians To Back a Singer on TV

    Some Friends of mine were recently backing a singer on a major network show where there's a singer and panel of judges. Anyway, on set break at a local gig with them, I made a snarky comment to them that i was amazed that they actually allowed human beings to play musical instruments on these...
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    The Late John Blackwell, Jr. (Prince, Justin Timberlake) - Vid of him jamming with us. RIP

    Mr. John Blackwell, a great guy and phenomenal musician who was rightfully known worldwide, but based here in Clearwater/St. Pete , has passed on at a very young age. There’s a backstory to these videos that is sentimental and is helping me focus on the good stuff. Back around this time in...
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    Pearly Gates Strat Pickup output/timbre question

    I love my regular bucket on another strat which is alnico 2 8.8,k bridge pup and I want a backup guitar that is SSS to get close to it, so im thinking the PG for strat which is alnico 2. The goal is not to have to drastically tweak my amp at a gig or program other patches too heavily different...
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    Basic Level Guitar Lesson Videos

    Covers the really tedious but necessary stuff
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    Load box with 3rd party IR loading , no wall wart?

    Is it here? on the brink? Never never land?
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    Songs that start out great then become a big letdown.

    Please leave commentary along with your link! Sounds like some cool prog pop, then just is DOA on the first note of the first verse Crazy how it goes from this deep nasty groove to the worst sh!t drenched department store vibe Okay, there's many more, but if i was to declare a winner, this...
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    Wayne Krantz, no cliches, no hot riffs, just inventivenessness !

    Everyone kicked unbelievable ass at This show, so im not declaring a winner, but the most imaginative solo (for me) of the night goes Wayne Krantz at 1hr 40 min in. No cliches,no hot riffs, just alot of inventive melodic, rhyrhmic, and harmonic motives. This is another great example of how...
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    Low End Floor Modelers Have Exp. Pedals, why not the higher end ones ?

    IS there a reason the designers have stated clearly for why not, or is this an open ended speculation ?
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    Small town (not big city) live music venues

    A friend of mine with a solo acoustic/singing cover / orig act ( think Pop/yacht Rock Music meats MTV's Unplugged/Vh1 Storytellers) is planning a small tour and is contacting restaurants for a small tour next year. If anyone can recommend SMALL TOWN live music bars or restaurants that would be...