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  1. peter_heijnen

    Scott Henderson - People Mover

    I'm getting into bed too late again. It's passed 2 o clock in the morning here, but as i tend to do lately, i just had to listen to Scott Henderson's People Mover, twice in a row, once again. I don't know what it is but it is magic. Check it of you don't know it yet! Good night.
  2. peter_heijnen

    Celestion V-Type in a 212 open back?

    Hi, i'm loving the V-type in one of my 112 combo's and i just caught myself thinking about swapping the Jensen Electric lightnings in my 212 vertical Dumble clone. Does anyone have experience with V-types in a 212 open back?
  3. peter_heijnen

    The naked guitar of Alex Lifeson.

    I just found this on YT and love how it crystal clear reveals every note that that i ever got wrong since the 1980's. It's said that this is a recording of a scanner picking up Alex' transmitter, but it also could be a recording of the guitarsignal that Geddy receives on his IEM since he likes...
  4. peter_heijnen

    Lifeson vs Emmanuel: who is the nicest guy?

    Last night i watched these two great new interviews, such great guys! I'm not worthy...:bow
  5. peter_heijnen

    Who invented the pedalboard?

    This week a friend gave me the official Rush biography so that's what im reading at the moment. I really enjoy the stories from the very beginning and being a fan for 40 years next year i can't think of anybody before Alex Lifeson using a pedalboard. However, there must have been players before...
  6. peter_heijnen

    Ugly Amps - Big Ugly 100

    Some 10 days ago i watched Doug -middle name Awesome- Rappoports video review of Ugly Amps 100 watt channel swither, the Big Ugly 100. D#mn! :phones So were can i test one? Unfortunately that isn't going to be happening. Ugly Amps is an american company without european dealer. However, i...
  7. peter_heijnen

    Andy Timmons - Bohemian Awesomeness!

    Pete Thorn just posted his Namm 2019 vid. The video quite prominently features Andy Timmons playing his instrumental version of Bohemian Rhapsody. Wow, just wow! Big thanks to Pete for giving AT that much space in his video, awesome!
  8. peter_heijnen

    CKK Space Statioin Pro delay/reverb

    Pete Thorns Sinvertek Drive N5 video 'caused' me to order one last week, but during the process i also decided to order a CKK Space Station Pro. Sinvertek and CKK is the same people (no not Soylent Green) but while the Sinvertek branded devices are more sophisticated stuff, founder and genius Wu...
  9. peter_heijnen

    Groove Tubes Classic Clone speaker, what is it?

    Hi, i have a 12" Groove Tubes Classic Clone speaker. I know the Classic Clones were made for GT, either in the US by Eminence (CCA) or in the UK by Celestion (CCB). I have a CC112/A. Does anyone know what Eminence that is?
  10. peter_heijnen

    8 ohm and 16 ohm speaker in paralel?

    Hi, i have two Celestion G12H Anniversaries catching dust. I recently realized i never played a 212 with Anniversaries before, so i'd like to check both speakers out in a 212. However, both speakers have different impedances, 8 and 16 ohms. It got me thinking, if i'd wire the speakers in...
  11. peter_heijnen

    EA Monorail SIS vs Soldered

    Anybody tried Monorail SIS vs soldered? I did today. I've been using monorail for 10 years or so, but only with soldered plugs. Because i'm building a new small board i ordered a SIS set because of the smaller plugs. Putting the SIS cables together is real simple but before installing i first...
  12. peter_heijnen

    Any Crazy Tube Circuits Time mk2 delay users present?

    I ordered mine more than a week ago, but my online dealer had new software implemented. That went kinda wrong so now the delivery is delayed. Any users here that wanna share how they like it or not to relieve my pain for the time being?
  13. peter_heijnen

    Walter Becker

    Another hero went off, RIP Walter.
  14. peter_heijnen

    Free The Tone Tri Avatar dry path analog or not?

    The Tri Avatar sounds really great. So i've been looking into specs and stuff but i just can't figure out if the dry path is analog or digital. My experience: if a manufacturer avoids explicit terms like 'analog dry path' or 'true bypass' we can be pretty sure the products don't feature those...