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  1. Grenville

    In praise of the Birdcord

    A couple of years ago I bought myself a Songbirdfx Birdcord, a little device that converts a 5v signal from a powerbank battery, like one you might charge your phone with, into 9v so you can power effects pedals with it. I left it, and the 10000mah powerbank I bought elsewhere, in storage for...
  2. Grenville

    Trouble getting groceries? Foreseen in 1967.

    Believe it or not, there was a hit song about problems getting groceries and other domestic upheavals. From way back in 1967, this one will make you laugh, wince or relate, but well worth a watch/listen.
  3. Grenville

    Iridium and iRig HD

    I'm planning to jump into modeller world in a few months. For the last few years I've been happy enough recording at home on my iMac with an IK Multimedia iRig HD interface. My question: is the iRig HD gonna work with the Iridium, or am I going to need a non guitar specific interface like a...
  4. Grenville

    How many gigs did Keith do with The Faces?

    Firstly, please excuse Rod's rear-end proximity to the camera at the start of the following clip. Keith Richards guested for at least one gig with The Faces in late 1974, prior to Woody joining The Stones. Was it one gig only? A few gigs? A tour? Does anyone know, or is there further info on...
  5. Grenville

    The joy of batteries that you keep

    At the start of the year I decided to make my more portable B-rig (honestly, life is too short to not have a B-rig) really portable and remove the power supply. I now power the 7 pedals from a rechargeable powerbank via a Songbirdfx Birdcord 5v-9v upconverter. I'm loving how quiet and...
  6. Grenville

    Brierley Guitar Pickups

    A few weeks ago I acquired a rather lovely Bacchus BFV-K Classic Series from 2012. I needed to adjust a few things to really dial it in, and one of the first things I did was contact Mick Brierley to make some new pickups for it. The stock pickups were ok, but I sensed there was a lot more...
  7. Grenville

    Flying V case or gig bag with lower bout storage?

    Just got myself a lovely 2012 Bacchus BFV Korina '58-style Flying V. It did come with a case, but like many cases, not much room for a strap in there. The case it came with is flat-ended like the Stagg or ProRockGear ones on Ebay, and the 'block' that goes between the V's fins inside the case...
  8. Grenville

    Repaired headstock crack, years later - what do you think of this?

    I bought a lovely 1980 Tokai Reborn Old LP-type six and a half years ago, that has been my main instrument ever since. I knew when I bought it that it had had a recent headstock repair. This has never bothered me, and the guitar's tuning has been very stable. Recently, however, I have noticed...
  9. Grenville

    Placeholder lyrics left in finished songs.

    Occasionally you hear a song and the writer basically telegraphs that they couldn't think of anything to say, so they'll say anything to fill the space; Gary Kemp (Spandau Ballet) wrote "Why do I find it hard to write the next line?" (True). Bernie Taupin wrote "Well a few of the verses, well...
  10. Grenville

    Bands that have lasted with the same lineup as they started?

    Coldplay U2 Aerosmith (after a short deviation) ... any others?
  11. Grenville

    Chris Squire - Fish out of Water remix/remaster/alltherestofit

    I'm amazed nobody seems to have mentioned this - released last Friday. A remaster. A remix. A 5:1 mix. Bonus tracks. I only found out about this a few days ago, eagerly...
  12. Grenville

    Samsystems Integral IM - anyone tried these?

    This cab micing system looks intriguing - has anyone here tried them? I'm tempted to get a pair for my 2x12.
  13. Grenville

    Do I need an ST-300 Turbo Tuner?

    Of course I do! But which one, the normal-sized one or the mini-sized one? I'm gravitating towards the mini - how comparable are the screen sizes? Which one did you get yourself?
  14. Grenville

    The impact of a 1meg volume pot in a Les Paul.

    I'm always on the lookout for ways to get utmost clarity from the neck pickup in my Les Paul. One thing I did recently was to swap out the 500k volume pot in neck position with a 1meg. The difference is nice, but subtle. I do, however, seem to be getting a quiet but noticeable high-pitched...
  15. Grenville

    Installing an e-clip into an ABR-1 without launching it into the stratosphere

    About a year ago I bought a nice Faber ABR-1 bridge for my 1980 Tokai Reborn Old LP-type guitar to replace the slightly bowed original. I needed to turn one of the saddles around to intonate the guitar, but in the process lost the tiny retaining clip. Oh well, string pressure keeps the saddle...
  16. Grenville

    Marshall 2061x owners: who here has done the 'split cathode' mod?

    Over the years there seem to have been mentions of a 'split cathode' mod for these amps. Here's one: A bit thinner on the ground is anyone actually having done it and reporting back. So here I am, asking on behalf of anyone curious...
  17. Grenville

    Carting a Marshall 2061 head...

    I luvs me little Marshall. Little powerhouse, full of tone, so good. I've been carrying it around in a duffel bag/overnight bag, but I'd like something a bit more form-fitting and protective. I'm not a fan of the tea-cosy style covers, I'd rather have something to put the amp inside than...
  18. Grenville

    Is there anything as good as a '77-'82(ish) Ibanez neck?

    I've owned a few Ibanezes (Ibanezii?) in my time, LP copies, Rocket Roll Sr's, Destroyers, even a Roadstar II at one stage. With the exception of the earliest LP copy, the necks on the Gibson-ish designs were perhaps the best of anything I've owned. Apparently the template was copied from a...
  19. Grenville

    JUST SAY, a new song from my band OCEANDEEP

    Hi, we're oceandeep. We've been working on this one for awhile, Kristel (vocalist) shot and edited it, I'm working the promotion side of things and trying to get us airplay. You can find out more about us at or Thanks for watching!
  20. Grenville

    Wah inductor failure - what next?

    So, my heavily modified early 00's (or before) Vox Wah has finally stopped quacking. One of the two mounting pins has fallen off the inductor, and no amount of soldering is going to reattach it. I replaced the original black inductor years ago with a red Fasel, then replaced that with a...
  21. Grenville

    Best YES after the mid-80s?

    I love the YES albums from the 1970s, CTTE, Relayer, GFTO, Yessongs, even TFTO has two transcendent sides to it in my book. And Drama has some spectacular moments. Not so much a fan of Tormato, but would love to hear a thorough remix to warm things up. Maybe it's just my ears, but it seems...
  22. Grenville

    New independent music from Australia, 'It's Over' by oceandeep

    Here's the first song released from my songwriting project 'oceandeep'. 4SiX4Nc13XY iTunes will be available shortly, or you can get the song from Bandcamp: IT”S OVER a song by OCEANDEEP Cruisy grooves Layered guitars Big melodies Intriguing...
  23. Grenville

    What's the most flexible guitar cable?

    I've been using Lava ELC cables for my rig for the last few years, and I do love em, but they aren't the most flexible cables in the world. They're always curling in different directions and won't lay flat on the floor. Maybe I'm expecting too much - are there cables that sound good, are...
  24. Grenville

    Pedals, pedalboard, knobs, here's a couple of ideas...

    The latest iteration of my board: As you can see, I changed the knobs on a couple of pedals; my diminishing eyesight means I can't read the writing on my pedals during a gig, so a black knob means VOLUME and a contrasting knob is the key effect parameter I'm likely to want to change...
  25. Grenville

    Less efficient Celestion G12H

    I'm running a Bogner International Series Mojado amp, 15 or 18 watts, and always wrestling with the sweet spot volume-wise. Gigs are fine, but in the rehearsal room, it's either too loud or not enough headroom when I turn it down. I know the Celestion G12H30 speaker is very efficient, what...