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  1. pattste

    Steve Rothery - La Silla trailer 4K

    The trailer for a new project by Marillion guitarist Steve Rothery. Make sure to view it in 4K. Breathtakingly beautiful.
  2. pattste

    Tablet for lead sheets

    I'm thinking of buying a tablet specifically for lead sheets. Anyone here doing this? Is there any point in buying an Apple iPad or would a much cheaper Android tablet work just as well for this purpose? What display size have you found to work well? The files would be PDFs unless I find an app...
  3. pattste

    New Custom Build - Latulippe Foxtrot

    On October 22 I signed off on the specs for a custom build with Montreal luthier Vincent Latulippe. The guitar will be based on his Foxtrot model. Delivery in the Fall of 2019. Here's one made recently for another client: The specifications for mine will be as follow: Model: Latulippe...
  4. pattste

    Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 In-Ear Monitors

    Has anyone used the Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 IEMs? They seem to offer a lot for $99, like three balanced armature drivers per ear. I'm wondering how they might compare to Shure SE215 or other popular and affordable IEMs for stage use?
  5. pattste

    Starting lessons in January

    I'm starting guitar lessons in January. I took a few classical guitar lessons in 1987 from a not so great teacher. I didn't play guitar at all from 1988 until 2006 or so. I have been playing semi-regularly since but I'm essentially self-thought. I took classical flute lessons from 2001 to 2006...
  6. pattste

    I Went Home

    The first song from my new project: I Went Home Hope you like it.
  7. pattste

    Chord nomenclature question

    A theory question. I should know this but I don't. This is a typical fingering for an A major chord on guitar: Suppose you were to add the A note, first string, fifth fret. How would you notate this chord on a chord chart? I realize it is still an A chord (more precisely A/E)...
  8. pattste

    NGD: Gibson R0 (1960 Reissue)

    I bought this great guitar from Lauzon Music in Ottawa, Ontario on Saturday. I have a very strong preference for the '60s slim taper neck profile but the dealers around here stock 57s, 58s and 59 reissues only, essentially every year other than 1960. I had tried a bunch of 58s and 59s before...
  9. pattste

    My first album People and Places

    I released my first CD on June 22nd, called People and Places. The theme is a sort of musical road trip in the heartland of America. The songs have varied influences from jazz to folk and country, at the confluence of the varied musical culture and tradition that makes up the American musical...
  10. pattste

    New instrumental: People and Places

    I've added a new instrumental to my page, called People and Places. I hope some of you like it. The electric guitar used in the second/third verse and chorus is my ES-335 Dot Reissue, through a Allen Old Flame 2x10 amp and a Hermida Zendrive for the OD.
  11. pattste

    My first composition: Fields of Mars (Country/Folk)

    Hi guys, Here's my first music composition, an instrumental piece in the Americana style, mixing elements of country and folk music. Fans of the genre may recognize the influence of my favorite musician Bill Frisell, minus the stellar guitar playing, of course.
  12. pattste

    Acoustic builders who used to work for Gibson?

    I seem to remember a discussion in which someone mentioned a couple of boutique builders who were former Gibson luthiers. They were now working on their own building Gibson-style acoustic guitars. I have searched but couldn't find the post in question. Does anyone know who they could be? I...
  13. pattste

    I saw Mike Stern at Montreal Jazz Fest

    I saw Mike Stern at the Montreal Jazz Festival tonight. I think they played only five or six tunes but they lasted like 20-30 minutes each! Stern is a funny guy, great interaction with the crowd. I had a first-row center ticket so I was able to see his setup well. He played his Yamaha...
  14. pattste

    Bill Frisell - Keep Your Eyes Open

    I had some time off for the holidays and wanted to spend some quality time with my new Gibson acoustic. I decided to record a cover of the song Keep Your Eyes Open by the great Bill Frisell. Link in my signature below.
  15. pattste

    NAGD: Gibson Northern Jumbo

    Yes, you read correctly. This is a Northern Jumbo. It is a limited edition guitar from the Custom Shop, they made only 65 pieces worldwide, probably all for the Canadian market. Here's the official description: The Northern Jumbo is a stunning guitar, both sonically and visually...
  16. pattste

    Pitchblack review on YouTube, a classic!

    Forget Pro Guitar Shop and Tone Factor, you'll want this guy to review your entire pedalboard:
  17. pattste

    Do I need a Boost?

    I'm using Gibson guitars (ES-335 and LP) and an Allen Old Flame 2x10 amp. The Old Flame sounds great overdriven (master volume) but is not a channel switcher, so it's not practical to go from clean to rhythm crunch to solo in a live setting. I have a Keeley (Boss) Blues Driver, which sounds...
  18. pattste

    New Amp Day (Allen content)

    I was not actively looking for a new amp, but this was too good to pass up. I was checking kijiji (canadian classified ads site) Wednesday and see an ad for this amp: This an Allen Old Flame 2x10. The amp was purchased as a kit in 2005 and built by a Quebec City technician. It has Reverend...
  19. pattste

    What's your favorite Gibson for shredding?

    A friend who's into heavy metal and shredding was telling me that Gibson guitars are not really designed for shredding because of the neck shape and radius. Yet many metal acts are using them. So what's your favorite Gibson for shredding and why?
  20. pattste

    Bought my first pedal today!

    I hope it's not a slippery slope ... :worried I play clean the vast majority of the time. Ever since I bought my Fender amp, I've been very pleased with my clean sound but more and more I find myself wanting to play music that would benefit from a good low-gain overdrive sound. Unfortunately...
  21. pattste

    Combo + extension cab : Let's see them!

    For those of you who use a combo amplifier with an extension cabinet, please post pictures! Also, I'd be curious to know what the added benefit of having an extension cab has been for you. Louder? Fuller sound? etc. (I don't think we've had a thread like this before, or maybe I didn't use...
  22. pattste

    EVH's 25K replica a best seller !

    According to Music123, the 25K Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein replica is a Best Seller. Not only that, customers who bought it also bought Alfred Teach Yourself Guitar Repair & Maintenance...
  23. pattste

    An affordable LP, guaranteed by Gibson!

    And you thought that you couldn't afford a Les Paul... Look at this one : :drool Your satisfaction is guaranteed by Gibson! Reviews on the Epiphone forum so far are unanimous, too. Everyone says it is the absolute worse...
  24. pattste

    Replacement pickups for Epiphone Sheraton II

    I recently acquired an Epiphone Sheraton II and would like to replace the stock pickups with something much higher quality (that shouldn't be difficult). I want a classic PAF sound. I usually play clean (think blues with the neck pickup or country with the bridget pickup). I don't want a high...