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  1. crambone

    Sold Loop-master 6-loop strip $90.00

    Sold, thanks @soundchaser59 !
  2. crambone

    Sold Mad Professor LGW $100.00

    Sold! Thanks, @iamthearm !
  3. crambone

    Just for Fun - how many of you leave your plastic screen covers on pedals/multi-effects?

    Title says it all, poll options below. Before some wet blanket comes in here to ask why I am posting a thread about a topic like this, remember this is TGP - a place where we argue about picks, capos, music stands on stage and tan pants. In other words,
  4. crambone

    Sold EHX Soul Food

    $40.00 SOLD - thanks, @dudewheresmy182 !
  5. crambone

    Let's talk about hazers (NOT fog machines!)

    Do any of you guys use a hazer in your live rigs? Any sound guys have them available when running sound and/or lights for another band? I don't have any experience using one in a gigging situation but we use one at church every Sunday. I did spend some time in a band who used a fog machine...
  6. crambone

    Sold Boss TU-2 & Xotic EP Booster

    TU-2 $40.00 EP Booster: $90.00 Thanks, @vbf !
  7. crambone

    PSA: EHX pedals + Stagetrix Setting Saver = marks won't come off

    This is just a heads-up for anyone who uses a Stagetrix Setting Saver marker. I am parting-out my pedalboard and the green marks came-off of all of my pedal types except for the EHX ones (Micro POG and Soul Food). There is something weird about the paint job but even contact cleaner wouldn't...
  8. crambone

    Sold Boss RV-5 $80.00

    Sold, thanks @sponceu87!
  9. crambone

    Sold Boss DD-5 $80.00

    Sold, thanks @guitarwrench!
  10. crambone

    Sold Boss BD-2 (no box) $55.00

    Sold, thanks @flask28!
  11. crambone

    Billy Corgan's long-lost guitar finally returned to him

    Pretty good read:
  12. crambone

    Haggling at GC for a used guitar?

    I also posted this in The Pub but someone there suggested I try this sub-forum, too. I've haggled twice at GC, both times with success on my end but both were with brand-new items (Taylor 314ce and Fender HRD). That being said, I've never tried to haggle on a used item. Are they keen to move...
  13. crambone

    Dance Hall Crashers - wow, I really missed the boat.

    ska haters, don't bother posting! I "discovered" these guys last night via Spotify and man oh man I wish I had known about these guys when the Third Wave was big in the late 90's. I would definitely put them up with Save Ferris for female-led band. Their harmonies are what really seals the...
  14. crambone

    Different pickup volumes? (Total n00b question)

    I bought a used MIM Tele a few years back and the guy before me had a Seymour Duncan mini-humbuckers in the bridge. The only problem is that the volume is about 10% louder on the humbucker than the neck single coil. Is this something that can be fixed? If so, how? I work-around by using a...
  15. crambone

    Any love for The Interrupters?

    I cut my teeth on ska growing up and still rock it out today. These guys are making some good music lately and I will finally get a chance to see them live when they come to Tampa, FL in March. Any other fans?
  16. crambone

    Gravity picks - I am hooked!

    I have been a Dunlop user for years (yellow & green Tortex for electric, .73mm Nylon for acoustic) but I received a red Gravity pick when I bought a JHS Red Remote a year ago. I kept it in my picks tin (Altoids, booyah) and didn't use it until recently. Man, I really like the feel of this...
  17. crambone

    Helix - can I start new Snapshots from within an existing patch?

    I am just learning how to do Snapshots and the videos that I have seen all say to start with a new patch. However, can I use an existing patch and create Snapshots from that? In other words, the only effects I want to employ in the new Snapshot will come from the patch that is already there...
  18. crambone

    How “big” were Hall & Oates when they were big?

    The band I am in plays an eclectic mix of covers but we do quite a few Hall & Oates tunes. I must admit I am a younger guy so I had only heard of “Maneater” before I was in this band. “I Can’t Go for That” is an earworm, at least to me. That being said, when they were in their heyday, how...
  19. crambone

    Looking to replace wireless systems.

    I am currently using rack-mounted systems for my guitar (Shure PGX) and IEMs (Shure PSM700) but both are in the 600 mhx spectrum which will be illegal shortly. Looking for suggestions that won’t break the bank. I contacted Sweetwater about rebates but Shure is only offering $50.00 per set for...
  20. crambone

    Sold SA Nemesis (+ controller), Tech 21 Liverpool

    Selling a few pedals that I no longer need. Prices are including shipping and through PayPal. If someone lives in Central FL (I am in Lakeland) and wants to meet face-to-face to avoid shipping I'd be more than willing to do so. I'm open to offers, too. SA Nemesis Delay + Analog Endeavours...
  21. crambone

    Gretsch G5422 with Blacktops - Keep the pups or swap for TV Jones?

    I just bought a used G5422 from someone on my local CL. It has the Blacktops in it. I haven't played it yet. My other Gretsch is a G5120 which came with the stock pups and they were utter garbage. So I swapped those out for TV Jones Classics. Obviously I will check out the guitar tomorrow...
  22. crambone

    Pedalboard Buzzing/Clicking Sounds? Help!

    Today I busted out my "big board" as well as my Vox amp. I don't use either in my current band so they hadn't been played in a while. (I used them in church but am on a bit of a hiatus). Please listen to the youtube clip below for the buzzing/clicking. It's my pedalboard with just my SP...
  23. crambone

    FR5 Dotted Eighth Settings?

    I am trying to dial-in my FR5 for a good dotted 8th setting but cannot seem to get a good one. The manual has an "Edge" setting but it doesn't really come close. I am looking for something like U2's "Where The Streets Have No Name" or Walk The Moon's "Shut Up And Dance". I also posted this...
  24. crambone

    Fly Rig 5 Users: Dotted-eighth setting(s)?

    I am trying to dial-in my FR5 for a good dotted 8th setting but cannot seem to get a good one. The manual has an "Edge" setting but it doesn't really come close. I am looking for something like U2's "Where The Streets Have No Name" or Walk The Moon's "Shut Up And Dance".
  25. crambone

    First gig with electric drums last night...

    ...and it went well! Surprisingly refreshing to be able to have all of the drums in my IEM mix. Our drummer has always been one of those "drum by the seat of your pants" kind of guys so I was floored when he bought the kit. The guy hits HARD and I must say I was happy when he bought it but my...