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  1. Lwilliams

    What happened with Elvis, did he sell out?

    I will have to find it. They were talking about it on Elvis Radio on Sirius about two weeks ago when Mac Davis died. I will find out and post it.
  2. Lwilliams

    What happened with Elvis, did he sell out?

    FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! All of your questions were answered by Elvis himself back in the 70s. The entire Branson, MO, entertainment industry was built on the same concept. It is much more profitable for the crowd to come to you. He was the first performer to sign million dollar contracts in...
  3. Lwilliams

    FT 2020 G&L Legacy Fullerton Standard

    I am posting this for a friend. I have sold a few for him on TGP. This guitar is would be mint except for pickguard marking from a little play time. I helped him buy this guitar new from CME in February. G&L calls this color Graphite. Basically, it looks like a metallic charcoal gray...
  4. Lwilliams

    One Hit Wonders

  5. Lwilliams

    One Hit Wonders

  6. Lwilliams

    Potential Tinnitus Treatment?

    I'd be willing to try it. I have not heard complete silence since 1981.
  7. Lwilliams

    Other Raw Honky-Tonk Style Country Artists?

    Brandy Clark Dale Watson Amber Digby Justin Trevino Tony Booth Daryl McCall Aaron Watson Asleep at the Wheel Gene Watson Moe Bandy Heather Myles Danni Leigh Mickey Gilley Kelly Willis Curtis Potter Tracy Lawrence Lyle Lovette Jake Hooker John Anderson Rodney Crowell Kimmie Rhodes Hayes Carll Jim...
  8. Lwilliams

    Your favorite REM song?

    These guys are friends of mine. Mike bought a home in CA recently, so I don't expect I will see him much now. Still see Bill often. I was in studio for pre-production on "Rockville" and it is still one of my favs of thiers. I remember riding around Athens with Mike Mills in that old blue...
  9. Lwilliams

    Anyone watch The Saturday Night Grand Ole Opry Show?

    Fantastic shows. It's been off live TV for too long. Gaylord thought it was hurting tickets sales and had it pulled from GAC a few years ago. This past Saturday night was particularly good.
  10. Lwilliams

    Just got back from a Nashville recording session...AWESOME!

    Who produced the demo session?
  11. Lwilliams

    I've got Les Paul GAS...(Now NGD!)

    You really should look at a Heritage H-150. Incredible quality. Kalamazoo made in the old Gibson factory by some of the old Gibson people. I have two R9s and a 1976 Gibson black beauty Custom. I would put a H-150 up against these Gibson's of mine in terms of tone, feel and quality.
  12. Lwilliams

    If you could spend 5 minutes playing a famous player's guitar which one would it be?

    I have played Clarence a few times......and Marty's D45 that belonged to Johnny Cash and Hank Jr. I have played Greg Martin's 58 Les Paul So: Don Rich's 64 sparkle Custom Tele (the first one) Gary Rossington's "Berniece" Trigger Bill Monroe's F5 (I know it's not a guitar, but....) Clapton's...
  13. Lwilliams

    NGD: new 2020 Martin 000-42- Oh My!

    The top is Sitka with a lot of silking. Very tight grain and has a fast response. Unlike some 000 (24.9) guitars, it works very well with finger style and with a pick. I think I've got a life-time guitar here!
  14. Lwilliams

    NGD: new 2020 Martin 000-42- Oh My!

    Yes, the note bloom is very nice. And, when playing fingerstyle, that really makes it sound great. The 000 is a very versatile size. You can flatpick and fingerpick. Both work well. Though I can fingerpick on my D and SJ guitars, they don't respond like the 000 does. I received this...
  15. Lwilliams

    FS 1998 PRS Custom 24 stoptail - Whale Blue - Excellent

    Nice. My all time favorite PRS. CU24 Stoptail. If I was still out there gigging, I buy that in a heartbeat. Too hard to find these. GLWTS
  16. Lwilliams

    NGD: new 2020 Martin 000-42- Oh My!

    Martin calls them Antique White. I assume that means Boltaron.....some kind of ABS/Plastic.
  17. Lwilliams

    NGD: new 2020 Martin 000-42- Oh My!

    Those are the edges of the guitar stand that it is sitting on. It has a normal single while end pin with an abalone dot in the center.
  18. Lwilliams

    NGD: new 2020 Martin 000-42- Oh My!

    The OM-42 has snowflakes on the bridge. The 000-42 does not.
  19. Lwilliams

    NGD: new 2020 Martin 000-42- Oh My!

    Thanks for all the comments. It is already opening up. IT is true, the worst your guitar will sound is the first day you get it.
  20. Lwilliams

    NGD: new 2020 Martin 000-42- Oh My!

    Right now, I can tell it really needs to open up. It is good, but it is gonna be better. It is super fresh. It left Nazareth and got to the dealer last Tuesday. It is loud for a 000. So, I know the rest will be there soon. And I plan to play it a it won't take long. :)
  21. Lwilliams

    NGD: new 2020 Martin 000-42- Oh My!

    I've been waiting a while. With Martin's shutdown, a lot of models have been hard to find. So, Straight Otta Nazareth. This one left PA last week. I can't wait to start opening up this beautiful top!!