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    50's wiring for 4-lead Seymour Duncans

    I'm a bit stumped. Is this right? Wiring and SG, typical set up: toggle, two vol, two tone Red and white taped off Bare wire to ground Black to the pot lug 3 (2 is to the cap, 1 is to ground) Green to ground
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    Rewiring a 1986 PRS

    I'm working on my old PRS. I put the stock pickups back in, but without the original wiring. Instead I wanted to use a conventional tone control and pickup selector, instead of the sweet switch and rotary knob. OK.... I suspect somethings up with the four-lead wiring that I did. Only half the...
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    Looking for a custom S-style luthier. Wide nut a must.

    I have a friend in the market for an S style guitar with a wide nut. Something with a feel like last year's Gibsons. Offhand, I think that's 1 7/8" or something along those lines. I've checked a number of top makers but it appears most are working in standard measurements as the only options...
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    Bron Yr Aur

    I was practicing Bron Yr Aur the other day and decided to do a big TBT on Facebook, but figured I might share it here too. This Guild guitar is a one that I bought ages ago, when I was sixteen. I tried literally dozens of guitars, everything in the shop and I kept coming back to this one...
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    "White Christmas" Baritone Acoustic

    This is becoming a tradition. Here's a head arrangement of White Christmas. Like a lot of the other xmas tunes I've done, it's baritone with modified Nashville tuning.
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    New Guitar Day clip

    Here’s my brand new guitar in action: WIMWtGfVZC8
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    A fast Knopfler Lick, from a live version of "Sultans"

    Hey Knopfler fans, chicken picking’ clickers... This lick is from a live version of “Sultans of Swing” that I just transcribed and then decided to teach in a brief video lesson. I think it’s pretty challenging to bring up to tempo, though maybe not too bad if you are already used to...
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    The Guitar Handbook...remember that book?

    I stumbled upon this the other day, my old copy of the Guitar Handbook, which I probably got during my first year or two of playing. It was such a wealth of information about the instrument, players, cool quotes. I also learned a lot of chords and scales here too.
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    TV out to monitor speakers: which cables?

    I’m trying to run the output of my TV (has stereo 1/8” out) to some monitor speakers. I’m getting a lot of hum.I suspect this is because I’m running unbalanced cable. Is there some kind of adapter or way to run from the stereo out to two 1/4 plugs?
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    My Funny Valentine--1964

    This was so huge for me back in high school. I loved the way they balance such strength and tenderness in this rendition. I always thought it was like great chamber music. Herbie is just brilliant, Miles' playing is incredibly dynamic and dramatic. hgu28Hqg8Vc
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    Some Blues Clips with the HD500

    I thought I’d share some clips of demos I just recorded for an upcoming blues book project I’m doing. I recorded a few tracks with the HD500 using tweed and blackface sims. I used the Screamer in front of the tweed amp to boost it and give it more gain, and the plate reverb. The mic is the...
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    Xotic EP Booster

    Here are a couple of demos of my EP Booster. Can’t say enough about this pedal. I use it as an 'always on' pedal for fattening up my sound on all guitars. Is fatter always better? Mmm. Maybe! I run it with the default internal trim pots. I also typically set it at the lowest setting, which...
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    So, I'm listening to Screaming For Vengeance

    This $hit ROCKS!!!!!! :JAM
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    "Christmas Time Is Here" Solo Baritone Guitar Gorgeous tune from Vince Guaraldi, here on my Taylor Baritone in a simple head arrangement. Happy holidays!
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    Sonny Rollins Concert

    Have you seen this? gQV8yReZQY8
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    Tommy Doyle Guitars. Value?

    A friend of a friend is looking to sell a Tom Doyle. I think it's a semi hollow double cut from the '80s. Any ideas on the value of TD guitars? In other words, do they tend to sell for more/less than original price? Seems hard to find any info on previously sold guitars.
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    HD500 Controlling more than four effects

    I've been working with my HD500 the last couple of days and while I can add seven or eight pedals to a patch, I can't figure out how to have more than four controlled (turned on/off) by the footwitches. Seems like it's only possible to use the FS1 through FS4 for that. Is there a way to get...
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    The Descendants film...Hawaiian music

    I've watched this film a few times recently. (Really good, so check it out.) The music is wonderful. I'm not too knowledgeable about Hawaiian music, but there are some gorgeous tunes from Gabby Pahinui and Keola Beamer. Some classic steel recordings too, but I'm not sure of the artists.
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    "Worried about You"

    Have I done this before? In this thread, we can talk about the masterpiece that is "Worried about You." Mr. Wayne Perkins...are you out there?:dude vS0AYJPXTts
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    I'll Be Home for Christmas

    A little melody and noodling over the classic tune. cpbbzYz7sJ8
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    One of the solos from Clapton's "Hideaway"

    I put a little video together to illustrate a few points to one of my students, and figured I share it here too. Not all that much of a lesson, more of demo, but could be helpful to some.... This is the Clapton solo from right after the first riff (@1:01) from the classic Beano album...
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    "Deep River" solo guitar arrangement

    Here's my arrangement of my favorite spiritual "Deep River." I recorded this on a Taylor Baritone strung with Elixir Nanowebs. The tuning is modified Nashville, a la Pat Metheny. 8WkVxriehsQ
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    Telemann, from a Tele man

    Pickstyle classical is a bit of a hobby for me. Here's the fast movement from a Telemann flute sonata. bukpnIWl2mU
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    A Flashy Nokie Edwards Lick—Lesson

    I just did a little lesson on a bluesy Nokie Edwards lick from a live version of "House of the Rising Sun" uidrosW9Xl0