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    Sellers with "Make an Offer", but they don't consider offers...

    indeed..... given how bent out of shape many TGP’rs get over the most trivial and unimportant things in life you really have to wonder how they are able to deal with real problems in life...... If your pedal shipping in a padded envelope, or having Velcro residue is enough to ruin your day then...
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    Sellers with "Make an Offer", but they don't consider offers...

    Could be that some people have far more important things going on right now that worrying about if they got an offer on a piece of gear they have listed on Reverb..... ? Finding food, TP, worrying about how to pay the bills after being out of work etc.... I know, its not an important as...
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    Are you guys having trouble selling effects?

    I think people are just going to need to start seeing pedals and music gear like any other used products, ie; your lucky to get 50% out of them..... Everyone feels like you can use a pedal for a year and get 90% new prices, a “rental fee”, and maybe that has been true in some cases due to high...
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    Expensive amps

    It’s all relative.... may neighbor has a 30 foot speed boat, a nice 4x4 to tow it, and just bought a new Vette....... some ask how people can drop $2k on an amp and others wonder how people can buy $80k cars and boats and trucks....
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    How do you polish relic guitars?

    Polishing a guitar is like ironing your tan pants.......
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    Would you buy a guitar from a TINKERER??

    Changing string gauges is tinkering ?
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    Would you buy a guitar from a TINKERER??

    Dave Gilmour tinkered with the black Strat to no end....still sold well
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    Finding that unicorn band to play your 50s

    When I got a DAW and found an internet full of drum programs, backing tracks etc, I realized I could be in my ideal band with just myself. i have total creative control, we can always jam or record when I want, on my schedule, etc no gigs these days but that is fine with me..... Being in a...
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    Congratulations to EQD/Jamie/Julie, front page of the Wall Street Journal

    John Glenn and Neil Armstrong were a couple of pioneering Ohio guys too.... plus those Brothers from Dayton who also had the “Wright” stuff
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    You ever lost it in a guitar store when you are being assulted with a cacophony of guitar suck...?

    TGP is so weird..... folks hate guitar stores because of people demoing gear, but, then there are also threads about TGP guys all butt hurt because a store wouldn’t let them demo an expensive amp, or just go play on their lunch break every day etc.....
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    Bye Bye GC

    I once wanted a certain germanium fuzz pedal for Christmas. Didn’t get, someone got me this cheap Chinese knockoff which said “vintage fuzz” but it wasnt, nor would one really expect an oc77 in a pedal costing $19.99 right ? should any store take that pedal for an even trade for something else...
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    How Has Online Sales Tax Impacted Your Buying/Selling of Gear?

    but if your able to be in a position where your dropping $3k on guitars and amps your likely in a position where $300 isn’t going to really impact you no ? If $300 is a good part of your weekly income, then sure, it’s a significant amount of money, but if your making like $300 a week then your...
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    How Has Online Sales Tax Impacted Your Buying/Selling of Gear?

    Sales tax is like what, 7% or so ? That means on a $200 pedal your paying (or giving up) like $15..... If $15 is that big of an impact, should you be buying $200 pedals in the first place ? don’t get me wrong, I know everyone had different finances, but many people in my office will spend $15...
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    Completely replacing electronics in a Les Paul Standard- value killer?

    It’s almost like people who buy used gear are more interested in getting a good deal for themselves and don’t care at all how it affects the seller or their return on investment.....
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    People Noodling Between Songs....

    When I was young and started playing guitar it was because I said “I want to rock!”.... I wonder if there were some kids who said “I want to rock... but in a professional manner, ideally in a $100/man cover band with a potential for $200/man gigs, and with a rigid mgmt structure which includes...
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    Completely replacing electronics in a Les Paul Standard- value killer?

    Not exactly rocket surgery, but you can pretty easily look in the cavity and see how the solder joints look etc. not like every factory Gibson comes with perfect wiring anyways
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    People Noodling Between Songs....

    Are you suggesting now it’s not even allowable to be high during a gig?
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    People Noodling Between Songs....

    So basically noodling is okay for rock stars, but if your just a working musician doing covers and such, keep it professional, stick to the script so to speak. Hendrix level players can tune, banter, noodle all they want though
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    People Noodling Between Songs....

    I’d wager most audiences these days couldn’t tell you what songs the band played, what gear they used, and not if someone “noodled” Only people who pay attention to that stuff are the other guitar player types who stand there, arms crossed, mentality picking a set apart, judging the tone, etc...
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    People Noodling Between Songs....

    Is Karen going to ask the manger for a refund because the band wasn’t professional enough ? When did we start wanting our rock stars to be professional ? I thought we were glad they showed up and could get though a set without passing out or starting a fight ? maybe if your job is playing on...
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    Do I have to inform a buyer about potential conflicts with his setup when selling a pedal?

    There are a lot of dumb people in the world, there are also a lot of guitar players.... it makes sense then that there are a lot of dumb guitar players too. Maybe even more so than other instruments I dare say....besides bass, drummers and vocalist of course
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    The Mushiness of the Headrush FRFR 108

    I use one atomic CLR and one 108 in stereo, both sound good to me. Have even thought of selling the CLR, getting another 108, and pocketing the difference. fantastic bang for the buck and just a nice sounding monitor in general, regardless of price. Fact it’s $200 is icing on the cake.
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    Would you pay good money for a used guitar that needed a fret dress or perhaps even a refret?

    So if I offered you a nice 62 sunburst Strat for like $500, but the frets were still original and totally worn you’d have to pass on the deal ?
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    Do you regret buying your relic guitar?

    I build my own guitars. I’m also not that great at doing factory finish paint jobs, sometimes slip when installing hardware etc, so my new builds end up looking like relics works for me
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    Relics and purposed aged guitars have killed the (I own and play on stage) vintage pride?

    is gigging a lot considered cool as well ? I kind of consider myself lucky I’m comfortable enough I don’t need to play a bunch of gigs doing music I don’t enjoy, at places I don’t want to be, just to make ends meet. respect to anyone working to make ends meet, regardless of how they do it...