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  1. ScottR

    FS Squier Classic Vibe 50s telecaster neck

    Selling the neck from the guitar shown here frets are dressed and levelled perfectly. Kinda chunky for a squier neck too. $150 shipped with tuners $125 shipped without tuners
  2. ScottR

    Sold 2X Audix OM 2

    no one needs a couple of really good mics?
  3. ScottR

    Sold LR Baggs Venue DI mint with box and case

    Minty Venue DI with original box and case. I bought it just before covid and I've decided to retire from gigging. Bought new from Chicago Music exchange. Your be hard pressed to tell mine from a brand new one $200 shipped priority mail
  4. ScottR

    Anybody Want To Argue About What Year This ES335 Is?...

    70-71 based on the volute, dotted i and the yellow lined case
  5. ScottR

    FS Fultone Plimsoul

    Original style plimsoul excellent condition with box. Has small Velcro on bottom. $100 shipped Pics tonight
  6. ScottR

    Post Your Favorite Van Halen Tunes, Shows, Clips or....

    Loved everything about this song, even the Steinberger and the EMG's :)
  7. ScottR

    Sold 2X Audix OM 2

    2 for $100 Shipped
  8. ScottR

    Sold Kemper Stage

    PM Sent RE:Shipping cost
  9. ScottR

    My Echopark Guitars Nightmare

    That's an Echopark signature feature. careful you dont get sued :)
  10. ScottR

    WTB Seymour Duncan Broadcaster or '54 Tele Pickup

    Looking for a Duncan Broadcaster or a '54 Tele bridge pickup. I've got a used 1 time Audix OM-2 mic I could trade, or cash of course
  11. ScottR

    My Echopark Guitars Nightmare

    crooked 12th fret dots?
  12. ScottR

    Sold SM 57

    Sale pending
  13. ScottR

    Sold SM 57

    Excellent condition, has yellow tape on it to identify owner. Can remove if it's an issue $75 shipped with pouch and clip
  14. ScottR

    Kiesel Guitars = horrible customer relations !

    this thread could have ended after post #5
  15. ScottR

    Does anybody know what happened to Lovepedal?

    Ok guy, where do we draw the line? suppose it was an Amp? or a Guitar? is there a value limit before someone can be upset about not getting their property returned? What should that limit be? $150, $500, $1500? the facts are that he has some peoples stuff, and has ghosted them. He could probably...
  16. ScottR

    Tweedle Dee help....

    Check Voltages during the power dropout and compare to your known good voltages, that could help narrow down the area where the issue is
  17. ScottR

    Yet another Gibson lawsuit situation....stop me if you're heard this one before

    Ive been wondering that for the past few pages
  18. ScottR

    FS Fishman ProEQ Platinum Acoustic DI

    Very Good Condition, the Compressor(Smooth) on this thing works really well. just getting rid of stuff I don't need anymore $75 Shipped OBOResizer_15894659523453 by ScottR posted May 14, 2020 at 10:20 AMResizer_15894659523454 by ScottR posted May 14, 2020 at 10:20 AM
  19. ScottR

    FS Sanyo Eneloop Pedaljuice Rechargeable Pedal Power Supplies

    2 like new Eneloop Rechargeable power supplies. $75 shipped for both. they come in original boxes with chargers and cablesResizer_15894659523459 by ScottR posted May 14, 2020 at 10:20 AM
  20. ScottR

    What happened to Doug and Pat?

    I want that Kemper profile of their Vox, or for someone to profile the Henry STR+. Those amps are the sound I hear in my head.
  21. ScottR

    What happened to Doug and Pat?

    Anyone know what happened to Doug and Pat? Their last show was the one where they used the Kemper and profiled their Vox ac-10 SRT. They made mention of possibly selling the profiles, and then went completely dark. I emailed several times and haven't gotten a reply. Their website only works...