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  1. Hamiltone

    Sold Two-Rock 1x12 cabinet G1265

    Excellent condition, only used in my home. Oval open back with Celestion G1265 8 ohm speaker. Ships in factory box. Black tolex. E-mail for pictures No trades $425 shipped and paypalled CONUS Thanks Mike
  2. Hamiltone

    Sold Universal Audio Ox Amp Top Box

    Universal Audio OX AMP TOP BOX, bought new a couple of months ago. Used only at home. No issues. Will ship with all original paperwork, packing and boxes. $1000 Pay-palled and shipped CONUS Thanks Mike
  3. Hamiltone

    Sold 2002 Suhr Classic Firemist Gold Braz Board Custom

    2002 Suhr Classic Firemist Gold with Brazilian Fingerboard. 3 V60LP singles, neck is medium C .830, jumbo frets. Original hard case. I bought new in 2002. Has small cracking or checking on the back at the top in the contour can see in pictures. No other issues excellent condition. $1800...
  4. Hamiltone

    Sold 2004 Guytron Gt100 Fv Sold

    2004 Guytron GT100 FV Head. The amp was in a collectors possession until a few months ago. Amp is in excellent condition. Only cosmetic issue is the tolex at the seam on the bottom pulling up a bit. Has winged C EL 34’s, JJ EL 84’s and Chinese 12AX 7’s as from the factory. Selling because I just...
  5. Hamiltone

    Sold Barber BUSS pedal

    Barber BUSS pedal. SOLD shipped CONUS and paypalled. Box and instructions included. No trades Thanks Mike
  6. Hamiltone

    Sold THD 8 Ohm Hotplate

    THD 8 Ohm Hotplate. Excellent condition. Home use only. $185 Shipped (CONUS) and Paypalled E-mail Thanks Mike
  7. Hamiltone

    Sold 2 Celestion 12” G12H 75 watt Creambacks

    2 Celestion 12” G12H 75 watt Creambacks 16 ohm. Used only in my home. Excellent condition. Sold as a pair shipped in original boxes. $200 paypal and shipped CONUS No trades Thanks For a picture or info e-mail
  8. Hamiltone

    Sold 2015 Redplate Truverb Head Mint SOLD

    2015 Redplate Truverb 100 / 50 watt head red. Mint condition never gigged. Has many tone shaping controls such as mid and bass q-rotary switches, effect loop, reverb, 50 / 100 watt switch. Under the guidance of Keith at Redplate Mike Metz at Thesis Audio switched out the caps on the bass q...
  9. Hamiltone

    Sold Metro Amps JTM 45

    2010 Metro Amps (George M) JTM45 head. Great condition, all original, no mods made in house at Metro Amps June 2010 #131. $1100 shipped and paypalled in the CONUS E-mail for pictures, gut shots and info Thanks Mike
  10. Hamiltone

    NAD Fender ML Hot Rod Deville

    Just recieved a note that the ML amp has arrived. Picking up after work.
  11. Hamiltone

    JMP 50 wat Superbass Clone issue

    I purchased a JMP Superbass clone on this forum. I run it around 8 on the bright channel. When the volume is up on the guitar there seems to be a distorted note along with the less distorted note. Not noticeable when the guitar is turned down. When using a OD distortion pedal it magnifies the...
  12. Hamiltone

    Kemper question

    Just received a Kemper non powered profiling amp new. Plugged in with headphones and these Tascam TPH-110 phones must not be the hot setup because it sounds really thin with a lot of high end and no punch or much volume. Then I plugged it into a Zoom 8-track recorder to an Alesis power amp and...
  13. Hamiltone

    New cheaper PRS amp