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  1. TD Moyer

    FS IK Multimedia Fender Collection 2 amp sim plugin (Tweed Heaven for $45)

    License transfer...fees paid by me pre-transaction. $45 includes PP fees as well.
  2. TD Moyer

    FS IK Multimedia AMPLITUBE 4 / Slash DUO ($40 for both plugins)

    License transfer as I have a duplicate Amplitube 4...hence the crazy price...$40 including PP fees Legit license, fee of $19 paid by me prior to transaction. AmpliTube Slash for...
  3. TD Moyer

    Acid Fuzz Zoink Machine!

    So. How's it sound?
  4. TD Moyer

    Acid Fuzz Zoink Machine!

    Well that's a pisser! (Good for you however) Jon added me to the wait list on February 8th and told me the wait time was 6 months to a year. 5 days is much better... :mad:
  5. TD Moyer

    Compression on master bus or during mastering?

    Compression is good. Don't be afraid of it...especially in the digital world where all your moves can be undone. It can add a lot of vibe and character without squashing the bejesus out of a track. I always put something on the mix bus and mix INTO it...very light. Usually a Fairchild/Vari-Mu...
  6. TD Moyer

    Sold Early 2000s Lovepedal Eternity Burst (Handwired) *LOWER PRICE*

    Always happy to lead folks into "Pedal Temptation" - lowered the price dramatically just for you...(well, not JUST for you but...)
  7. TD Moyer

    Sold Early 2000s Lovepedal Eternity Burst (Handwired) *LOWER PRICE*

    Old school bump...when the system says you've reached your maximum after "0" that day...Hmmm...
  8. TD Moyer

    Metropoulos Supa-Boost!!

    Supa Boost is one of the best finds ever to pair up with my Suhr SL67 (so I'd assume it's ideal for any Plexi style Marshall build). It works especially well with P90s or Humbuckers where you don't need a lot of saturation...just MORE! Many shades of MORE...
  9. TD Moyer

    Sold NI Abbey Road 60s Drummer

    Passing along my Native instruments Abbey Road 60s Drummer package. Get behind two 60s kits, exquisitely-recorded at Abbey Road Studios.Command your own 60s drummer in the form of a comprehensive Groove Library, and polish your sound with a detailed Mixer Section and class-A studio effects...
  10. TD Moyer

    Sold Skreddy Echo

    Any guidance from Marc on the ideal chip to replace the old chip with? Would he need to make the change or is it easily done with no soldering involved?
  11. TD Moyer

    Sold Original Fulltone Clyde Wah - 10/98 hardwired and signed

    Just PM'd you...I'll take her and give her a good home amongst my other adopted wahs!
  12. TD Moyer

    Sold Juicebox Aspect Design Labs JBX-002 Pedalboard Power Supply; 9v, 18v, Sag, 9v AC, and Accessory AC! *LOWER PRICE* I love these power supplies so much that I have three of them! This is a backup unit I've held on to for years. It's in excellent working condition. ***TRADED***...
  13. TD Moyer

    Sold Early 2000s Lovepedal Eternity Burst (Handwired) *LOWER PRICE*

    Very early handwired Lovepedal Eternity with gooped circuit board. I've had a trio of old Eternity pedals I've kept around for a decade or longer and I'm parting with this one (one of two of the best 'bursts I've owned) to raise some funds for other gear. It sounds absolutely amazing even...
  14. TD Moyer

    WTB '95-'98 Fulltone Deja Vibe With Heavy/Normal or Bright/Dark Toggle

    BTW - there are two listings on eBay right now from JAPAN...both STUPID prices...and strangely the same item listed by two different sellers. Funky and not in a good way...
  15. TD Moyer

    WTB '95-'98 Fulltone Deja Vibe With Heavy/Normal or Bright/Dark Toggle

    Unless it's serial # 320. I want THAT one back! (Good luck with your search! That version was the best DV I ever had...)
  16. TD Moyer

    Sold Mint (read: New!) Neunaber Immerse for your Delay, Flanger...

    Had a weak moment and ordered a new Immerse Reverb after watching a Pete Thorn video (hasn't that happened to us all!?!). Plugged it in for all of half an hour before realizing all the 'verb I need is inside my Ox Top. So...thought I'd offer it up here in trade before taking my option to return...
  17. TD Moyer

    Sold Kr Musical Gypsy Fuzz

    KR Musical Gypsy Fuzz. This one has plenty of cosmetic flaws as the paint jobs on these never held up that well and one notable issue; While it sounds fantastic the true bypass switch has started to 'stick' intermittently (doesn't engage completely and requires an extra stomp) so it will...
  18. TD Moyer

    Sold Pettyjohn Electronics GOLD Overdrive (MIAB)

    Pettyjohn GOLD overdrive in excellent condition. Essentially this is a "Marshall in a box" and one of the best I've used but now that I'm using a Suhr amp it's a bit redundant. SOLD! Will trade for; Catalinbread Belle Epoch Chase Tone '68 Red Velvet Fuzz Chase Tone Fuzz Fella ClinchFX EP-Pre...
  19. TD Moyer

    Sold Chase Tone Secret Preamp

    Excellent condition - $160 including USPS Priority shipping & PayPal fees Trade interests; Gigrig Quartermaster 4 or 6 Gigrig Wetter Box Bondi Sick As overdrive (any version) Foxrox Octron v3 TC Electronic SFC Hilton Pro Guitar Volume Pedal Oxfuzz Oxvibe Fulltone Deja Vibe (Big Box White, ’95...
  20. TD Moyer

    Fulltone '69-better with batteries or power supply?

    I'm using a Gigrig Virtual battery that attaches via the battery clip...also let's me pull the voltage back to 6-7v... Does it sound better? Nah, sounds about the same to be honest. Long time since I used the wall wart that Fulltone supplied with it but I don't recall any big differences...
  21. TD Moyer

    Sold R Weaver FX Violet Vibe 2020

    Sold pending payment...
  22. TD Moyer

    The "Neatest" pedal board thread! Part 3

    Nice...I think this guy might have all the toilet paper as well...
  23. TD Moyer

    Sold R Weaver FX Violet Vibe 2020

    Trying out a few new vibes of late to see if I'm missing anything but my vaunted Sir Henry keeps his spot! Nothing bad to say about this vibe...Mr. Weaver has created a stunning recreation of the Honey Vibe era '68 and it has tons of throb (way more than I tend to us). Captures the Hendrix...
  24. V Vibe A

    V Vibe A

  25. TD Moyer

    Sold A.Y.A R-Comp (Aya Japan Compressor)

    Aya R-Comp (Ross/DynaComp style Compressor/Limiter) $99 including USPS Priority shipping and PayPal fees. A well loved (and well-used as you can see) Aya R-Comp compressor! Lots of pro players and videos to attest to the sound of this little guy...essentially an audiophile version of the...