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  1. Zounds Perspex

    Post Your Home Stereo Rig Here

    all most rad, but especially jealous of the Bardo. I demoed one a while back - what a great table!
  2. Zounds Perspex

    Question for those with experience plugging directly into amps (i.e. no pedals)... do guitar with high output pickups sound better?

    "Better" is wholly subjective, of course, but for me - no. I always think of this thing I read on the Curtis Novak website that really nails it - "I believe a pickup should not be thought of in terms of output, but rather of input. The function of a pickup is to sense the string and send as...
  3. Zounds Perspex


    Mule was so damn good. That guy had such a distinctive voice, and the Southern rock overtones with the 90's Jesus Lizard/Laughing Hyenas thing was such a rad, strange combination.
  4. Zounds Perspex


    Jawbox were great. I wish I'd been able to see them on their reunion tour in 2019 - the clips I've seen look like they still have it. In addition to all his production work, J has also had several bands since Jawbox, most notably probably Burning Airlines. my favorite Dischord band of all time...
  5. Zounds Perspex

    So I'm a RAT guy....

    i've tried a bunch, it's the ARC Soothsayer that's stayed.
  6. Zounds Perspex

    Marshall JTM 45 G.A.S

    Germino Classic 45 is quite boss. As to a Ceriatone 45/100, I don’t know, but a 45/100 feels quite different than a 45.
  7. Zounds Perspex

    Discuss: Your favourite Marshall is actually...

    I have a few that are great, but the Metropoulos Superplex is tops for me.
  8. Zounds Perspex

    How many is too many?

    I'm in the 10 to 15 range, and that's after a few 2 for 1 trades to get the number down. but that's including a couple of basses, a few acoustics, a Weissenborn, etc. with electrics, I know what I like and want to use every day, and then other things I don't play all the time, but I know that...
  9. Zounds Perspex

    What is the most technically difficut Zep song

    I'm not sure which is the most technically difficult song to play, but "Achilles Last Stand" is the hardest to cover. Just so many simultaneous parts happening in different parts of that - which to play?
  10. Zounds Perspex

    Show me your Les Paul

    not that much of a burst guy, but man, that's a looker.
  11. Zounds Perspex

    Show me your Les Paul

    showed this on a NGD post, but stoked enough I'm going to share again! not sorry. CME R7 with '60 V2 neck carve.
  12. Zounds Perspex

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    thanks! Ive always loved a SuperFuzz, and have tried many, MANY versions of the circuit, and the Basic version is a big winner. The little tweaks are super useful.
  13. Zounds Perspex

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    this board is for bringing the heavy. Wah is a Wilson Freaker, everything else should be pretty obvious. If I’m not using the Superplex, the flanger comes off and a Beano Boost goes on, but the boost on the Superplex comes pretty damn close.
  14. Zounds Perspex

    NGD! My first “real” Les Paul?

    Forgot to mention- under 8.5 lbs, too! Very comfy.
  15. Zounds Perspex

    NGD! My first “real” Les Paul?

    Thanks, all! Guess I better check the case for that tip!
  16. Zounds Perspex

    NGD! My first “real” Les Paul?

    Yep! i had a “Studio Lite” when I was a teen - NAW. and an Edwards goldtop with P-90s that was okay. but I got a Custom Shop SG a while back and was both surprised and impressed how much better it was than my SG Standard. It got me thinking I needed to try an LP from the Custom Shop. a little...
  17. Zounds Perspex

    Show me your Les Paul

    aiii, first real LP coming this week and this thread is getting me stoked! if only Laura doesn't roll right on top of me. :confused:
  18. Zounds Perspex

    Speaker for Dirty Shirley 40 (not Creamback 65)

    I'd want to use an alnico Cream with that guy, but yeah...for what you're describing, try the Creamback H.
  19. Zounds Perspex

    Always on reverb?

    Not always, but if a room sounds *really* dead, I'll just kick on the Catalinbread Talisman and leave it on.
  20. Zounds Perspex

    Metropoulos Supa-Boost!!

    Just got one of the new run...sounds awesome with my Superplex (when I don't want to bring the bigass footswitch for the amp's boost) and Germino 2204. side note - if you play heavier rock styles and your bass player uses an SVT or similar tube amp, the Supaboost is KILLER for bass as well.
  21. Zounds Perspex

    I need to stop shredding

    I can't believe this has been discussed all weekend and the obvious solution hasn't been proffered- Quit your job, move to the other side of the country without telling anyone, bringing only the clothes on your back and a guitar rig. So much practice time! :beer
  22. Zounds Perspex

    FSOT 2018 Electrical Guitar Company 1000s - TRADED

    make me an offer, folks!
  23. Zounds Perspex

    Treble Boosters: All Highz On Me

    When I discovered treble boosters several years ago, that was the end of drive pedals for me. I've owned roughly a zillion of them, but lately I've favored one from Blackstrap Electrik with an OC139 that is absolutely tops. Still love my old Red Rooster too.
  24. Zounds Perspex

    FSOT 2018 Electrical Guitar Company 1000s - TRADED

    2018 EGC 1000s. Perfect condition. 25.1" scale with their thin neck, supposedly the last EGC with a wooden body they'll make. Travis Bean engraved pickups, excellent SKB case. I have a spec sheet I can send anyone that is interested. Looking for $3600 shipped in the USA. Cash is certainly king...
  25. Zounds Perspex

    Is there a fuzz that works with :

    Came here to say treble booster. Not a fuzz, obviously, but does at least one thing people use fuzzes for - to jump out in a mix. Also, while it’s not everyone’s favorite flavor, a Superfuzz sounds like a Superfuzz with basically any pickup and amp set anywhere from clean to filthy.