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  1. moehuh

    Guitar you first really wanted when growing up

    I was a drummer in my teens before pickup up guitar at 18. My perception of electric guitars was obviously very different as I never though about playing one. TBH I didn’t even really notice any difference between models or different amps :rimshot. But somehow Strats always resonated with me...
  2. moehuh

    If I buy a genuine Fender Stratocaster body...

    By definition that would be a partscaster. You build the guitar from parts you buy, independent if everything is made as Stratocaster parts. Genuine Stratocaster would be a model entirely built and assembled by the manufacturer. Some "boutique builders" are in fact just building partscasters...
  3. moehuh

    Does Anyone Here Play Just One Type of Guitar?

    The need for different guitar types entirely depends on how many different genres you play and / or how many different sounds you need. If you play one type of music and have your basic, awesome tone, then there is no need for 10 different guitar types. If you're a session musician with a broad...
  4. moehuh

    Guitar as a consumable?

    Same scenario with my two favorite guitars, namely a Callaham Tele and a LsL Strat. Got them both exactly 2y ago, both around 10y old now (pretty much unplayed when I bought them), similar fret size, similar string gauge. Both got very similar playing time, the Tele was used more live and at...
  5. moehuh

    Five-Way Strat-o-Tele Switching

    I think the "standard" 3-pickup-wiring is the Nashville Tele wiring with neck & bridge in parallel for the middle position: 1. Bridge 2. Middle & Bridge 3. Neck & Bridge 4. Middle & Neck 5. Neck You can achieve this with a super switch with 2 instead of 4 full rows. That makes it fit into the...
  6. moehuh

    Factory stock guitars you won't mod

    There are two guitars I'll never touch: - vintage Jazzmaster with original wiring - Callaham Telecaster First one to keep the value, second one because it's already tuned to perfection. I usually fine-tune my guitars by messing with the electronics. It's amazing how much a guitar can come...
  7. moehuh

    NGD - Gretsch White Falcon BD

    Every single made in Japan Gretsch I've played was set up perfectly from the factory. This should be no different.
  8. moehuh

    NGD - Gretsch White Falcon BD

    Sweet! How does the tone switch work? Is it like a traditional Falcon? One of the best mods I've done to my Falcon was to add a 100k Ohm resistor in series to the upper tone switch capacitor. Previously, it was absolutely unusable mush in the upper position, never used it. Now it's like a tone...
  9. moehuh

    Recommendations for 5 pedal board and power supply?

    I can highly recommend the Pedaltrain Nano+ with Cioks DC5. Fits perfectly and is very reliable. I did daisy chain the pedals before, but you will have problems if the power is not clean. Never had a single issue with the Cioks. Strymon is great too, but pricy.
  10. moehuh

    If you could spend 5 minutes playing a famous player's guitar which one would it be?

    Tony Rice's D-28 SRV's No. 1 Duane Allman's Les Paul Nile Rodgers's Hitmaker Brian May's Red Special EVH's Frankenstrat Derek Truck's SG David Gilmour's 0001 Strat David Gilmour's Black Strat Eric Johnson's '54 Strat Robben Ford's Tele Joe Bonamassa's '55 hardtail Strat Just realized that's a...
  11. moehuh

    2 pickup 50's Hardtail Strat

    Would be really interesting to know how the guitar was wired! On the picture the switch is in the middle, indicating it was used often. Could be a parallel wiring like in a modern Tele or served as a mute position (middle pickup disconnected, but rest of the wiring original). After the...
  12. moehuh

    Not a fan of SSS Stratocasters?

    SSS and vintage-style pickups (as your Fralins are) work best on vintage correct Strats. Modern Strats sound better with hotter pickups IMO. Had Fralin VHs in my Am. Deluxe Strat (previous model of the Ultra) and it was my main guitar for years. The base plate on the bridge helps with more...
  13. moehuh

    ‘66 Tele with vintage wiring - change to modern? (Pics Added)

    I have a Callaham Tele, which obviously has his hardware. The knobs are fantastic. Heavy, but they feel very solid. Combine that with pots that have some resistance when turning and it feels like a tank. I also have an aged / distressed bridge with saddles on another Tele and it looks very good...
  14. moehuh

    Struggling with pedal board envy

    I know exactly what you are talking about. Especially in P&W you find all these fancy pedalboards. But let me tell you this: I've spent many years chasing the perfect pedalboard. My board was evolving over the years, but finally last year I finished what I was planning for years: A custom built...
  15. moehuh

    Pettyjohn Lift MKII vs Lehle Sunday Driver II

    I'd focus on whether you need the EQ or not. Headroom depends on other factors too and 18db of boost is probably way too much already ;-) Either way, you'll get one of the best buffers available. Good luck
  16. moehuh

    anyone using their Helix Stomp as a Delay/Reverb box?

    The main reason the HX Stomp starts to become almost omnipresent on guitarist's pedalboards is its sheer infinite flexibility. You can use it as amp, as overdrives, as wah, as modulation, etc. and very well as delay and reverb platform. It's great to have one on the board to cover eventualities...
  17. moehuh

    ...but it's Japanese

    I own two "hard to build" guitars from Japan. A '89 ES-335 Orville by Gibson and a 2017 Gretsch Falcon. Both guitars are litteraly built to perfection. The binding, the body-neck joints, the frets, playability, everything is spotless IME. With US Gibsons I've seen countless times that the...
  18. moehuh

    Found a nice surprise inside my new (old) Strat pickup cavity

    You could try to simply move the white wire coming from the 2nd tone control to the free lug just next to it on the 5-way. Like this you remove the middle pickup form the tone and attach the bridge. It leaves the middle alone a bit brighter (can be useful, especially as an alternative sound if...
  19. moehuh

    Post your vintage es 330’s

    Exactly the opposite of natural checking, which looks stunning when in hand but hard to capture in photos ;-)
  20. moehuh

    Post your vintage es 330’s

    Sweet! Congrats :) Any idea how they did the weather checking? Some do it with a knife, but this looks more genuine and very thin
  21. moehuh

    Post your vintage es 330’s

    That is probably the coolest color I've ever seen on an ES-330!
  22. moehuh

    Tom Bukovac: people who want original frets on their vintage guitars aren’t thinking about it correctly.

    For anyone interested, I've asked about people's experience with refretting from original frets: The overall consensus is that it's absolutely worth to refret a guitar that...
  23. moehuh

    Need recommendations on coated strings, please

    Sometimes simply changing brands can already help. I go through a set of D'Addarios in 2 days if I play that guitar a lot. Had very good results with Curt Mangans so far. They remain fairly fresh for a long time and feel great (talking about the standard uncoated). Will use them on all guitars...
  24. moehuh

    Grissom says the HX Stomp sounds more “digital” than M9?

    That is of course true. I though about mentioning buffers, but my guess is a lot of people A/B-ing these units will turn other pedals off (let's exclude buffered bypass and dedicated buffers) and then you are likely to hear the change in capacitance as "warmer". And even with a low impedance...
  25. moehuh

    Grissom says the HX Stomp sounds more “digital” than M9?

    Rack units (generally) = longer cables. Longer cables = higher capacitance. Higher capacitance = more high end rolled off. More high end rolled off = warmer. That coupled with the possibility of a different input impedance of the device itself can make a huge difference. The processing can be...