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  1. crazymauler

    Rush/Lifeson tones (HYF, ASoH, Presto, RtB) with modern equipment?

    I love Rush and Lifeson, and I'm quite fond of his tones from those albums mentioned. I realize many don't like this era, and there are other threads on Lifeson's tones before and after these albums, but I really love those albums and his tones and parts he created for them. I know pretty well...
  2. crazymauler

    Wiring help: HH Strat, 3-way, middle coil splits

    I'm building an HH Strat (kind of my version of Michael Landau's FCS Masterbuilt) w/ Lollar Imperials where I want to be able to have the middle position of the 3-way switch coil split the two pickups (getting a sort of Tele middle position sound). I can get this with my PRS (w/ Suhr...
  3. crazymauler

    SD Antiquity install in PRS Cu22 w/ 3-way

    I'd like to swap the DragonII's in my Custom22 (which I've converted to 3-way push/pull) for an Antiquity, or or another HB with lower output and more vintage/classic vibe... Does anyone have experience with this that could shed some light? I'm looking for a solution that will be as...
  4. crazymauler

    Preventing grounding 'pops' on a Strat

    I've tried everything (shielding, wiring, etc...), but still get popping or clicking sounds whenever I touch strings/hardware on my Strat. It's especially annoying (and quite audible) with a bit of gain and delay. I've read lots of threads on Strat grounding issues, but nothing that's helped...I...