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    Are any other guitarists as significant as Jimi and EVH?

    There are plenty of guitar heroes that are important to many of us guitar players and music fans...Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Zappa, Gilmour, SRV, Duane, Garcia...the list goes on and on. But have any of them really had the widespread impact that Jimi and EVH? Who else has been a gamechanger and...
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    What happened to the thread about venues asking for money from bands?

    Interesting thread. Did it get political?
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    Any Chromecast Audio users?

    I much prefer Chromecast Audio over Bluetooth, but not all music apps have the option to cast to Chromecast. There must be a hack or third party app or something that allows me to cast anything to Chromecast...right? Anyone have experience with this?
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    Any multi fx pedals that do the Lo Fi Loop Junky thing?

    Cool pedal, but hard to justify. Is there a multi pedal out there that has a setting similar to what you can do with the Lo Fi Loop Junky??
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    How is the looper in the HX Stomp?

    I've been looking for a multifx Modulation pedal, as well as a new looper. I've had my eye on the Terraform or Boss MD 500 for the modulation, and one of the new RC10's for the looper. For less money, I could just get an HX Stomp and have all the other effects, cab/amp sims, etc. It won't have...
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    How do you get this sort of paint detail?

    Can anyone share the technique for getting such a crisp line where the solid color top meets the natural side? Usually binding is used to make the transition. Some sort of masking technique?
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    How best to deal with loose nuts?

    My nut seems to have broken free from the nut slot. When I bend a string, the nut will often slide 1/8". What's the best way to deal with this? A drop of glue?
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    I woke up wanting a Fuzz Wah for some reason. What to get?

    Two effects that I seldom use, and don't currently own any fuzz or wah pedals...yet oddly, I've got a hankering for the efficiency and novelty of an all in one fuzz wah pedal. I'm sure I can do better quality-wise by procuring them separately, but I'm on a mission. I've owned a few wahs over...
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    Using my home hifi system for at home guitar/bass noodling?

    Thought you guys might have some thoughts on this. I've got a modest (by hifi standards) but nice home audio setup...Parasound Halo Integrated going into a pair of Spatial Audio M3's. I'd like to be able to plug my bass or electric guitar into this and us it as a living room, pedal platform for...
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    What do I need to connect a laptop as part of a pedalboard?

    Something like a Zoom UAC2 will get me from the guitar/pedals into the laptop...but what gets me from the laptop to my amp? I assume there’s one interface that can do it all, right? I’m generally pretty ignorant with this stuff...
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    Is there anything comparable to a Roland GR 55?

    Is there anything that competes with the GR55, but doesn't require a special pickup and a giant floor unit? I'm looking for the full range of brass, keyboard/organ/piano, wind, and stringed instrument sounds. It seems like EHX could do it. They've got the tracking figured out with all the 9...
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    Xfinity Theatre...what a dump

    At Farmaid in Hartford today. This might be the worst venue that I’ve ever seen a live show. Holy moly...terrible on all levels. Even Sturgill was underwhelming. Are there any redeeming qualities to this place?
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    Can a solid state amp start sounding tired?

    I’ve got a pair of late 90’s SWR California Blondes. One of them I bought new and it still sounds fantastic, 20 years later. The second one I just picked up used, and in order to get it to sound identical in tone and volume to my original, I need to run the gain and the volume at twice the...
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    Class D power amp suggestions?

    Any suggestions for a Class D power amp? I'm putting together a rig using a Sarno V8 as the preamp and am thinking something Class D for the amp. I've got my eye on the Demeter Minnie 800 and GSS Sumo, and possibly a Quilter of some sort. The Sumo is the most intriguing at the moment.
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    One convertible cabinet for both bass and guitar?

    I'm looking to build a couple cabs that can be used for both bass and guitar. Fortunately, I like the same speakers and speaker configuration for both guitar and bass (2x10 JBL's and 1x15 JBL), and realistically I don't need huge a Bassman or similar 2x6L6 head would work fine for...
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    Stunning low power cleans in the 5 watt range?

    Looking for something blackface-ish with great cleans to pair with a tweed champ for a stereo rig. I've owned a bunch of Princeton reverb sorta amps, and am looking for lower wattage. I don't need reverb or trem, but wouldn't mind trem. I'll be running it through a pair of JBL k110's, so even...
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    One knob dirt pedals?

    Besides the Speaker Cranker, what else is out there with one knob? Just looking for some grit, nothing too crazy.
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    Electric guitar that feels and responds similar to an acoustic?

    Is Gretsch the answer? I'm looking for something with a deep body, lightweight, resonant and responsive. Something that can ring out with overtones similar to a nice acoustic. I've owned 335 and 137 type guitars, and they're definitely not the answer. A good telecaster comes the closest, but...
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    Looking for song examples that showcase various effects

    I'm teaching a unit with my students that deals with sound, and manipulating frequency, modulation, etc. I'd like to play them some classic examples of songs that create their signature sonic footprint with different effects. An example might be: Message in a Bottle = chorus What else would...
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    Who sells quick connector type things for pickups?

    I want to be able to swap pickups in and out quickly and easily without having to solder. I know I've seen them...who sells them? I sort of recall one of the prewired harness companies selling them, but can't find them anymore.
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    Wipe on, translucent color finishes? How about non-toxic finish options?

    Are there any good quality wipe on finishes that would yield a Mary Kaye sort of look? Preferably water based, but not critical. Part two...what are some good quality, non toxic finish options? I'm trying to make the switch in our school wood shop to get away from the nasty oil based Minwax...
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    2 ohm Amps...looking for something Super Reverb-ish

    Looking for a head that is specifically designed to run at 2ohms (or is selectable 2/4/8) and is generally in the blackface camp and 30+ watts. Aside from an actual Super Reverb...what else is out there? What I've found so far: Suhr Bella Reverb Fat Jimmy Avionic (would have to see if he could...
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    Looking for a book that explains how sound can be manipulated

    Any suggestions for a book that details amplitude, frequency, etc manipulation with respect to creating music? I'd like to find something that outlines the science/physics behind what is happening, but then gives examples of how that can be used in the creation of music. Any ideas?
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    Celestion Gold in a tweed Champ?

    Anyone ever try a Gold in a tweed Champ? I have a Victoria 512 that I'm wanting to swap the speaker. I'd be looking at a 12" Blue, but I happen to have an unused 10" Gold kicking around. Before I go through the hassle of making a new baffle, I'm curious if anyone has tried this already?
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    Tweed-like cleans for guitar, that could also serve as a good bass amp?

    I'm looking for one amp (head) to do it all. Is there a tweed or brown/blonde amp (my benchmark for clean guitar tone) that is also a great sounding bass amp? Would the tweed Bassman have been a better bass amp with a different cab/speaker setup? Marshall cleans are kind of similar to a...