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  1. 7thString

    Marshall DSL100HR into a 4x12, 'bedroom volume'

    I actually find this setup extremely useful for low volume tones, due to the amount of bass and resonance available on the DSL.
  2. 7thString

    BOSS MD-200 vs Single Boss Modulation Pedals (Clips & Thoughts)

    Yesterday I made a bunch of quick comparisons of the MD-200 that just arrived, comparing it to the CE-20, RT-20, PH-1r, BF-3 and TR-2. At first I was a little disappointed to be honest - the CE-20 seemed to sound better in CE-1 mode, when I had expected the MD-200 to sound better or the same...
  3. 7thString

    BOSS CE-20 & RT-20, wow!

    these things sound great imo. skip to 6:40 in the RT-20 clip for some awesome univibe tones.
  4. 7thString

    Catalinbread Topanga | Can't turn off the modulation 'Easter Egg'

    I have tried powering up with tone knob fully CW and everywhere in-between, and can't seem to get it out of this mode. Is the Topanga slightly modulated in normal mode and perhaps I'm not hearing the difference? (Unlikely) Any help much appreciated!
  5. 7thString

    Another Marshall DSL & SV20 Comparison

    Someone ruffled my DSL-loving feathers in another thread a few weeks back so I made a quick clip comparing the DSL40CR and SV20 cranked up through the same 4x12 impulse response. I think the SV20 edges it out but the DSL does pretty well, but I am interested to hear others thoughts.
  6. 7thString

    Jimmy Page 1973 Madison Square Garden Tones

    I know its kinda be done to death, but after perusing some older threads discussing the tones, particularly the solo in stairway, there seems to be a bit of misinfo and conjecture. Do you guys think this sounds like the middle position ie both pups? Possibly cocked wah as well? and I think the...
  7. 7thString

    BOSS RV-2 - Not bad for 1987!

    Its actually stereo, the reverbs sound great to my ears, and the delay is kinda useless (hardcoded number of repeats!) but at least it does ping pong :)
  8. 7thString

    New Char Signature VOX V847-C Wah

    Call me superficial, but I don't even care if it sounds like crap. Beautiful
  9. 7thString

    Tele Neck Pup: Quarter Pound vs Twisted Tele

    Anyone have experience with both? I currently 'have' a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound and whilst it had plenty of output, it lacked that stratty high-end bite that I like in a neck pickup; so I currently have an actual strat pickup in there - sounds great, looks kinda ugly though (no cover, DIY...
  10. 7thString

    NOS Ge Transistor Voodoo

    Hello TGP, With additional spare time lately, I have been gearing up to build some pedals again (purely for personal use; nothing commercial - which is noteworthy given the nature of the questions that follow.) I have built a few fuzz faces and treble boosters using various ebay germanium...
  11. 7thString

    Tweed Champ Options (Australia)

    Long story short, I was all set for a semi-permanent move to Europe until covid hit; sold my Twin Reverb and plexi, now I'm ampless and isolated and lusting for something nice while I have time to shred! I have wanted a champ for years and have owned a not-so-great clone along with a couple of...
  12. 7thString

    Colorsound Power Boost (Castledine / Macaris)

    This pedal is a beast, without a huge number of demos, so I made a video to try and capture some of its magic. enjoy. (no affiliation)
  13. 7thString

    Which Chorus pedal is this?

    there's judicious amounts of chorus all over this album, done tastefully imo, any guesses at what it is? I'm thinking CE-1 / 2 / mobius (as I hear various other modulation types in the album.) Any insights / guesses welcome. Cheers
  14. 7thString

    PSA: Behringer US600 only $1500 USD never thought I'd see the day a Behringer pedal hit Klon-pricing territory... In the seller's defence, it is better than the BOSS PS-5 imho...
  15. 7thString

    Powering an 18v Colorsound Power Boost

    Can one 9v tap of a Cioks / Voodoo Labs etc power supply be split to two separate 9v battery snaps to provide the right power for my Power Boost? ie will this give the required two 'separate' 9v connections in the same way the usual 2x9v PP3 batteries do?
  16. 7thString

    BOSS SY-1 Synthesizer

    This looks cool.
  17. 7thString

    Earthquaker Fuzz Master General vs Wren & Cuff Ace vs Original Ace Tone FM-2

    Anyone owned any two of these three? I know originals are crazy expensive, just wondering if the newer clone nail the sound / if either one does it better.
  18. 7thString

    'Uni-Vibe' eBay Listing Removed by Dunlop!

    So apparently, due to Dunlop owning the univibe trademark, they can have your ebay listing removed (without any prior warning) simply for having the word uni-vibe in the title. This just happened to me and I got a simple email from ebay with an explanation and a link to Dunlop's customer service...
  19. 7thString

    Fender '57 Custom Deluxe Opinions / Demos / Comparisons

    So I'm a bit of a Fender fanboi and yes I know there are various boutique 5E3 clones at lower prices, but nonetheless I have GAS for this particular 5E3, but its hard to get a great deal of reliable info on. They are not stocked in any shops in my state and the available youtube demos are either...
  20. 7thString

    Whammy WH-1 vs Whammy V

    Anyone have direct experience with both? I currently have a WH-1 but am thinking of shooting for the V for the chords mode. Based on the few side by side videos, WH-1 does seem to do the glitch thing 'better' than the V in classic mode, although their isn't much in it.. I am well aware of all...
  21. 7thString

    Best 'all-in-one' UniVibe?

    I really like the compact vibe pedals where the whole circuit is inside the speed control expression pedal ie Dunlop Rotovibe, Fulltone MDV-3, Classic Amplification Vibe Baby. Has anyone tried these / others in this format that can confidently say one is 'better'? EDIT: I already have an Ultra...
  22. 7thString

    John McLaughlin Duo Sonic Scale Length

    Im a big fan of John's playing on Bitches Brew / the Bitches Brew sessions, along with 'Right Off'. I'm pretty sure Right Off is a Les Paul Junior bridge P90, perhaps through an Ampeg combo and maybe some fuzz? Jordan Bosstone perhaps? (And a bunch of tasty hard-panned plate reverb) However...
  23. 7thString

    Univox Super-Fuzz / Ace Tone Fuzz Master FM-2 Tone Differences

    So after listening to a lot of Electric Wizard lately, I ordered a BYOC Leeds Fuzz (Super Fuzz Clone). (I know that they supposedly used an FZ-2 mainly on Dopethrone, but I have had a few FZ-2's in the past and wanted to try something slightly different.) ...but I have also really enjoyed the...
  24. 7thString

    BOSS PS-5 vs PS-6 vs Behringer US600 (Video Comparison)

    So this all started with my usual 'hmm what is the most versatile / practical / best sounding <insert pedal type> in town right now?' (<pitch shifter>) I feel that this thread regarding the 'poly octave stranglehold' raised some fair questions which I hope can be expanded upon here. In the...
  25. 7thString

    Is this a Whammy WH-1?

    the intro to this clip sounds like good old Whammy glitchyness, but I can't exactly tell how the sound is being created. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, and do you think the whammy wh-1 glitches 'better' (?) than the 5th version in classic mode?