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  1. -analog- New website!

    Our new site is up and running!! Take a look & tell us what you think! Thanks :)
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    Jaguar pickups

    What's the current jaguar pickup craze? :)
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    Strymon & Source audio pedals instock

    Strymon's instock & they're absolutely fantastic!!!!! We're trying to get the word out in the Philly area. We have a limited amount of pedals instock! The pedals are also available to demo at Evolution Studio in Collegeville, pa! We have a small retail display setup there with some nice amps...
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    Solid OD/Dist for leads.

    :bongThe chase begins (again)! The quest for a new overdrive/distortion pedal for leads. Currently my gain stage lineup is is Klon>TCJ Gristleking V3>Suhr Riot. Looking for something "useable", shapes well, works with buckers/singles. Nothing metal like, Playing Classic rock, progressive...
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    MXR Super Comp

    Your thoughts on them? Any comparisions, loves, hates, yays or nays? :omg
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    $2k for a used Grosh Retro Classic

    Rosewood/maple neck, sunburst, tort pickguard, stock, mint. $2k asking. think its too much $$$ola?
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    Mark Kane Built Amps

    Can someone PM me his email or tele #????? THANX:JAM
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    Gibson 335 Question

    So, Are the tops, sides, or backs of 335's laminated? Buddy of mine thinks such things, I was always under the impression 335's had solid wood sides,back, tops etc and maple center blocks. Figured TGP could rule a verdict on that one. a 1963-4 Block neck came into our local shop and Joe...
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    Matchless amp questions

    Which matchless amp does the loud/clean thing? I've played this model and for the life of me I cannot recall the model. But what I do recall was this amp only had a limited amount of knobs, and had the loud clean punch of a hiwatt.. Tryed contacting matchless haven't heard back as of yet...
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    Smashing Pumpkins- Ruby tone

    On "Thru the Eyes of Ruby" theres this Lush liquid sounding guitar thing going on around 1:00-1:50 in the song, I'm guessing Biphase and a flanger? Any thoughts? I tried phase and flange together, didn't really do it good. Then again an MXR flanger and a Mutron Phasor 1 don't really equate...
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    Flac to MP3 Converter for PC

    Anyone know of a good Flac to Mp3 converter for pc? Maybe with a batch feature so I can convert an entire albums worth of music over to mp3 for ipod use. Freeware or purchase software is fine, I'm looking to buy one, I've tried a few of the freebee's from and they all seem to...
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    Philly Guitar Show at Valley Forge ,PA: Nov 20th & 21st

    Anyone going out to the show? The turn out from the first show this year was great, tons of vendors and lots of good stuff, hopefully the same turnout happens again.. I have a booth with tonemonk pedals and we've got a nice lineup of cables, pedals, pickups, few amps, some guitars...
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    Strange Morley Wah Noise.

    My personal Bad horsie 2 wah, and my buddies BH2 produce 60HZ hum when in use, bypassed/off produces no noise, there both powered with Voodoo labs PP2+ power supplies. If you go to use the wah thats when the hum kicks in- I thought it was bad ground so I ground lifted, still have hum, its not...
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    NGD: Jason Z. Schroeder Chopper

    Before the praise and guitar porn I need to thank a few folks for making this happen for me. 1. Jason & Elizabeth Schroeder- Thank you, excellent work! If you don't know what a schroeder is or what they do, I strongly urge you to click this link Go to the...
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    10 Gauge strings

    Whats your favorite 10 gauge flavor? and why? I'm trying to find the smoothest and most slinky feeling strings and Slinky's aint cutting it. Discuss!
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    Overdriven and over fuzzed, pick some pedals.

    Ok- "pedalboard for me" round #3. Only 2 Drive pedals I can set in stone so far Klon (boost) Suhr Riot (solo/high gain) I'd like to have 4 total. Fuzzes Creamy dreamer Rehoused JMI Supafuzz Low-gainers Gristle king Box of rock SUF Halobender. High-gain maybes OCD V.1 and V.4 MI Crunch...
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    Marshall 1936 2x12 cab- speaker suggestions

    Recently I picked up a Marshall 1936 2x12 cab- the speakers are somewhat lacking in the sounding good dept. The woofers choke out at louder volumes with a 50 watt head and the general sound stage seems poor . its virtually new, bought it off a guy who was Feening for money at the music store, he...
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    Depeche Mode - Y or N?

    Do you like them? a coworker just gave me "Sounds of the universe" from '09, the guitar and synth sounds on it are addictive..
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    Saw Stanley Clarke last night.. wow..

    Keswick theatre, 10th row center.. amazing stuff.. He plays an like its a stratocaster.. And I'm pretty sure his fingers are about 11 inches long.. good stuff.
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    In honor of an old friend, check this out..

    Friend of mine and my fathers, Mike Kennedy passed away in 06' from cancer- He was an awesome guitarist and a good friend. I found a few of his songs on an old backup disk , figured I'd post it, really cool song- check it out. Mike Kennedy, Rock island...
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    Suggestions for Gilmour inspired project.

    Just started building another David Gilmour black strat project the last was a 100% clone/replica of the current strat. This project I'm after the look but seek different tonal capability and better functionality as far as tuning & trem stability. If anybody can suggest passive single coil...
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    NGD! Gibson content

    Returned a 58' DC Tv model reissue which I couldn't bond with. Took this 61' SG Re-issue instead and a rather nice store credit :) This things a tonal monster.
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    Import Lester Copies are getting better.. Suprise..

    Did a small upgrade/fret polish for a customer on an import/samick LP copy the "avion" model. Tell you what- to my suprise this guitar isn't that bad! after a bit of work it screams just as good as a new Gibson les paul- the quality of the wood is decent, pretty resonant, nice top, back wood...
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    Mesa Boogie Hardwood boxes

    There was a member here who made Aftermarket Mesa boogie headboxes- anyone have a name or email? or even a website for such things? I'm looking to turn my heartbreaker 2x12 combo into a head so its not as much of a back breaker. Thanks- Mike
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    Best amp for pedals? Combo or head

    Again I'm sort of ampless- minus some JCM800's which don't pedal so great. Sold off much of my displeasing amps and I have a wad of $$ for some amps. Matchless Dr.Z Maz 18? any suggestions??- I'm sick and tired of Fenders.. Thought about hiwatt- tried 2- Loud but not for me. Open to any...