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  1. ScottR

    FS Squier Classic Vibe 50s telecaster neck

    Selling the neck from the guitar shown here frets are dressed and levelled perfectly. Kinda chunky for a squier neck too. $150 shipped with tuners $125 shipped without tuners
  2. ScottR

    Sold LR Baggs Venue DI mint with box and case

    Minty Venue DI with original box and case. I bought it just before covid and I've decided to retire from gigging. Bought new from Chicago Music exchange. Your be hard pressed to tell mine from a brand new one $200 shipped priority mail
  3. ScottR

    FS Fultone Plimsoul

    Original style plimsoul excellent condition with box. Has small Velcro on bottom. $100 shipped Pics tonight
  4. ScottR

    WTB Seymour Duncan Broadcaster or '54 Tele Pickup

    Looking for a Duncan Broadcaster or a '54 Tele bridge pickup. I've got a used 1 time Audix OM-2 mic I could trade, or cash of course
  5. ScottR

    Sold SM 57

    Excellent condition, has yellow tape on it to identify owner. Can remove if it's an issue $75 shipped with pouch and clip
  6. ScottR

    FS Fishman ProEQ Platinum Acoustic DI

    Very Good Condition, the Compressor(Smooth) on this thing works really well. just getting rid of stuff I don't need anymore $75 Shipped OBOResizer_15894659523453 by ScottR posted May 14, 2020 at 10:20 AMResizer_15894659523454 by ScottR posted May 14, 2020 at 10:20 AM
  7. ScottR

    FS Sanyo Eneloop Pedaljuice Rechargeable Pedal Power Supplies

    2 like new Eneloop Rechargeable power supplies. $75 shipped for both. they come in original boxes with chargers and cablesResizer_15894659523459 by ScottR posted May 14, 2020 at 10:20 AM
  8. ScottR

    What happened to Doug and Pat?

    Anyone know what happened to Doug and Pat? Their last show was the one where they used the Kemper and profiled their Vox ac-10 SRT. They made mention of possibly selling the profiles, and then went completely dark. I emailed several times and haven't gotten a reply. Their website only works...
  9. ScottR

    Sold 2X Audix OM 2

    Edit- I have 2 of these in the similar condition. I'll sell them both for $100 shipped or $60 each selling a Like new OM 2 with Clip $60 shipped and PP Literally used 1 time, I left my mic (OM 5) home and bought it at GC on the way to a Gig Pics available but we all know what they look like...
  10. ScottR

    Sold Budda Phatbass Tube Bass Overdrive Pedal $290 shipped and paypalled on TGP
  11. ScottR

    Sold Line 6 FB 4 Brand New in Box

    Brand New in Box FB-4. literally never even been out of the box. I bought it for a Pod I had and forgot I had it... $65 shipped and Paypal OBO, or Trade for a Dogear p90 pickup Pics you need them, but its Mint in Box
  12. ScottR

    Sold Budda 2x12 closed back cab

    Selling my Budda 2x12 closed back cab, there are made from Fingerjointed Pine, and they're super resonant. It's like new other than the speakers are Eminence Governor's, they're much nicer and less harsh than the Budda phat 12s. Asking 400, local deal ill meet half way only in the MD, DE...
  13. ScottR

    Sold EMG Tele pickups

    Set of Original EMG tele pickups, pre quick connect, in excellent condition, longvlong leads, minimal wear, gold logos still show well. Comes with 2 pots and output jack. Can't find the 9v harness. $old
  14. ScottR

    Sold Throbak Nickel Pickup covers

    Removed from a double cream set of DT 102's. In good condition. 1 has a small scratch barely visible in the right corner of the right cover shown $125 shipped and paypalled Resizer_15852650795680 by ScottR posted Mar 26, 2020 at 7:26 PMResizer_15852650795681 by ScottR posted Mar 26, 2020 at 7:26 PM
  15. ScottR

    Sold Kemper Stage

    Like New Kemper Stage. Our Bass Player used it for a couple weeks and loved it but he doesn't need all the footswitching so he bought a Kemper Rack. I was gonna keep it as a backup to my Stage, but I don't need it as I have a Strymon Iridium for backup. Original Box and manual included $1525...
  16. ScottR

    Sold PRS Vela

    More pics in my reverb ad Looking to sell my Vela. Its in great shape except for 2 tiny (too small to photograph) dimples in the top. Not through the finish. Neck is great, its had teh PRS PTC Treatment, Rolled edges...
  17. ScottR

    Sold G7th Performance 2 capo

    Like new in package. Used 1 time, I prefer the original performance capo $30 shipped and PayPal SALE PENDING 20200203_064620 by ScottR posted Feb 3, 2020 at 8:13 AM
  18. ScottR

    Sold Paul C - Timmy v.2

    Would like to trade my Timmy for a Ceriatone Centura Will sell for $175 Shipped. You pay paypal fees My Timmy is in very good condition. Has a couple chips that you can feel but can't really see. Sounds great. Has Velcro on the back. I can remove at traders request20200203_064551 by ScottR...
  19. ScottR

    Low output Humbucker

    Looking for a low output Full size Humbucker to match with a DeArmond Neck Pickup. Put be able to split coils. Its going in a PRS Vela, I think the stock bridge pickup is too dark and has no character, but I love the neck pickup Suggestions
  20. ScottR

    Sold Boss RC 1 Loop Station

    Excellent.condition RC1. My Kemper stage has a looper so I dont need this. Has Velcro on bottom $60 shipped Resizer_15774538967622 by ScottR posted Dec 27, 2019 at 8:41 AM
  21. ScottR

    Sold Burny VH-1 pickups

    Pulled from my 87 Burny Les Paul Custom. Gold covers, double black bobbins. Unpotted. Both pickups measure 8.16 ohms on my Fluke meter. Covered are currently unsoldered, but I'll solder them back on if the buyer wants me to. Asking $100 110 shipped Resizer_157745389676212 by ScottR posted Dec...
  22. ScottR

    Sold Line 6 Firehawk FX

    Got a Kemper, so I'm selling my firehawk FX. It's a neat board, I love the real time Bluetooth editing via tablet. It's in excellent condition and it's only issue is it's missing one of the "plungers" that attach to the "stomp/line" level switch. The switch functions perfectly but the plungers...
  23. ScottR

    Sold 2006 Gibson Hummingbird Artist - With LR Baggs Anthem SL

    Looking to sell or trade my Hummingbird Artist. It's a great guitar, that just hasn't been getting played since I got my Gibson Super Jumbo. With the Baggs Anthem SL it's an incredible live guitar. Its pretty resistant to feedback and sounds amazing. It has some play wear, but honestly its in...
  24. ScottR

    Sold Thorn GT90 Staple Pickups

    Like New, No longer made. Black Covers $275 Shipped EbubkH7 by ScottR posted Oct 14, 2019 at 3:11 PM
  25. ScottR

    Sold JHS Unicorn v2 Univibe w/Tap Tempo

    Minty in box Unicorn v2. 175 160 shipped and PayPal Resizer_15699531068230 by ScottR posted Oct 1, 2019 at 2:09 PM Resizer_15699531068232 by ScottR posted Oct 1, 2019 at 2:09 PMResizer_15699531068231 by ScottR posted Oct 1, 2019 at 2:09 PM