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  1. guitarhurricane

    Sold Mythos Mjolnir, Golden Fleece

    Mythis Mjolnir - pedalboard friendly top jacks, near mint, amazing sounding pedal. I’ve been using it mostly as an always on to get a good amp feel even at super low volume. $160 shipped Golden Fleece - if you’ve been wanting to try to incorporate a fuzz this is the one. Takes up no space and...
  2. guitarhurricane

    FS Ews arion chorus, vertex ultraphonix

    EWS modded arion chorus with Box and paperwork $150 shipped Vertex ultraphonix like new $SOLD DM with questions and for photos..
  3. guitarhurricane

    FS Armadillo Andy summers tele bridge and parts

    All now sold! some custom made telecaster parts from armadillo guitar in Texas. The Andy Summers brass bridge (sold) All are made from solid brass Heavy knurl knobs (sold) Control plate (sold) Neck plate (sold) Control knob (sold) PayPal and shipped I can polish them to look new if you prefer...
  4. guitarhurricane

    JCM 900 5881 to EL34's

    I have a friend who wants to change the tubes in his jcm 900 with 5881's to el34's. It should be as simple as switching out the tubes and rebiasing right? Anybody have any good info on doing just that with this type amp? There really aren't any amp techs without having to drive 2 1/2 to 3 hrs...