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  1. fishman919

    Sold Quilter Tone Block 201 - price drop

    Quilter Tone Block 201 amp in great shape. 100 or 200 watts depending on the speakers, and a DI for going direct to FOH or recording interface. Great tones and plenty of power in a very small box. Comes with the locking power cord and carry bag. Now $SOLD shipped and PP to the lower 48...
  2. fishman919

    Sharing studio monitors with home stereo?

    I'm building my first home studio which will be in a room with a simple 2 channel stereo connected to a TV. I would prefer from a cost and space standpoint to share the studio monitors with the stereo amp. This amp is a little older (Onkyo TX-SR504) which doesn't have any RCA outputs except to...
  3. fishman919

    Sold Loaded Stratocaster HSS tortoise pickguard

    Loaded HSS Strat pickguard, tortoise with cream covers and plastics. This came out of a mid-2000's MIA Deluxe Strat so I believe it has the Diamondback humbucker in the bridge and Texas Specials in the middle and neck. Comes with everything you need, just solder the output jack and a ground...
  4. fishman919

    Sold Source Audio Dimension Reverb - Price Drop!

    Pedal in excellent condition. Price shipped to the continental USA. More pics available. Source Audio Dimension Reverb - Traded Digitech Drop - Sold Digitech Ventura Vibe and Rotary - Sold For trades I would consider an interesting distortion or fuzz. No modulation, EQ, delay, or reverbs...
  5. fishman919

    Bass preamp pedals

    I've been playing electric guitar for a while but recently have started playing some bass to fill a spot in our worship team. The rig consists of a DI box going straight to the house with the thru going to a small bass amp on stage. The tone from the amp is ok but not so much in the house. It...
  6. fishman919

    Sold Price Drop! Pedaltrain Volto battery power supply

    Cleaning out a few items that I'm no longer using. All prices are shipped and PP to the lower 48. Keeley D&M Drive - excellent condition with box and goodies, small squares of velcro on the bottom - Sold Zoom MS-100BT multi-effects pedal - good condition with box and manual - Sold Pedaltrain...
  7. fishman919

    Sold ADA GCS-5 cabinet emulator

    I have an ADA GCS-5 cabinet emulator in excellent condition. No scratches or dings, with small strips of velcro which can be removed easily. Comes with the original box, paperwork, and power supply. This is a great simple solution for running your rig to the FOH or a mixer directly from your...
  8. fishman919

    Mystery guitar from Cuba - What is it?

    One of the other guitar players at church who immigrated from Cuba a few years ago brought back an LP-style guitar on a recent visit. He asked me to help identify its nothing I've ever seen. I'm guessing it is at least 20 years old based on the condition and fret wear and was likely purchased...
  9. fishman919

    Sold Danelectro Billionaire Cash Cow distortion

    Moving some pedals that I'm not using. All are in very good to new condition. All prices are shipped and PayPal-ed to the lower 48. I might be interested in a TS-style drive pedal, particularly if it has a mix control. Electro-Harmonix Canyon delay and looper - with box and unused power...
  10. fishman919

    PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 - #250000

    This popped up in my feed today. Normally I think Private Stock models are over the top, but the wood combinations and wood grain on this one is phenomenal. Plus it's number 250000 which is cool...
  11. fishman919

    Help me decide - combo vs. head+cab

    I've been learning on bass for a couple of months (primarily a guitar player) and I'm ready for my first amp. My needs are pretty basic, practice plus light gigging. I don't want anything huge but I would like to be able to handle a small-medium area. My budget is $500. Locally I've found a...
  12. fishman919

    Sold Strat Custom Shop Fat 50's pickups - loaded pickguard

    Loaded tortoise Strat pickguard with Fender Custom Shop Fat 50's pickups. All the plastics are parchment but I have the original box for the pickups which I believe contains the white covers. The pots and switches came prewired from Acme Guitar Works (when they were in business) and are wired...
  13. fishman919

    Sold Atomic Amplifire - like new with MBritt presets

    Atomic Amplifire 3-button modeler in like new condition. No nicks or scratches, plastic still on the display. Includes MBritt paid presets and several Celestion impulse responses. Comes with original power supply, manual, USB cable, and box. Price is $480 PP and shipped to the ConUS. Not...
  14. fishman919

    Bose 301 Series 1 speakers - worth fixing?

    I found a pair of these while going through a storage warehouse belonging to my Dad. The cabinets are in good shape, but the surrounds on the woofers are shot and the grills are missing. I know fixing the surrounds would be about $20 (I did this recently on a pair of BA speakers). Unfortunately...
  15. fishman919

    Bob Taylor's World Forestry Tour 2017

    Check this series of videos about places around the world where they are creating sustainable forests for the future. The Hawaii video is the longest and most informative, talking about propagating koa trees. Kudos to Bob Taylor and his partners for taking the long-term approach and helping...
  16. fishman919

    Fried Crate v18 - Can it be fixed?

    One of the amps I use at church is a Crate v18 1x12. It's mostly a backup but I decided to use it this past weekend. I had it retubed a few years ago but otherwise it's been reliable. Here's what happened: - Used it on Saturday for a 2 hour...
  17. fishman919

    The Beatles - now I think I "get it"

    Throughout my formative music years (early 70's through mid 80's) I never really "got" the Beatles. Talented for sure, but when I started to pay attention to popular music, I considered them overplayed and overhyped. Abbey Road was the only LP I had, and it was actually purchased by my older...
  18. fishman919

    Bass player support group

    Maybe this belongs in the Bass forum, but the bass player in our P&W group shared this today:
  19. fishman919

    Amplifire Level knob - not working?

    I recently purchased an Amplifire from the forum. I've had a few issues, I believe mostly caused by getting a lower capacity power adapter by mistake (500mA). Now that I have the correct adapter and reflashed the firmware, I'm still having one issue: the physical Level knob does nothing. No...
  20. fishman919

    Sold Fishman Aura 16 pedal and Gator case with board

    Fishman Aura 16 acoustic imaging pedal in good condition. This has been upgraded with the firmware and USB port to accept new images using the Fishman software. SOLD Homemade (good quality) pedal board with a Gator pedal board case. The board has velcro applied and holes drilled in the side...
  21. fishman919

    Online petition for ex-Eagles members to be included with current members at Kennedy Center Honors

    I searched and didn't find this posted, thought it might be of interest. The link to sign the petition is at the bottom of the article.
  22. fishman919

    Replacement pickups for PRS Hollowbody I with piezo

    I'm thinking about replacing the pickups in my singlecut HB1 with piezo. For me the stock pickups (245's?) are too dark most of the time. I'm thinking about a Filtertron style pickup since I enjoy the tone from my Gretsch Duo Jet. PRS Starla pickups or Lollartrons have been suggested in other...
  23. fishman919

    Unique guitar shops - List them here

    I've been playing and collecting gear for about 10 years. Since I travel frequently for my job I try to take the opportunity to visit any local shops that look interesting. There's not a lot of unique or high-end gear in my home area of West Texas so this is my way to see cool shops that have...
  24. fishman919

    Zoom Stompshare crash on iOS 8

    Stompshare won't load on my iPad mini after upgrading to iOS 8. It starts to load then ends before showing any pedals. I've tried reinstalling the app and restarting the iPad. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks!
  25. fishman919

    Need help finding a smaller modeling combo amp

    I've been looking for a more portable solution for a while (see, and I think I've decided to keep my Alto TS112a to use with my board, and look for a small-ish modeling combo that can do both acoustic and electric as a "grab and go"...