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  1. bluejazzoid

    Sold Loaded Strat Tortoise Pickguard w/Fire Sound 54 pups

    *SOLD* $75 shipped (CONUS) This is a loaded tortoise pickguard (11 hole, good for a MIM Strat) that I just pulled from a partscaster I'm redoing. I don't recall where I got the guard actually (or who made it), but I bought it originally because it's got a fairly dark pattern with nice color...
  2. bluejazzoid

    Sold Mojotone Pre-Wired Strat HSS Harness (super switch)

    *SOLD* $65 shipped (CONUS) This is brand new, except I no longer have the Mojotone box it came in. The specs (straight from Mojotone's website) are: Thanks for looking!
  3. bluejazzoid

    Sold Carvin 112v Cabinet in Cowboy Tolex loaded w/ WGS G12C 8ohm

    $175 (shipped CONUS) This is a Carvin 112v cabinet that can be used open or closed back. It's birch-ply construction, covered in brown cowboy tolex (an upcharge at the time) and is in excellent shape. It's a well-made, cool-looking and great-sounding little cabinet! It's currently loaded with...
  4. bluejazzoid

    Sold Early Lindy Fralin Strat Set (~Vintage Hot spec)

    $180 (shipped CONUS) This is an early set (~1992) of Lindy Fralin Stratocaster pickups with specs that are basically equivalent to his current Vintage Hot set. These have staggered AlNiCo V magnets (slight bevel), 42ga Formvar wire (scatter-wound), and RP/RW middle.....DCR readings are (N)5.83...
  5. bluejazzoid

    Sold 2008 MIM Fender Deluxe Player Strat Neck (maple) - $150!

    $150 (shipped CONUS) This is a used 2008 MIM Fender Deluxe Player Stratocaster neck in excellent condition! It's maple with a comfortable "C" shape profile, 12" radius fingerboard and 21 medium-jumbo frets. The grain on this neck is quite attractive, and the finish has yellowed slightly with...
  6. bluejazzoid

    Sold Strat Pearloid Guard Loaded w/Reverend Salnicos + Blender Harness

    $100 (shipped CONUS) This is a used pearloid Strat pickguard (11-hole, standard) loaded with Reverend Salnico pickups wired to a blender harness. Everything works as expected, and these pickups sound really good -- kind of late 50s early 60s vibe (to me). The complete loaded pickguard as shown...
  7. bluejazzoid

    Sold Electro Voice EVM 12L Series II Speaker

    $180 (shipped CONUS) This is a used, vintage Electro Voice EVM 12L Series ll speaker (12", 8 ohm, 200w) in very good condition. It works and sounds as expected (killer!) with no's been taken care of: Thanks for looking!
  8. bluejazzoid

    Sold Seymour Duncan SSL-2 Vintage Flat Strat Pickups Set

    $140 (shipped CONUS) This is an older set of Seymour Duncan SSL-2 Vintage Flat Strat pickups, with Alnico V magnets and RWRP middle. These sound great, and with the flat stagger are excellent for flatter radius necks. They will come with the black covers shown. Here's some pics...
  9. bluejazzoid

    Sold Sennheiser e609 Guitar Mic

    *SOLD* $60 (shipped CONUS) This is a used Sennheiser e609 guitar microphone in excellent condition. I'm selling just the bare mic, as I do not have the original box or bag for it. The mic clip shown in the pics is included! Thanks for looking!
  10. bluejazzoid

    Rosewood scrap source (for behind the nut repair)

    I've got a Strat neck with a small chunk of rosewood missing behind the nut that I'd like to repair. Does anyone have any source for small rosewood scraps? Here's a quick pic to show the piece that's missing: Also, I'm thinking of simply cleaning and straightening the edges of the gap...
  11. bluejazzoid

    Sold Van Zandt Blues Strat Pickups (set)

    $135 (shipped, CONUS) This is a used (but in great shape) set of Van Zandt Blues Strat pickups with covers (slight aged coloring). I'll include the wiring harness to which they are currently still soldered: :) Thanks for looking!
  12. bluejazzoid

    Sold Fender TX Special Strat Pickups (B/N = good, M = dead)

    *SOLD* $50 (shipped CONUS) This is a used Fender Texas Special set, but with a middle pickup that is dead (at least per my meter). The readings I get for the bridge and neck are 6.66k and 6.24k respectively... but the middle reads open. :( Perhaps the middle pickup is an easy fix (unwind the...
  13. bluejazzoid

    N[u]AD - Winfield 18/30

    Man, I am TOTALLY STOKED to have this roaring beauty! :) I'll post some more pics later when I have time, and maybe a sound clip (still working on getting that happening at home!)..... what a killer amp! More info about The Winfield here for those interested!
  14. bluejazzoid

    Sold Vintage White Nitro 2-pc N. Ash Strat Body (heavy, semi-relic)

    $135 (shipped, etc., CONUS) Okay, to be clear: this is not a genuine Fender body. I'm not sure who made it or how old it is, but it's a very cool, 2-piece (best I can tell) northern ash body with full thickness and 60s style contours and routing. It's fairly heavy (no accurate scale, but I'd...
  15. bluejazzoid

    Sold *Mesa Style* 1x12 Cabinet (unloaded)

    *SOLD* $150 (shipped, etc., CONUS) This is a cool, lightweight little Mesa Boogie style 1x12 cabinet that I've owned and gigged with for years. I have no idea who built it, but it's pretty much the same construction (¾" plywood) and looks (black taurus tolex, leather corner protectors, heavy...
  16. bluejazzoid

    Sold Wilkinson VS100N Tremolo Polished Chrome (lic. by Gotoh)

    $65 - shipped, etc. This a complete tremolo (as if ordered new) that has been gently used and is in excellent shape. It's the version with the polished/shiny chrome bridge plate, which I think is no longer offered by Wilkinson. I'm restoring a guitar and the original VS100N it came with had...
  17. bluejazzoid

    Sold Fender MIM Strat Body (Agave/Ice Blue Metallic)

    $135- shipped, etc. I'm not sure of the year for this body (prob. early 2000s), but it's in excellent shape with only a couple of small dings in the finish... no scratches, cracks, or damage, etc., that I can see. There is one extra pickguard screw hole (uppermost screw), but it was under the...
  18. bluejazzoid

    Previously owned by JabberJaw...

    The paint finish on this Palir guitar looks like somebody let a shark gnaw on it for a while: Palir makes some very tasty instruments for sure... but this one made me scratch my head [and post].
  19. bluejazzoid

    For VH fans - this is cool =D

    CHECK THIS OUT! I just love the hand-painted "Fair Warning" graphics (very well done)... maybe it's just me, but I don't think that will last long! :)
  20. bluejazzoid

    Sold Mighty Mite Strat neck, soft V, amber nitro (project)

    I got this in a trade deal, but I've got too many guitar parts and not enough time to put them together, so here it is: $100 shipped! Mighty Mite, soft V, Stew-Mac vintage amber nitro (+ nitro clear), needs a nut (generic plastic nut included) and string tree. This neck has some very...
  21. bluejazzoid

    Sold 2015 Ibanez Artcore SJ300-DVS Hollow Body

    $1000 (shipped w/ins) Here's an imgur album full of pics (if it doesn't show, let me know): Up for sale is my 2015 Ibanez Artcore SJ300-DVS. It's in excellent condition, and tho it's been played fairly often, and gigged a few times, it's been well cared for. There are a few slight marks in...
  22. bluejazzoid

    Sold Warmoth Strat Body - Swamp Ash, 3.9lbs, Seafoam/Poly

    FOR SALE - $215 (shipped) Here's a nice Warmoth Strat body in Seafoam Green (poly finish), select Light Swamp Ash (3.9 lbs), with universal route and vintage spaced bridge mounting (2 3/16"). This is a very resonant body that made a great-sounding Strat when assembled, and is light weight and...
  23. bluejazzoid

    Sold 10" 8‎Ω Eminence Ragin Cajun

    Eminence Ragin Cajun (10" 8‎Ω) - $45 (shipped) I burned a little place on the foam rubber ring with my solder iron (oops!) but no harm to the speaker: Thanks for looking! ***SOLD*** Tone Tubby 40/40 (10" 8‎Ω ceramic hemp cone) - $95 (shipped, etc.)
  24. bluejazzoid

    Mini-Bone -> Mosferatu = LOVE :)...... anyone else?

    I've been noodling around a lot running my Mini-Bone (gain down, at about 10 o'clock) into my Mosferatu (gain straight up) and I'm kinda getting addicted to this tone: round, fat, fuzzy, tasty, spicy fun... like electric chili (or something equally good). :love: Anybody else play around with...
  25. bluejazzoid

    DROOL... 1977 Marshall JMP MK II 50w & 8x10 Cabinet

    :drool THIS: HERE: The guy still has the original receipt: :love: