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  1. Grenville

    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    Yep. I was there for 13+ years, but this kind of thing alerted me that the culture was shifting too far. Sorry, I'm not putting the time and effort into Sunday prep just to effectively be miming. Sadly, it was a symbol that I had become a cypher instead of a valued contributor. I did some sums...
  2. Grenville

    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    Once I had the livestream mixer ask the MD for electric guitar tracks to be turned up in multitrack. "No, we have an electric guitarist onstage, you don't need EG multitrack too." "But he sounds really thin". No I did not. He just wanted to replace me, unnecessarily, in the livestream mix...
  3. Grenville

    Guitar you first really wanted when growing up

    When I saw this pic I HAD to get me a Hagstrom... ... er, I mean, a Gibson Firebird VII. I was 15 or 16 at the time, had no idea what a handful that machine would be. Fortunately I got sidetracked by an Ibanez ad: That's more like it. A local store had one in 1976, I played it and loved...
  4. Grenville

    Wampler Belle Overdrive

    A (No)Belle Epoque, in my book. ;)
  5. Grenville

    Wampler Belle Overdrive

    To Belle or Nobels, that is the question... er, maybe not. ;)
  6. Grenville

    Show your improvised/unconventional pedalboards!

    About three years ago I put this little board together using a cheese platter (sans cheese): I put an xlr jack into a small block of wood and wired fly leads to the pedals from that, and using a mic cable run 9v power from a plug pack in a box kept back by the amp. Ultimately, I wasn't...
  7. Grenville

    Cold Rolled Steel Trem Blocks = Snake Oil

    I currently have a Wilkinson VS100 trem in my 2001 American Series Strat, and yes, direct replacement and no wobble.
  8. Grenville

    Cold Rolled Steel Trem Blocks = Snake Oil

    My Callaham block with the non-wobble insert did indeed wobble, a bit. Not as much as the standard block did, but it wasn't the cure to wobblyness. I did like what the block did for the guitar's tone though.
  9. Grenville

    1987 Esp The mirage??

    In the mid-late '80s I had an ESP Mirage Deluxe M-II with two sc-size dual blade pickups and a hb-size dual blade pickup in bridge position. It was a very dark sounding guitar, hard to get it standing out in a mix with a band. I get the impression now that it may have been designed for high...
  10. Grenville

    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    I've used a Timmy as always on for the last 12 years or so, and run into it either a D-style pedal (Wampler Euphoria, One Control Golden Acorn, Tomsline Dumbler) or fuzz (Fuzz Face, Tonebender) with very satisfying results. Nobels ODR-1 is nice enough but a bit vanilla. TS types are too...
  11. Grenville

    Volume and tone pots

    Not really planning to do that with any of the other pots, it was just an experiment I did a few years ago. For your interest, a photo I took of some of the different brands; note the different construction types:
  12. Grenville

    Not-so-subtle dig at Jimmy Page - yay or nay?

    Not a dig. A tribute.
  13. Grenville

    Volume and tone pots

    I liked the taper of the PRS branded, Bourns made pot a lot when I first installed it, but they come with a treble bleed attached which affected the midrange in my LP in a weird way when I used it. I removed the treble bleed and the pot taper didn't seem as good. The DiMarzio's are built like...
  14. Grenville

    Volume and tone pots

    I assume RS, Emerson and Crazyparts TVT ask CTS for custom specs in the same way that Seymour Duncan, VIP and others ask Bourns for custom specs. In other words, they might come from the same manufacturer, but that doesn't mean the specs are identical.
  15. Grenville

    Volume and tone pots

    Emerson pots are really good, I have no idea where you heard they were flimsy. VIPots are good, RS Superpots have been good in my experience too. If you want a harder turn, maybe give DiMarzio pots (made by CTS) a try. If you want to drive yourself a little bit crazy, I tried three different...
  16. Grenville

    Can you identify this Tokai?

    My guess was going to be similar to Zexcoil's. That's a gorgeous, beautifully made guitar.
  17. Grenville

    Strymon Iridium mini-board powered by a Volto!

    10,000ma, so not that huge.
  18. Grenville

    Looking for blank BOSS boxes

    But-but-but... Earl Grey?
  19. Grenville

    Where to Find Modern 'Speed Dial' LP Style Volume Knob with Some Nuance?

    I think what you're looking for is PRS lampshade knobs.
  20. Grenville

    Strymon Iridium mini-board powered by a Volto!

    I've been using a Birdcord 5v > 9v converter plug with a powerbank phone charger battery on a Metro 20 Pedaltrain, running a fuzz, buffer, Timmy, two delays, tremolo and tuner, finishing with an Iridium. Last for hours, sounds great, no problems at all.
  21. Grenville

    Your Favorite Tape Delay Pedal? Looking for suggestions.

    Love the El Cap. Love the Belle Epoch too (I have two). Std version is good; had the Deluxe but std version at 12v does it for me. NuX Tape Core Deluxe is a killer Space Echo type delay in a small package, punches well above its (inexpensive) weight.
  22. Grenville

    Tom Jones is spectacular

    Did you hear about the time he nearly joined Black Sabbath?
  23. Grenville

    Flat patch cable roundup

    Bought a handful of EBS standards for my pedalboard about 3 or 4 years ago. At least two of them were noisy, so I got rid of all of them. I figured I'd try again with EBS Golds, which have been great.
  24. Grenville

    Play for the song = proof that the guitar is on its way out

    Playing for the song. Or sampling, or something.
  25. Grenville

    I had never heard of Status Quo until last Friday!

    Lol at the poorly disguised AC30s in the 'Marshall' head shells.