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    Cab for Suhr Badger 18

    So I have one of these incoming, getting rid of my 67 Super reverb, was going to keep one of the sets of speakers( either the originals or the moderns) and build a 4x10 cab out of spruce and finish ply for the baffle. Anyone want to weigh in on this? Badger 18 with 4x10?
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    Marcus King- echo sessions

    I’m watching this for the second time, man this kid is a force of nature. Possibly my favourite player atm. The band is raging too, maybe I can stop moaning about Derek Trucks getting his old band back together .
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    John Mellencamp

    saw him last night, decent show for an old guy. Wish I saw him back in the day. Wonder why he gets no love here? Great songs? Check. Artistic integrity? After an early hiccup, check. Is it just because there’s no blazing guitar solos?
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    Tweed champ clone 10 inch speakers

    Hey all, I have a tweed champ clone that I’ve always been underwhelmed by, was thinking about trying one of the speakers from my 67 super reverb, thoughts?
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    ok so I’m watching the Tom Petty documentary. Appears that Don’t Do Me Like That was actually a Mudcrutch era TP song first and they only played a 30 second or so clip of it, but holy ****! Where can a guy find some old Mudcrutch? Can’t find any on ITunes.
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    Johnny Cash or Trent Reznor?

    Don't think this is very controversial, just heard Hurt on CBC and can't make up my own mind who's version I like better. Anyone?
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    Corb Lund

    Omfg I'm drunk, just got back from seeing them and they were freaking awzome! Grant Siemens is an awzome player!
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    Joe B. and RCFP

    OK, if forced to give an opinion on Joe B. I will confess to having been in the negative camp up till now. Just saw Rock Candy Funk Party on Front and Center from the Iridium, I'm impressed. Seems much more natural for him, groovy as hell. these guys tour much?
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    Kingdom of Heaven

    just watched this again today. Can someone pease tell me what that piece is (I believe its an Aria, correct me if I'm wrong) that is playing during the funeral of the Leper King? Its not in the soundtrack, and I need to own it. thanks.
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    Live and Cuddly

    Every once in a while I bring these guys up here, but I just saw footage on youtube of the recording of Live and Cuddly by No Means No, and I was again struck by what a titanic punk band these guys were back in the day. Seriously, anyone that is remotely into alternative music needs to see this...
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    Sawed-off super reverb

    Just bought a silver face super reverb that was cut down to 2x 10, I was on my way to vacation in Mexico, and we stopped at this town on the way to the airport, so it's waiting for me when I get back. It was too cheap to pass up. What do you vintage fender guys think the lack of 2 speakers will...
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    Can someone suggest some good resources for getting your head around these? my drummer who is more accomplished than I suggested working with them to expand my horizons, and my brain is hurting from what I've seen so far. Any ideas?
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    Double new amp month for me! First picked up a 1960 fender concert a few weeks ago, and just bought a tweed champ clone from A guy on here to get some of that juicy vintage flavoured goodness at home, should be here in a week or so. Thanks Coltons7!
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    Speakers for 1960 Fender Concert

    I just picked this amp up a couple of weeks ago, speakers are not original, and I found out they are the wrong Ohms, have to replace them. Anyone have any good ideas? Celestion Vintage 10s are supposed to be very little to no breakup. Not exactly what I'm looking for. Any suggestions would be...
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    Just picked up a 1960 Fender Concert! Stoked but impatient because I'm in a hotel in Calgary and won't be able to wind it up for another 10 days. .
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    Fender Concert

    Looking at a 1960 fender concert, what can you guys tell me about these? Love Derek Trucks' tone through a super, are these all that minus the reverb?
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    Buzzing hi e on r9

    Love my R9, but the hi E string is buzzing and sounds a little muddy. Opinions? Nut slot too wide? I live in a one horse town, the nearest good tech is a couple hours away. Thanks.
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    Mama said

    Wow, I had forgotten this kick ass song by Lenny Kravitz.killer playing by Slash. Posting from my phone so no Video.
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    Can't play!

    Just had a finger nail surgically removed yesterday, spending sometime recovering at home, but can't play for obvious reasons. Ughhhh!! Just venting. First world problem.
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    New Pup- help

    Bought a pair of Wolftone Legends for my R9, and they came in the mail today, thanks Morgan! A question though: the wires are to short. Can I just splice the wires from the Golden age ones that are in the guit now, or is the wire inferior? If this is a stupid question, sorry.
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    Joe Bonamassa

    A couple of things. First I am what a few would erroneously call a hater, I never cared for him much. Second, I am a total amateur hack, so I know my opinion means little to anyone, much less Joe. Having said that, in yet another attempt to give him a chance I am sitting through his acoustic...
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    The Guess Who

    Was just listening to these guys on the radio, No Time, and thought man, forget about American Woman, these guys were right up there with the Band for playing for the song. And Burton Cummings voice? Come on! A truly great band from that era and criminally under rated. Any love? They make me...
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    Nooby question

    When playing with my band I notice that notes on the higher strings tend to not sound as loud, they get lost in the mix, particularly higher on the neck. I'm playing an R9 through a trainwreck rocket circuit. Any ideas?
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    Acrylic nails

    I'm digging playing without a pick, but my nails are taking a beating, so I thought I'd give these a try. Anyone else do this? Why are you not supposed to wear them for longer than 7 days?
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    Garage band

    Can I import a file from garage band on my I Phone to pro tools on my PC?