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    Ibanez Artcore for rockabilly - Opinions

    I have an Artcore Custom jazz box and can't believe how nice it is for the price (or for any price). Now I'm thinking that I'd like a "Setzer-esque" guitar for rockabilly and don't want to pay huge dollars for a high-end Gretsch. I was thinking of an Electromatic, but what about the Artcore's...
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    Tele with Floyd Rose

    I want to build a Tele with a Floyd Rose. I seem to remember reading somewhere that I might have to change the angle of the neck pocket or something like that. I'm a little intimidated by the idea. If anyone was built one of these, could you please enlighten me? Thanks.
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    Fender Wide Range Pickups

    I'm toying with the idea of getting a Thinline with Wide Range pickups, but I've never heard these before. How would it sound for jazz/western swing? I don't know if they are too hot?