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  1. Ben S.

    Robben Ford last night with new Vertex board.

    I saw Robben Ford last night at Syracuse's Wescott Theater. Very small venue with a few hundred people; front half seating, back half standing. I talked briefly with the Tech about his new board, he said they are both still getting used to it, especially on the fly in the middle of song...
  2. Ben S.

    Anyone like 6230 frets on a P or J bass?

    I am going to build a parts Pbass with a J neck and am trying to settle on fret size. Everything I try at stores seems to have medium jumbo or larger frets and my current 5 string has med jumbo frets. Does anyone like the original 6230 size? How is the intonation? How does it feel? Also...
  3. Ben S.

    Loudest slide material for acoustic?

    What are some of the louder slide materials for acoustic? I have only used glass, both thin and thick, pyrex and stainless steel. My guess is brass, but my searches didn't turn up much about this issue. Those leaded crystal look nice, but how is their volume? I have a jumbo guitar that is...
  4. Ben S.

    Tone of 7189 compared to 6BQ5/EL84

    Does anyone have experience or opinions on the tonal differences of 7189's compared to 6bq5's? Especially comparing the same manufacturer. I am mainly interested because of the higher plate voltages. I am not terribly worried because my amp has power scaling and that brings the voltage down...
  5. Ben S.

    Santana/WSP - Maggot Brain

    Enjoy. I know I did.
  6. Ben S.

    Speaker Sizzle

    I have a 1x12 Tone Tubby cab loaded with their alnico speaker. Lately I have noticed a light sizzling sound coming from the speaker; especially with lower notes. I mainly use my Reeves Custom 18 through this cab and right now I can not use this cab live because a mic picks it up easily. For...