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  1. trojanhov

    Show me your K-Line Truxton's!

    Tell me the specs you chose (and why if you'd like), and post a pic! I'm in the process of figuring out specs and could use some inspiration!
  2. trojanhov


    Damn autocorrect. NOT*
  3. trojanhov

    NAD: Winfield Cyclone Head

    Let me start by saying that I've had this amp for maybe the better part of 3-4 weeks and just had the opportunity to really open it up this past week. Now that I am able to work remotely, my church offered space for me to work there. Having two kids and living with my in-laws while renovating my...
  4. trojanhov

    NGD: K-Line Truxton Special Inca Silver

    Well this is technically not a new guitar DAY per se, but it is a new guitar that I traded a beloved Protocaster 59 tee type for. The protocaster was an amazing guitar in every respect, but I’ve been jonesing for a P90 guitar for a long long time, and when the right one came to surface, I had to...
  5. trojanhov

    Spaceman Saturn VI vs. Benson Preamp vs. Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop V2

    Anyone compare the Saturn vi standard to a benson preamp or Fairfield barbershop v2? Kinda looking at these three for my next pedal. my amp: dr z zlux 1x12 Guitars: Gretsch g6112tcb jr and k-line truxton special P90s current drives - snouse bb2 stage pro mod, ryra Klone, Timmy, jam rattler...
  6. trojanhov

    Jam Pedals Delay Llama Xtreme!

    Jam Pedals is about to hit a huge home run this year with this pedal!!! Size is just right, four footswitchable presets, remote tap and remote preset selector... I’m all in!
  7. trojanhov

    Moving from El Capistan to Tonal Recall RKM?

    Has anyone moved from an el cap to a tonal recall rkm and not look back? My current delay situation is a memory lane jr and a el Capistan and I’ve been gasing for a versatile analog delay. I’ve looked at the jam pedals delay llama supreme, Analogman ardx20, and the tonal recall rkm. The el...
  8. trojanhov

    NGD: Protocaster '59 Tee Type

    Just traded for this guitar and I must say I'm very impressed. I got it today and have been playing it all day and i truly feel like this guitar kind of ends my search for "the tele" and has things i've liked about each of the teles i've owned in the past. Tele Journey: Fender AVRI 52 2007...
  9. trojanhov

    N(to me)AD Dr. Z Z-Lux 1x12 combo

    This will be my second Dr. Z amp! I’m excited, especially since it will be in Seafoam green! My other amp is a Dr. Z Z-28 1x10 with gold and a 1x12 ext cab. Anyone have one and gig it regularly? What are your drives of choice?! I’m considering adding a ryra klone to the board. Amp gets home...
  10. trojanhov

    Trade for Morgan AC20 (non-deluxe)?

    Hello all. I've been using a Dr. Z Z-28 1x10 celestion gold for the better part of 7-8 years and it has so far delivered for me on all fronts. While i love the amp, I always tend to shop it around to see what else is out there, because honestly, I haven't tried much else in the "boutique world."...
  11. trojanhov

    Would a benson preamp be redundant?

    My drive//gainstaging is currently as follows: Mad professor Forest Green Compressor HW -> Fulltone OCD -> Snouse BB2 -> Timmy -> RC Booster V2 The snouse and Timmy are just doing it for me drive wise. Everything from low to medium high gain. I’m considering selling the RC booster and ocd to...
  12. trojanhov

    2 guitars 1 amp OR 2 amps 1 guitar?!

    Let me preface by saying I’m not gigging that much anymore. I currently have a suhr Classic t pro and a Gretsch g6112-tcb jr. Both phenomenal guitars in their own right. My #1 is the Gretsch as I just love that filtertron sound and also for sentimental reasons (wife bought it for me for my...
  13. trojanhov

    Which board would you choose?

    1. 2. 3. 4. Basically looking to potentially try something new in place of the ocd. I like the ocd, but my bb2 and Timmy with RC boost have the light to medium drive thing down pat. Looking for a newish sound... something different. Open to suggestions! I’m also looking at the benson...
  14. trojanhov

    Chase Bliss Tonal Recall RKM vs. Analogman ARDX20

    I know the features both have to offer, I’m more wondering how they compare in the repeats. Is one clearly darker than the other? I keep reading that the RKM is dark and dirty...well of course it is cuz it’s analog. At its brightest setting (tone knob maxed out), is it still darker than the...
  15. trojanhov

    How many delays do you have on your board?

    i have a MLjr I use for fitted eighth and some mod, an el cap for multihead and slap back. I am heavily considering adding a dm-2w for slap back and short delay sounds for some analog chew. I was also considering the ce-2w but don’t find myself using chorus all that much (had a Julia and sold...
  16. trojanhov

    Advice for my drive section!

    My current set up for compression/drive: Forest green comp -> Timmy -> OCD -> snouse black box 2-> bad bob I have an RC booster V2 on its way to my house (won in a raffle) and I’m wondering if it’s redundant in my rig. If I put the RC booster in the chain, one of these pedals have to go. I...
  17. trojanhov

    NGD - Suhr Classic T Pro

    It wasn't too long ago that I decided to put my 2007 Fender AVRI 52 w/ lollar special t's up for sale. I thought that I would use the funds to purchase either another amp or another guitar. I had nothing specific in mind (either a lower wattage Dr. Z or a 60s style fender tele wtih a rosewood...
  18. trojanhov

    Gigrig isolator and xotic voltage doubler

    hey guys! This might be a stupid question but I wanna ask it anyway cuz maybe it’ll help some of u guys out. I have a gig rig isolator that I’m using off my pedal power 2 plus. Would it be ok for me to use the xotic voltage doubler off one of the isolator power inputs to give 18 volts to my...
  19. trojanhov

    Am I crazy?

    I recently purchased an El Capistan, and while it’s a great pedal, it leaves me wanting a bit more. I think my memory lane jr covers the dotted 8th delay thing well with tap tempo etc. I use dotted 8th most of the time. The repeats on the mljr sound better than the el cap to my ear. I’m...
  20. trojanhov

    Fulltone OCD revelation? Late to the party?

    I've had a fulltone OCD v4 for a while now and I had always used it for my more heavier gain sounds. For a while there it was just the Timmy going into the OCD and it was totally fine. I then bought a tumnus deluxe and switched the order of my drives around as follows: Tumnus Deluxe --> OCD -->...
  21. trojanhov

    Help me choose a delay/mod pedal to best compliment my Memory Lane Jr

    havin an extremely hard time deciding what delay to use to compliment my mljr. I’m kind of on the fence between the DIG and El cap just because I have a fav switch that I can take advantage of. The mljr takes care of dotted eights right now and I used to have a carbon copy but just sold it. Can...
  22. trojanhov

    Walrus Audio Julia or ARP-87?

    My signal Chain: Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor Hand wired --> Tumnus Deluxe --> OCD --> Timmy --> Ernie Ball VP JR --> Carbon Copy --> MLjr --> Flint --> Boss TU-3 I use a gretsch and a tele into a Dr. Z Z-28. I usually play P&W style music live, but mess around a lot at home with...
  23. trojanhov

    Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor Handwired

    This is one hell of a compressor that I stumbled upon by accident. I had ordered the PCB version used on Reverb from a company who I will not name, and was shipped the Handwired version by mistake. I made the seller aware that I was given the wrong pedal, but they let me keep it as the error was...
  24. trojanhov

    Diamond Compressor - volume issues?

    Hey guys, having a hard time getting to unity volume let alone getting any boost from my newly acquired Diamond comp. When I set my amp at gig volume or home volume, when I turn the comp off I'm getting a very noticeable volume increase. I tried guitar-comp-amp and there was no difference. I use...