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    New Deep Purple "Man alive"

    I love Ian Gillian's voice. I think this will grow on me.
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    Interesting Tele from Zimnicki

    Interesting idea, putting wood from the body on both sides of the neck. Great playing too.
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    Dealing with Weather

    I need help! Where I live here in Japan has the absolute worst weather for guitars. There is no central heating or cooling so keeping a constant temperature is impossible. In winter, it can get down to around 0c/32f at night and then we use kerosene heaters to heat up rooms during the day which...
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    Tomo Fujita Fans!

    This looks really cool. It's an ad for a 2 disc DVD documentary and lesson from Tomo. It's only in Japanese, but here is the amazon link.
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    PSA Berklee Online for free

    Berklee has 29 classes on the Coursera website which you can access for free. They don't make it obvious that the classes are available, but sign up, click on enroll and there should an option to audit or to take the class without receiving a certificate. You don't get a ertificate and you...
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    New Stryper!

    Quite heavy, I like it a lot.
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    Some more weird Japanese female metal guitar

    Check out the stereo panning.
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    Quincy Jones vs the Estate of Michael Jackson

    This is a great story, well told.
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    Learning Your Heritage Music

    I learned two years ago that my family ancestry is largely Irish. Since then I have been listening to a lot of Irish music and am interested in starting to learn to play it. I am very interested in hearing other people forays into their heritage music. How did you get into it? How has it changed...
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    Over humidified Taylor

    I have a GS Mini that has really high action now. I checked Taylor's website and have figured out that the guitar has been exposed to too much humidity. The top at the bridge and below has swollen, pushing the level of the bridge above the fretboard causing the high action. I live in an area...
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    Full Album on Youtube good idea or not?

    Ghost has put their latest album up on youtube in its entirety. From a business perspective, do you think that's a good idea? Why/why not?
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    Fingerstyle Blues: Tokio Uchida!

    Tokio Uchida is a well known acoustic blues player/teacher in Japan with a number of popular books and dvds. He is a friend and student of Stefan Grossman and has recorded a couple of cds with him. Here are a couple of clips, please enjoy! biuiWnaEzzY CMcHUIdri98
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    Ladies and Gentlemen..The Beatles

    I have an extended layover in Minneapolis coming up. Has anyone seen this exhibit? Is it worth taking a look?
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    Matt Schofield's Blues Guitar Artistry DVD

    To any of you who have Matt Schofield's Blues Guitar Artistry dvd, could you check to see if it has a region code marked on it? I live in Japan, region 2 and amazon has it listed as region 1. However, they seem to automatically mark any import dvd as region 1, even those I know are region...
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    One Guitar, One Voice

    I am looking for awesomeness in people who get up on stage and wow us with nothing but a guitar and a voice. Please give me your favorites.
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    Want Perfect Pitch? NPR article

    Here's an article from NPR on a drug that may help people develop perfect pitch.
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    Happy Traum's Blog

    Here is a link to Happy Traum's blog which doesn't have a whole lot of posts but does have some good stories about playing with Peter Tosh and Bob Dylan. Happy is the founder of Homespun Tapes, a company with excellent music instructional videos.
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    "A" form barre chord-5th string root?

    How do you finger the chord when you play an "A" form barre chord, root on the 5th string?
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    Songs in Movies

    I love Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. But after the scene of Wayne and Garth singing it in the car in Wayne's World, I can no longer give it a serious listen. I literally laugh out loud when I hear it now. Thanks Mike Myers.:mad: What songs in movies have been irrevocably altered for you?
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    Equipment Pricing question

    I just got a Korg Pandora px4d though Amazon Japan for the equivalent of $35 US. Googling it comes up with the cheapest price of $129 from American retailers. How the heck can there be such a discrepancy of price? It is making me curious as to how the pricing of musical equipment goes. Any...