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    The Truth About Glue?

    I think the term "fully dry" in the above would read more acurate as "fully equalized". I'm certainly no expert and have no firsthand knowledge on Gibsons production process, but a water based glue will introduce a little moisture back into the wood and it does take some time for that moisture...
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    What's your go-to guitar for playing slide?

    A Supro / Goldfoil combo is a ton of fun! .
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    What is your preferred tone capacitor value in a Stratocaster?

    If you are the type of player that does not use or like to roll the tone all the way back, then a lower value cap may fit you better. As AdmiralB points out, it can give you more usable "real estate" throughout the sweep.
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    What lap steel strings ?

    John Ely has a page on strings along with a handy chart that should be helpful For premade sets, Elderly Instruments has GHS sets for reasonable prices.
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    Humbucker-Sized P-90's

    BG's would be a great choice. I saw they are running a holiday promotion too
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    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Thanks! I'm pretty tickled with how it came out. When I started it, I really didn't know exactly where I was going or what it would look like. I did know that I wanted it to be fairly lightweight and travel friendly and the only things set in stone was that it was it was going to have...
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    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    I'm very happy with how this one turned out, my Roadrunner SS prototype ... Beep Beep ... Body wood is swamp ash and the pickups are wired up like a classic Stringmaster with a blend knob. .
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    Where To Buy 6/6 Nylon for Nut and ABR-1 Saddles??

    McMaster's is a good source for things like that. Their site can be hard to link to more detailed selections, but go here, select 6/6 nylon from the top left menue, then the thickness you want
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    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Finally getting this one close to finished ... all finish sanded and ready for grain fill. Body is swamp ash and is getting a couple sweet Stringmaster style pickups. .
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    Show your lap steel guitars

    Great instruments!
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    DIY Wooden Pickguard: Any tips?

    First step is to draw / sketch out some of your ideas. Take a few that you like and cut them out with a pair of scissors and see how they might look on the guitar.
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    shipping to Australia

    Just make sure to check that your package meets the size requirements for shipping to Australia. Global Express Guaranteed has a max length and girth combined of 108" and Priority Mail Express International is less at 97"
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    Disconnecting the bridge wire to prevent DEATH!?!?

    Screwed up main wiring is more common than you might think. Especially in small clubs and bars where everyone and their cousin is an electrical expert after 3 beers. These plug in socket testers are cheap, reliable, and super simple to use. .
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    Michael Dolan Lap Steel

    Cool steel and welcome to the world of horizontal playing. Lap steel is a very versatile instrument and a ton of fun!
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    Bourns vs. CTS

    The Bourns GTR series are a lower torque pot. For some that is a good thing, for others not so much. I suspect the more expensive Bourns made EVH branded low torque pots are just GTR series parts with an EVH logo / tax.
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    PAF or P90 for SG?

    I've always loved SG's with 90's. If it were me, I'd be leaning pretty heavily towards a set of BG-Pups Pure 90's.
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    Is naphtha safe to use on a dyed ebony board?

    Naphtha is a petroleum solvent and could be an issue if the board is dyed. The only way to know is test a small area.
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    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Absolutely, a headless system is certainly an option and has been used on a few models over the years. For this project, the customer opted to not go headless and is happy with the final dimensions.
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    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    A good customer of mine wanted something lightweight and compact that he could easily travel with when away on business, so I grabbed my pencils and started drawing. The body will be swamp ash and the overall dimensions came in at 33" long and 7" at its widest. One of the cool things about...
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    Show your lap steel guitars

    8 string steels can offer a lot of possibilities, but they are not for everyone. For best results, it helps to be one of those that can easily picture the patterns and pockets up and down the neck.
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    what size drill press for luthier work?

    There are some great deals to be had used if you are not in a big hurry. If you have the space for one, look around local for a nice older Delta, Rockwell, etc, floor standing press.
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    I need help understanding 5-way Super Switches

    That Stewmac link is a good start to wrapping your head around multi pole switches, lever or rotary too. Different brands can vary a bit on terminal layout, but nothing you can't pin out with a multimeter. Set the switch to the 1st position and find the 4 pairs. Set the switch to the 2nd...
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    Slip Stone Nut

    I use Delrin / acetal for nuts on my multibender steels and it works fantastic. McMaster has Delrin / acetal in several flavors. Their site is hard to link to, but go here and select acetal on the left